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Top 11 Asset Management Companies In Nigeria: Best Ways To Invest



Asset Management Companies In Nigeria

Top 11 Asset Management Companies In Nigeria: Best Ways To Invest

There are many asset management companies in Nigeria, but this article will help you to know the best companies for asset management. Asset management companies (AMC) are those companies that invest the money of its customers/clients into businesses that match specified financial objectives. These asset management companies present investors with more investing and diversification options than they would have should they operate alone. These asset management companies in Nigeria manage mutual funds, pension plans, hedge funds, etc. The companies make money by charging service fees and commissions to their clients/customers. Many people find it very difficult identifying very good investment opportunities. If you are one of these people, then this article is made for you. The very best asset management companies in Nigeria are listed here. As an investor, it will help you identify the one you can hand your money over to for the maximum returns on investment (ROI). It is often very difficult to manage your assets on your own as an investor. The best thing to do is hand them over to a professional team of individuals who have the required skill set, experience, and knowledge to manage your assets.

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Top 11 Asset Management Companies In Nigeria

1. Sumo Tech Global Limited

This is a finance and investment company in Nigeria that specializes in providing clients and customers with trusted financial services, as well as asset management services. SumoTrust is the most popular brand of Sumo Tech Global Limited, it specifically helps its customers to save money and invest in very lucrative businesses. What the Sumotrust apart from others is the ability to help clients mitigate expenses. The head office is at Suite 3f4, Katukoma plaza, off Oladipo Diya way, Gudu, Abuja. The official website is

2. Asset & Resource Management Company Limited (ARM)

  Asset Management Companies In Nigeria

This is one of the asset management companies in Nigeria with investment management expertise. They don’t offer banking services, just investment banking, and financial advisory services to investors. They are also into infrastructure finance and development, estate management and development, pension fund administration and non-asset management. Established in 1994, Asset & Resource Management Company Limited (ARM) has grown into one of the leading asset management companies in Nigeria. Their knowledge of investment banking is second to none. The head office is located at 1 Mekunwen Road, Off Oyinkan Aboyomi Drive, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

3. Asset Management Corporation Of Nigeria (AMCON)

 Asset Management Companies In Nigeria

This asset management company was established in Nigeria by the act of the national assembly of Nigeria in July 2010. AMCON was established with an intended lifespan of 10 years. It is designed to function is the same manner as the Asset Management Agency of the Republic of Ireland and Malaysia Pengurusan Danaharta bid. They function primarily as the buyer of assets for the Nigerian government. AMCON also engage in the acquisition of Non-performing loans (NPL).

4. Cashcraft Asset Management Ltd

When you discuss asset management companies in Nigeria, you must mention Cashcraft Asset Management Ltd. It was incorporated in 1991 and commissioned as a fund manager, dealer, Issuing house, and broker. The capital of Cashcraft Asset Management Ltd is put at N3billion, while the shareholders’

Funds are over N1.5 billion. This company has many offices in different locations around the country. The head office is at the 3rd Floor Asei World Centre, 57 Aba Road, Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

5. CDL Asset Management Ltd

Asset Management Companies In Nigeria

The CDL Asset Management Ltd is a very good financial service provider for investment banking and asset management services in Nigeria. It was incorporated in 2004 and currently boasts of an issuing capital of N500 million. CDL asset management Ltd services include portfolio management, Treasury services, trading in government securities, corporate and private trust services, corporate financial services, stock-broking services, and financial advisory services.   Asset management companies in Nigeria cannot be complete without CDL asset management Ltd.

6. Cowry Asset Management Ltd

This was primarily established to function as Investment Company that will engage in all aspects of the capital market. The Cowry Asset Management Ltd pays special attention to investment banking, securities trading, financial consultancy services, real estate consulting, corporate finance etc. this one of the reliable investment company in Nigeria.

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7. Lead Capital Plc

It was established in 1987 as an investment banking firm in Nigeria. Lead Capital Plc was registered as an issuing house and fund/portfolio manager with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It has offices in Lagos, Abuja, and Port-Harcourt. Lead Capital Plc is among the leading asset management companies in Nigeria that have a very reputable track record. Their head office is located at 3rd Floor, Millennium Builders Plaza, Plot 251 Herbert Macaulay Way, CBD, Abuja.

