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Top Ten Smartphone Makers In The World- Apple Is No Longer In The Top Three

Ossi Samuel



top ten smartphone makers in the world

Top Ten Smartphone Makers In The World- Apple Is No Longer In The Top Three

This is going to come as a shock to the users of smartphones in the world. How can the almighty Apple not be in the top three? It should actually be number one. But it is not. In this list of top ten smartphone makers in the world, Apple is actually in the fourth position.

Well, it is not just an Apple problem. There is a general continuous decline in smartphone shipments all over the world. But it seems Apple was more hit in Q2 2019. You can check HIS Markit for more information.

For you to lose your place automatically means someone else worked harder. Apple’s loss is Oppo’s gain. Oppo is a Chinese phone maker. While Apple shipped 35.3 million units in this second quarter of 2019, Oppo shipped 36.2 million units. Business Insider has more details on this.

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You can link the drop in sells of apple smartphones to many factors. The brand still remains a top brand but it has dropped below Oppo and Huawei (Chinese phone makers) and of course, Samsung which is a Korean phone making company. There is the fact that Apple is not elastic on the price of its older products and there is the premium price they keep placing on their new products. These have impacted their place in the top ten smartphone makers in the world.

Having looked at Apple which is the major story point in this piece, let us look at the current list of top ten smartphone makers in the world. You can see and know where your favorite phone is currently placed.


List Of Top Ten Phone Makers In The World

  1. TCL-Alcatel

top ten smartphone makers in the world

In the last spot of our top ten smartphone makers in the world is TCL-Alcatel. I remember using a phone from Alcatel as far back as 2007. It was a strong phone.

This company shipped 3.8 million units of phones in the quarter under review. It was 1% of the total worldwide smartphone sales. It is a significant increase in their total sales in the same quarter of 2018. Actually, it was a 16% increase in the total volume of sales.

It was TCL that bought blackberry in 2016. Phones like Alcatel 1s and 1X are among their top products.

  1. Tecno

top ten smartphone makers in the world

Tecno took Africa by storm. Many Nigerians would probably have been unable to use smartphones at the time they did if Tecno was not as affordable as it was when it was introduced. I’m a bit surprised that it is ninth on our list of top ten smartphone makers in the world given the volume it does in Africa.

It can only mean one thing, cheap products don’t sell everywhere. They have sold over 3.9 million smartphones in just this second quarter of 2019. They are just slightly ahead of Alcatel and they also represent 1% of the world’s total sales. Tecno is a product of Transsion Holdings.

  1. Motorola

top ten smartphone makers in the world

We all had our fling with the Motorola products back in the days. What you may not know is that Motorola is owned by Lenovo. Damn, I love that product. It has about 3% of the total market sales of smartphones in the quarter under review.

It had about 8.3 million shipments and it is famous for its budget smartphones. The Moto G7 is as cheap as it gets and it is still rated as one of the best smartphones in the world.

  1. LG

top ten smartphone makers in the world

The South Koreans are really not smiling. They are hitting it really big. They also have 3% of the world market sales of smartphones which is about 8.9 million shipments in the second quarter of 2019 alone.

LG has announced a 5G smartphone and it is called the LG V5o ThinQ. It is also toiling with the idea of building a new triple-screen phone. It is set to announce it in September.

  1. Vivo

top ten smartphone makers in the world

Now, that is what I’m talking about. Make way for Vivo. This is a significant increase from what we have been talking about.  This company sold over 28.4 million smartphones in the quarter under review. This gives it 9% of the world smartphone market.

The good news is that it is expanding its Y-series which will come cheap to the Middle East and Africa.

  1. Xiaomi

top ten smartphone makers in the world

In the fifth position in the top ten smartphone makers in the world is Xiaomi. It is sometimes referred to as the Apple of China. It has managed to ship 31.9 million phones in Q2 2019. What it did exactly a year ago was placed at 32.1 million units.

As you can see, it means that there was a slight decrease in its shipment. There are rumors that it will soon launch its line of 5G smartphones. It occupies 10% of the world’s smartphone sales.

  1. Apple

top ten smartphone makers in the world

The fourth-placed company on our list is Apple. On a serious note, Apple was supposed to be better placed than just the number fourth position. It managed to sell just 35.3 million shipments in this quarter under review. That is impressive, right? Wait for it.

