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10 Best Online Betting Sites in Nigeria



Online betting

A lot of Nigerians have now discovered the potential and income generating opportunities that sports betting provides, especially football betting. Since this discovery, many online betting companies have sprung up in Nigeria, taking advantage of the betting market and providing the teaming youths and young-at-heart in Nigeria with a means of livelihood.

This article examines the top 10 Nigeria online betting sites in Nigeria.

  1. is held in high esteem when it comes to betting in Africa. Agents, operators and users alike enjoy bonuses from using the products of this company. Agents gain a 30% weekly commission while that of operators is up to 40%. Their website,, generates a lot of positive reviews weekly. So, you can bank on them with your money. Bet365NAIJA pays cash-outs very fast and have an exceptional customer service.

  1. offers an attractive winning probability and has a very convenient online site for betting activities. 100% bonus is awarded to a first deposit and a 30,000 Naira prize after a 2,000 Naira deposit. Withdrawals take up to24 hours. High weekly commissions are available for agents and super agents as 360bet pays 30% and 45% respectively to agents and super agents.

  1. is noted for its speed and quality as both customers and operators/agents are able to cash out instantly. Agents receive a weekly profit of 30% while operators have their commission pegged at 40%. Apart from these commissions, Betcolony users, operators and agents inclusive also enjoy other incentives.

  1. is arguably the first indigenous betting service in Nigeria. It is one of the most reliable betting websites in Nigeria and it has proven itself this regard time and again. Bonuses on Nairabet exist for both accumulated rates and initial deposits. You can bet on an active game or one that is yet to start. Minimum deposit on Nairabet is N50 and the maximum amount of money you can win is 20 million naira.

  1. is another reliable betting platform in Nigeria, and is one of the betting companies to record an outstanding growth in the Nigerian betting industry. The minimum deposit on Bet9ja is N100, while the maximum pay-out is N40 million naira. Instant pay-out on winnings is guaranteed with bonuses on first deposits and compound rates. Log on to to view all their products.

  1. gives users the opportunity to bet easily and cash out using a very easy method such that the funds won would reach the winners’ account in a few hours. Stakersden website is good on phone and laptops. So, no matter the device that you choose to use, you can always bet without hassle on Stakersden. You can place a bet before or during a game and be sure of nice bonuses for your winnings.

Online betting

Online betting site on Phone and PC for sports betting

  1. is a betting company with branches that extend the shores of Nigeria, as they are also present in Russia and Kenya. Users of 1xbet9ja can deposit a minimum of 40 naira, which is lower than what most betting companies offer. Quick payment is guaranteed as the money won is sent to the user’s bank account in a maximum of 24 hours.

A deposit can attract a bonus of up to 100 euros. Accounts are funded via ATM, debit cards, Skrill, Perfect Money and even Bitcoin. Visitors can make payments on 1xbet9ja website with their local currency or with international currencies.


A lot of users have given credible reviews about saying that it is a good and reliable betting site and company to work with. Winnings on Merrybet are paid within 24 hours, although any withdrawn request placed before 8.30 in the morning is guaranteed to be paid on the same day. The minimum deposit on Merrybet is 50 naira while the maximum pay-out is 10 million naira. First deposit attracts a 100% bonus.


With, you can make money as an employee, an agent, a player or an operator. Both agents and operators receive hefty weekly commissions. The site,, is easy and convenient to use; the menu options and pages give a good user experience.

Winners on Surebet247 are usually paid within 24 hours of winning. Competent staffs are usually on standby to assist users who encounter any problems while using the Surebet247 website. There are different categories to cater for the different needs of players, as there are over a hundred sport categorizes to choose from.

Some top games and categories in Surebet247 besides football are slot, roulette, bicycle, and horse racing.

  1. 1960bet .com

1960bet is a betting company that allows a minimum deposit 50 Naira. However, winnings on 1960bet are paid out in a matter of days (around 1-3). The bonuses and odds you will get on are far better than those that you will get from other betting sites. The maximum pay-out here is 10 million Naira. First deposits and amassed rates also attract good bonuses. Any stage of the game you play can generate profits for you.

I hope that you found this list of top betting companies in Nigeria useful. Feel free to visit any of them to start playing today.



Ekemini Ekpo is a professional writer, blogger, and internet marketer. He is passionate about engineering, business, investment, entrepreneurship, finance, and personal development. When he is not managing web projects, he handles academic research writing and data analysis for individuals and organizations.