Asset Management Companies In Nigeria

8. Lighthouse Asset Management Ltd

Founded in 1986, Lighthouse asset management Ltd, they have sponsored over 20 different companies in Nigeria to the market. Some of these companies include Union Bank, Sterling Bank Plc. It holds above 75% of the capital of these companies. They are licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission to function as Issuing House and broker-dealer. The head office is located in Abuja on the 3rd Floor, Oyo state house Ralph Sodeinde Street, Central Business district.

9. Sterling Asset Management And Trustee

This asset management company in Nigeria was established on September 5th, 1985 as a private Limited Liability Company and duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to function as an asset management company. They are very good at investment banking and other financial services for clients/customers. They head office is in Lagos state Nigeria.

10. Tower Asset Management Ltd

When you talk about investment banking, Issuing house, stockbroking firm, financial advisory services, and asset management companies in Nigeria, Tower Asset Management Ltd always comes to mind. They have experience in asset management and investment services. They are licensed by the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Tower Asset Management Ltd has an authorized share capital of N550 million.

11. Forte Asset Management Ltd

Asset Management Companies In Nigeria

This one of the leading asset management companies in Nigeria that is specialized in asset management services, investment banking, mutual fund and portfolio management for investors. They have a very good track record in the asset management services and have developed a strong integrity over the years. The head office is at Suite 31, 3rd Floor, Jinfa Plaza, Samuel A. Ademulegun Street, CBD, Abuja.

In conclusion, managing money and handling investments is very difficult. You as an investor must employ the services professional asset managers to manage your investments. There are lots of asset management companies in Nigeria, and this article has helped you with the top 10 of these asset management companies in Nigeria. All you need to do is to make your own informed research before making your choice on which one of the asset management companies in Nigeria you will buy into their services.





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Top 10 Refer and Earn Apps in Nigeria 2020



Hello there! Do you want an extra source of income? Or, are you interested in making some cool cash without having to risk investing a start-up capital? Do you just want to make some more productive use of your mobile phone, in generating some cash for yourself? If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then you’ve got yourself an opportunity to achieve just that by following this article to the end! This article discusses in detail the top 10 refer and earn Aapps in Nigeria 2020.

In the following paragraphs, you’ll get to know about a few mobile apps which pays you just for referring others to use the app.

But before going through these apps, here are a few things I feel you need to note before you could start earning:

  1. You need to be a registered user of the applications.
  2. You’ll need some data particularly for installing and running the applications.
  3. Trying to earn an income from this apps is NOT a Get-Rich-Quick thing. The earnings from these apps are not always gigantic, although they could add up really quickly if you out in more effort.
  4. The earnings may seem so little at the first. But don’t be discouraged; the more the referrals you make, the more you earn.
  5. You don’t need any special skill to start and/or manage these apps or the referral process. You can simply use the traditional methods to get new referrals from time to time; and finally
  6. You can start right away!
Top 10 Refer and Earn Apps in Nigeria

Top 10 Refer and Earn Apps in Nigeria

Top 10 Refer And Earn Apps in Nigeria 2020

See some of the top 10 refer and earn apps in Nigeria 2020 below:

(1) SumoTrust Affiliate

SumoTrust affiliate is a refer-and-earn program by a Nigerian-owned financial oraganization named SumoTrust. They are an automated investment/savings, learning and finance management organization. They help users in effectively planning their money, as well as make wiser financial and business decisions. Users set savings goals, and work towards achieving them over their forecast time. They also have other options where you can fix your savings you don’t want to spend over a period of time.

But how does their affiliate program work?

All they want from you is to share a referral link gotten from your Affiliate Earnings section in the account which you have with them. Send it to your friends on various social media handles such as Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. and ask them to join Sumotrust.

For each successful referral that registers and saves up to seven thousand five hundred naira (N7,500), you earn six hundred naira on the go! You can reach them on or download their app from your respective application store.

(2) Motute Affiliate

Motute is an education-based app in partnership with SumoTrust. Motute (a.k.a. Mobile Institute) is a learning and teaching marketplace which connects instructors in various fields from around the world to organizations, individuals or group of individuals towards imparting novel skills and knowledge in building better careers as well as gaining financial freedom.