This number represents a decline in what the company sold in the second quarter of 2018. The decline is slated at 15% and it is crazy. Of course, it will be working assiduously to reclaim its place as it is expected. It is set to launch its 5G iPhones in 2020. That will probably boost sales.

  1. Oppo

top ten smartphone makers in the world

Oppo is a Chinese based company and it is third in our list. It had 36.2 million sales in the quarter under review and it occupies 11% of the world smartphone market. This is a serious increase which is slated at 13% from the previous year.

They have partnered with some European giants and it is set to launch its 5G network.

  1. Huawei

top ten smartphone makers in the world

This is the biggest phone producing company in China. Maybe you didn’t know, it is blacklisted in the United States. It is the second-largest smartphone maker in the whole wide world.

In the quarter under review, it sold 58.7 million smartphones globally. This is an increase of about 8% of what it did previously. It holds 18% claim of the global smartphone market sales. Very intriguing is the fact that it will launch its first foldable smartphone known as the Mate X next month.

  1. Samsung

top ten smartphone makers in the world

Make way for the king. The king is here and its name is Samsung. It is the number one in the list of top ten smartphone makers in the world. It is responsible for 23% of the world smartphone market representing 75.1 million units in the quarter under review. This means that it had about a 6% increase in sales over the last year.

It is not stopping there. It has launched Galaxy S10 smartphone and Note10. It is also working on the Galaxy fold which it is set to announce next month.




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2 Ways to On How to Login Your Yahoomail Account at

Gudtalent Chrisent


on Login and Sign in Login | Sign In | Yahoo mail Sign Up

Do you have a Yahoo email account and would love to login on the login portal at Do you want to sign into your Yahoo mailbox now? If yes, then this article is for you, all you need to do all that step by step is shown here.

Brief Overview Of Yahoomail | Sign In Overview Login and Sign in

Yahoo mail is one of the first and most surviving email services on the internet. Techliet rated it one of the top email service providers because the Yahoo email service have been able to stand the test of time. With yahoomail at, you can send, receive, draft and manage your email services brought to you by Yahoo which was acquired in 2016 by Verizon.

Just as we’re discussing in this article, Login into Yahoo mail account is one of the simplest tasks you can do on the Internet, so, I will be showing you the right way to sign into your yahoo e-mail address below:

You can also login to with a desktop or a laptop computer.

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How to Login Yahoomail at | Sign In

To login to your Yahoomail account, kindly follow the steps below;

  1. Kindly go to, you will be redirected to a Yahoo Email login page.
  2. Once you’re on Yahoomail login page, kindly enter your username (User ID or better still your Yahoo email address).
  3. Now, enter your Yahoo account password. If you can’t remember your password, kindly click on the “forgot password”
  4. Once you input your password correctly, kindly click on Yahoomail signing button to login to your Yahoomail account where you can go ahead and do whatever you like.

How to Login Yahoomail through The Email App

If you don’t have the Yahoomail App in your device, kindly download the app from Play store or Apple Store or read up the guide on how to download Yahoomail App and once you’ve downloaded the App and want to login into your account, all you need to do is;

  • Install the Yahoomail App
  • Click on the Yahoomail App to open
  • enter your Username and Password
  • Click on the “Sign In” button below to get started

How to Login Yahoo Forum

Hey, i just found out something very cool about Yahoo, and that is Yahoo Forum. I stumbled upon it while making some research about yahoo and Yahoomail. The forum is quite an interesting one and i suggest you give it a shot if you have any problem, Question about Yahoo and their product for a forum answer. Below are the login steps of Yahoo Forum.

  1. Go to the Yahoo Forum Page at
  2. Now to access the forum, You will need to click on any forum post that have been made already, Do that ant try replying or asking your own question (This will re-direct you to your original yahoo login page)
  3. From the Sign in Page, enter your Yahoomail account username and click on the “Next” button.
  4. Enter your password and click on the “Next” button.
  5. Now, you will be taken to a page where you will have to choose a Forum name for yourself. All you need to do is enter your name and click on the continue button.

That’s it, you can now begin to enjoy the Yahoo forum for better answers.

Is Login easy?

Yes, Login into your Yahoo email account isn’t as difficult as you may think. I used to even think that Yahoo mail login is too difficult, but when I read a guide about how to Login to Yahoomail, I saw that ymail login is easy and its something you can do from anywhere provided you have good internet connection.