To participate in Motute referral program:

  • Download the app from your respective stores
  • Register with them
  • Then tell your family and friends about buying a course with them.

For every sale you bring to Motute, they pay you 25% commission. There you go.

(3) VFD Microfinance Bank App

VFD Microfinance bank app is a financial institution that operates a little differently from your regular bank. VFD microfinance bank boasts of putting out “Nigeria’s first truly virtual bank,” V. The application is free, and there aren’t any hidden charges either for funds transfer within or outside VFD.

How can you make money through VFD Microfinance bank app referral program?

Veelager is a platform on V which allows you to make money through referrals to the bank. Refer 25 people to V app and get thirty thousand naira, provided they continue banking with VFD. But that’s not the highest they pay for referrals. The more you refer, the more you earn. It’s as simple as that.

(4) FairMoney App

Fair money lends money to borrowers. You could loan up to five hundred thousand naira from them, all depending on their assessment of your financial profile or history. As soon as your application is made and approved, you get your credit alert from the bank, of course, with terms and conditions which you’ll agree to.

However, whenever you successfully make a referral to the app, FairMoney gives you a five hundred naira discount. Does it look too little? Multiply that by twenty and see what you get. The choice is yours to make. 

(5) Cowrywise App

Cowrywise is a financial organization, just like VFD which allows customers to save, invest and get interests over a period of time at interesting rates. Their savings and investments also come with security just as you’ll find in traditional commercial banks.

As a form of encouragement to customers towards referring others to them, Cowrywise rewards her customers. You could earn up to five hundred naira per referral as a Corporate ambassador with Cowrywise.

(6) Luno App

Luno app deals in different types of cryptos, especially etherium and bitcoin.  The app could also be used for savings, apart from trading.

For every referred user that purchases BTC worth five thousand naira, Luno rewards you with two hundred and fifty naira worth of bitcoin. Like I’ve always said, the more the referrals, the more you earn.

(7) JumiaPay Nigeria

JumiaPay, as you may already have guessed, is a subsidiary of the renowned ecommerce platform, Jumia. JumiaPay is a free online payment app that allows you to recharge your phone, book a ride, order your food, or even pay utility bills.

When you invite anyone to use the app, JumiaPay pays you N500 when your referrals spend above the same amount using the app. There you go.

(8) Carbon App

Next on our list is Carbon App. Carbon App, formerly known as PayLater, is a nice app for investing money, making loans or making payments.

Carbon App does not charge you for transactions done on the app: interesting if you asked me.

In a means of providing more earning platforms for its customers, Carbon app pays five hundred naira per referral when the referred repay their first loan.

(9) Branch App

Branch is an online lending platform that provides loans to customers. They offer loans ranging from N1, 500, up to N150, 000.

On every referral you make, Branch pays both you and the referred N500.

(10) Piggyvest App

And last but not the least, is Piggyvest App. Like Cowrywise, Piggyvest allows you to save, invest and earn interests over time.

When you make referrals, and they complete their profile, you earn N1000 on each referral. Multiply that by fifteen and see how much you’ve got.

There you have it: various applications which pay you for just making referrals via your social networks. The choice is now yours to make: will you take it or will you leave it? Make a move today and earn by just referring people – friends, family, even strangers to use any of these apps today!



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Top 10 Blockchain Startups in Nigeria 2020



Over the years, modern technology has been dominated by companies based in first world countries. However, technological resources shouldn’t be located exclusively to a minute part of the world. In reality, the possibility of technology invading every sphere of human endeavor with its potentials can only be achieved when tech resources are distributed globally, as well as their use in helping local populations who are already showing a degree of commitment to improving their developing communities. More so is the advantage of knowing which of the crypto companies to invest in and how. With this list of the top 10 Blockchain Startups in Nigeria 2020, you can never be wrong in your choices!

In Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, a number of blockchain startups are growing to meet the need for a cryptocurrency-thirsty populace. This is regardless of the fact that cryptocurrencies are not yet accepted legal tender in the West African country. Between April and June this year (2020) alone, $34.4 m was transacted in Bitcoin in Nigeria, the largest share on the continent. As stated by Usefultulips, South Africa followed behind with $15.2 m; Kenya with $7.8 m; Ghana, $ 640,000 and Tanzania $600,000.