Country                                                       Email Domain

Yahoo mail Argentina                                 

Yahoo mail Australia                                   

Yahoo mail Austria                                       

Yahoo mail Belgium (French)                    

Yahoo mail Belgium (Dutch)                     

Yahoo mail Brazil                                          

Yahoo mail Canada (English)                     

Yahoo mail Canada (French)                     

Yahoo mail Colombia                                  

Yahoo mail Croatia                                       

Yahoo mail Czech Republic                        

Yahoo mail Denmark                                  

Yahoo mail Finland                                      

Yahoo mail France                                       

Yahoo mail Germany                                  

Yahoo mail Greece                                       

Yahoo mail Hong Kong                               

Yahoo mail Hungary                                    

Yahoo mail India                                        

Yahoo mail Indonesia                                  

Yahoo mail login Ireland                            

Yahoo mail login Israel                                

Yahoo mail login Italy                                  

Yahoo mail login Japan                               

Yahoo mail login Malaysia                         

Yahoo mail login Mexico                            

Yahoo mail login Middle East                    

Yahoo mail login Netherlands                   

Yahoo mail login New Zealand                 

Yahoo mail login Nigeria                                   No country URL

Yahoo mail log in Norway                          

Yahoo mail log in Philippines                    

Yahoo mail login Poland                             

Yahoo mail log in Portugal                         

Yahoo mail log in Romania                        

Yahoo mail log in Russia                             

Yahoo mail log in Singapore                      

Yahoo mail log in South Africa                 

Yahoo mail log in Spain                              

Yahoo mail log in Sweden                          

Yahoo mail log in Switzerland (French) 

Yahoo mail log in Switzerland (German)

Yahoo mail log in Taiwan                           

Yahoo mail log in Thailand                         

Yahoo mail log in Turkey                            

Yahoo mail log in United Kingdom          

Yahoo mail log in United States                

Yahoo mail log in Vietnam                         

Hope this guide was Helpful? Please share to others.



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App & Software – Best 5 Free Ways to Login Gmail Faster in 2020

Gudtalent Chrisent


on – Best 5 Free Ways to Login Gmail faster in 2020

Ok, having done a decent keyword research about, Google’s own email service, I’ve come to discover that close to 300,000 people search for on google to get access to their Gmail account on daily basis.

This means people spend about 15 hours daily all over the world trying into their web browsers to access the Gmail webmail account on a typing speed of 330 characters per minute. 15 hours spend only on accessing sign in or sign up pages isn’t small and needs to be guided to help those who come across issues while accessing their webmail account.

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On a second thought, logging into Gmail to get to Google Drive involves navigating close to 5 pages like the Google search prompt page, the search results, the Gmail login and Inside Gmail account page. Then once you’re finally logged into your Gmail account, all you need to do is find Google Drive to perform your next set of tasks.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to using Gmail, Yahoomail or other webmail services in general.

In this article, I will be showing you 4 different ways to bypass the need and stress of typing into your computer browser to access your Gmail email account.

The 4 various steps listed here are safe and I have personally used them in accessing all my Gmail email accounts. By following the safe guides here, you can comfortably access your email account at ease. You can manually choose to enter and click the link.  So, let’s continue with Gmail email login steps.

4 Best Ways to Accessing Gmail without Google Search

  1. Using Email Clients – Method 1

email clients for businesses

Desktop email clients are a great alternative if you are not familiar with webmail clients and also the type of person that checks email often. Using a Desktop email service provider will save you a lot of time from opening a browser, typing in the browser tab, clicking on the login link and waiting for Gmail to log you in.

By bringing Gmail account offline to your computer, it always comes with some extra features that you can’t get on other mediums which can enhance your productivity and use of Email for whatsoever reason.  There are so many good email service providers that you can use. I will be talking about that in my next post about Email Clients which you can use on your Mac, Windows or Linus devices.

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Why Use Email Client Instead of

  1. Mailbird, one of the most trusted email clients allows its users to manage multiple Gmail accounts from one window at a time and even one Unified Inbox, Another good feature you can’t do with This is definitely recommended for one who works with many Gmail accounts.
  2. In addition to what’s on ground, most email clients can work with a poor and unrealizable Internet connection, making it easier for you to check your emails at any time. This is made possible by periodically “syncing” with your account similar to how cloud storage works. In other words, the client uses your stored credentials or access “token” (a stored security string of numbers used to verify your identity and grant your application access to the webmail program, allowing it to manage your email) to access your email provider’s server, grab any new email, and send off any mail you send in the email client at once.
  3. There are a few other ways people use to check their Gmail accounts, including browser extensions (you can read more about browser extensions here). However, the above methods represent the most popular (and all better than typing in ways people access them.