It should not be alarming, therefore, that useful platforms through which cryptocurrencies are traded are springing up in handful places around the country.

Of all these platforms, I bring to you those that I consider the top 10 of Blockchain startups in Nigeria. See them below:

Top 10 Blockchain Startups in Nigeria 2020

(1) Quidax

Co-founded in 2016 by Uzo Awilli and Buchi Okoro, Quidax allows its users to freely purchase as well as sell cryptos in their local currency. Trading in Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, Litecoin alongside other cyptocurrencies can be easily done on Quidax.

(2) BuyCoins

Provided by Bitkoin Africa, BuyCoins was founded in 2017 by Timi Ajiboye, Tomiwa Lasebikan and Ire Aderinokun. BuyCoins has a funding of $120,000. Users on BuyCoins have the opportunity to buy and sell cyrptocurrencies within a very short range of time.

BuyCoins conduct their services via their app, taking off prospective traders the stress of seeking other traders in the crptocurrency market. BuyCoin supports Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Cryptos can be traded via their app which is available for IOS and Android devices.

(3) Bundle

Bundle is provided by and backed by Binance and was founded by Yele Bademosi. With Bundle, users can sell or buy Ethereum, Bitcoin and BNB. They also offer their customers the opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies using bank or card transfer. Proceeds from sales of cryptos, could also be withdrawn and deposited into your commercial bank account. With just N500, you can trade in BNB or Bitcoin.

(4) Yellowcard

Yellowcard provides users services for purchasing cryptos via the internet through debit cards or bank transfer. With this, they (users) can load their back accounts in the local currency, before paying for the digital coins they’re interested in. Currently, Yellowcard is in support of dash and Bitcoin core and would be adding tether (USDT) and Bitcoin cash (BCH) in the days ahead. Yellowcard is founded by Chris Maurice

(5) Patricia

With a dynamic operating mode, Patricia makes trading in cryptos like Ethereum, discounted gift cards, Bitcoin, Perfect money, etc. easily available to prospects.

(6) ABiT Network

Founded by Gauis Chibueze (aka Bitcoin Chief), ABiT Network provides blockchain e-commerce services throughout Africa. Some of ABiT’s products include ABiT Play, ABiT Go, ABiT Farm, ABiT Reps, ABiTCrowd, ABiTrader, and Tatcoin. For instance, with ABiT Reps, ABiT offers youths the opportunity to earn by telling others about ABiT products. Their apps can be found on different online stores such as Android and IOS.

Top 10 Blockchain Startups in Nigeria 2020

(7) CryptoTvPlus

CryptoTvPlus is one of the leading media agency on the continent. They provide the latest info on events, updates, project reviews in the digital currency market. They have an active online presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with an application for easy access on Google play store. Founded in 2018, Cryptotvplus has a revenue of $ 15.40 million.

(8) Bitfxt

Bitfxt is another Nigerian cryptocurrency startup. Recently, in February 2020, they secured N5.45 billion from UK-based Payitup clearinghouse Ltd in a bid to expand their cytocurrency infrastructure. Traditionally, Bitfxt deals in Bitcoin and allows trade from prospects all around the globe.

(9) Roqqu

Founded by Uchenna Nnodim, Roqqu provides a speedy platform for the buying and/or selling of cryptocurrencies. Within thirty minutes, withdrawals are completed using Roqqu. They support EOS, STEEM, Ethereum and Bitcoin transactions. Like other cryptocurrency trading platforms, Roqqu has an app on Google Play store for easy trading. Traders on Roqqu are referred to as Roqquians.

(10) NairaEx

Founded in 2015, NairaEx has recorded over hundred thousand users with over one million transactions. They are one of the most popular in the digital currency market on the continent. NairaEx is a top blockchain company in Nigeria where cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Bitcoin are traded. They are a reliable company for the exchange of Bitcoin and other cyptos through common payment platforms. NairaEx allows users to fund and withdraw within the same day.


The majority of the blockchain companies mentioned and discussed in this piece and others not mentioned here are founded and spearheaded by young Nigerians. These are highly spirited individuals who are seeking novel solutions to ancient problems in their immediate environment.

Ranging from agriculture, to the energy sectors and the financial payments service industries, these startups are making life better for many. You should find a way and align with the current trend. There is something for you if you invest in cryptocurrency today.



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