   2.     Enter in the address bar – Method 2

This method of accessing your Gmail account is the most popular among all the methods listed in this article. That’s right! Most especially if you are new to the internet and know that getting an email address is probably one of the first things you will do as you kickstart your journey on the internet. you may be surprised as well to learn that you (normally) don’t need to add that pesky “www.” when entering websites on the internet.

Most websites online today include both the www, and non-www versions in their addresses. Usually, this is the case because website owners redirect from one (either www to non-www or vice versa) depending on their choices. That’s why you might notice that sometimes a site you type in with “www” lands you on a page without www.

If this is your case, it doesn’t mean that you’ve gone to the wrong website. The website simply is set to redirect users to one or the other – www, or non-www. There are all same.

At the same time, be careful if it redirects you to another domain extension.

Example: taking you to or something of such.

Website ending with .com is never same with one ending with .co, .org, .net, etc, even if they bear the same name.

It’s also worth pointing out that many websites are beginning to use a more secure protocol in order to protect their sites and users. This protocol is indicated by an “https” in the browser tab. This means that the network connection between you and the website is secured and is no cause for alarm. On the other hand, in fact – you should always be cautious of entering or providing any details or logging into an account on a site without an https, or secure connection. Most times, websites without https are easier to break down when compared to websites with https

To Login to your Gmail account, Click here

    3. Installing Gmail App – Method 3

One of the easiest ways to access your Gmail email account is by installing the Google Gmail app either from the Google Play store or Apple store.

See the video below

One good thing about having the Gmail app installed in your phone is that it lets you access your Gmail email account on the go. You don’t need to login website or use PC to do that. To me, it’s my best options because it gives me flexibility option to use my email account.

4.     Browser “Apps” – Method 4

Chrome browser, in particular, has a myriad of popular apps including one for Gmail. Just like a smartphone, these apps allow you to quickly and easily access and manage your Gmail email account “outside” the browser itself.

For the official Gmail app, this acts as little more than a bookmark. However, having it as an app does allow you to add some default settings such as opening it in a new browser window or as a full-screen window.

For more information on browser apps, kindly click on the settings or options menu in your browser. You should be able to find them there. else, you can search for information using any search engine (Google, Mozilla, Safari, etc).

5.     Bookmark – Method 5

By default, bookmarks are a great way to get one-click access for any popular sites you visit online. Arguably the most popular method for quick access to Gmail, These bookmarks live in your browser, and can even sync across all your devices where you use the same browser and browser account which is connected to your email address.

You can bookmark your Gmail inbox account by logging into your Gmail at and bookmarking the inbox page. This way, you can have one-click access to your email account anytime.

A brief look into the reason behind:

Why typing out into your search engine is not the best way to go about doing things as regards Gmail Email sign In.

  • It’s a waste of time

Sure, you may not be wasting 15 hours a day yourself but this action can get really tedious and tiring when you’re working with multiple email accounts. Let’s say you’re a remote worker for a marketing company. You’ve been given the logins to the main email address by different brands; you have your personal email address as well as your work email address to tend to. Spending time logging in and out of all of your email addresses to manually login to each one is time you can be used to perform more important tasks, to say the least. If there is a way to get to where you need without having to type in all those “www’s” and so on, shouldn’t you take it?

  • It needlessly exposes you to Ads

Search results have ads. Every time you perform a search in Google Search engine, you are opening yourself up to ads targeted at exactly what you are looking for which will distract you. These ads can even get integrated into your personal social media accounts. You just want to check your notifications, not to be distracted by useless ads getting in the way of your every move you make!

  • Lastly, it can affect your browsing experience

Google keeps a record of your search history and remembers what you search for before. Furthermore, it will usually try to auto-suggest/fill possibly related search terms based on what you regularly type in Google. This includes personal information like home addresses, credit card information and passwords, making it easy for somebody to gain access to your information and rip you off.

Since chances are Gmail email website is not the only website you write out including the “www” in the search results, you may notice that you are constantly presented with all your most commonly searched websites every time you begin to type in the search bar “www”, requiring you to type 4+ characters before your suggested searches are even close to relevant to what you are searching for.

To wrap it up, its best you use email clients or bookmark your Gmail page provided you are on a safe or private PC. If you’re on a public PC, don’t bookmark your Gmail email account when logged in.






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