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Top 20 Betting Companies in Nigeria With the Best Odds and Payouts



Best Betting Companies in Nigeria

Sport’s betting in Nigeria is gaining popularity by the day. In every street today in the country, you find not one, not two, but a plethora of sport’s betting centres for fans of various sporting events, especially football.

Nigerian football lovers are passionate about their various clubs. Go to the various viewing centres and local bars where football games are aired and see this for yourself. We go all out in support of our various teams. And, this immense support is fueled more when there’s an opportunity to earn from it.

There are myriads of new betting sites in Nigeria currently. Because of the passion Nigerian’s have for sports, and the incredible growth of sports betting as a legal lucrative business in recent years, many sports betting companies/platforms are springing up on a daily basis. These platforms give fans the opportunity to earn from their passions.

As one famous betting platform put it, it is a “reward for passion.” However, despite a large number of sports betting platforms available, not all of them are popular among sports’ fans.

This is because of a number of factors ranging from high betting odds, first-time bonuses, and accumulated bonuses, maximum payout, the timeframe of payout, available sporting events, etcetera.

These factors influence where fans go to stake their bets. Fans want to earn from their passions, and they’ll go to places that’ll allow them to earn as much as possible.

Here in this post, I carefully examine the top 20 sports betting platforms in Nigeria that’ll give you the opportunity to make good money from staking on your favoured sporting event.

In this post, you will see the 20 Best Betting Companies in Nigeria. Here I feature the betting companies with the highest odd and fast payments. These are the biggest betting company in Nigeria currently.

You might want to ask, who are the richest betting company in Nigeria? Let’s find out in this post.

Top 20 Betting Companies in Nigeria With the Best Odds and Payouts

1. 1xbet. (

If you want to avoid the hassle that comes from going to a bet shop to place your bets, then this online betting platform, 1xbet is a good alternative. From the comfort of your home, you can place your bets using a laptop, or your phone.

One of the premier betting companies available in Nigeria, 1xbet has a sportsbook with the capability of covering over 90 different sports, more than 2000 live betting events, more than 10,000 daily live streams, and more than 4500 betting markets.

You can also place your bets on matches that are already in play. This betting company offers inviting payouts, and bonuses, such as the first deposit bonus of 100 euros, which can be withdrawn with any preferable payment option, and within 48 hours too.

2. Bet9ja. (

Best Betting Companies in Nigeria

Best Betting Companies in Nigeria – Bet9ja

A registered trademark of KC Gaming Networks Limited, Bet9ja is perhaps the most well-known betting platform in Nigeria. They run with the motto “Reward for passion”, and operate with a gaming license, and a legally issued sportsbook.

Bet9ja works with the betting technology form Western Europe. They do this to provide their clients with high security in the usage of their services, their withdrawals, as well as to provide a reliable service. Besides, you stand to earn good income working as a Bet9ja agent.

Bet9ja is one of Nigeria’s best betting companies, and they are said to cover all major sporting events. The least accepted stake on this platform is 100 Naira, while the winnings can be up to 40 million Naira.

Fortinet Firewall, Dell Services, and a Thawte SSL Certificate protects their technology, thus, their clients can enjoy secure withdrawals, and fund transfers.

3. Naijabet. (

Run by Kreative Integrated Concepts and Management Limited, Naijabet is another well-known betting platform in Nigeria. They are also partners with Livebet International Limited.

With a reputation for having an easy system for bet placement, and a system for prompt payout, Naijabet has been seen as one of the best betting platforms in Nigeria. They also provide a guide that teaches newbies how to place their bets.

Bets are accepted on a variety of sporting events such as golf, basketball, football, snooker, rugby, ice hockey, athletics, cricket, and boxing; as well as non-sporting events such as popular reality TV shows, elections, and even the weather.

Their minimum payout is 500 Naira, while their least accepted stake is 100 Naira. Withdrawals can be made within 48 hours of the normal working days.


Nairabet is the oldest betting platform in Nigeria, and naturally, its experience and prestige is more than enough to compete with any of the other betting platforms in the country.

This betting platform has been acclaimed to be the first with a functional, regulated, and legalized betting website, one with a reputation for paying within 15 hours. They also offer bonuses distinctively for accumulated stakes, 35% on 10 selections bonuses, as well as a huge first deposit bonus.

Their clients can minimize their risks using their cash out option to avoid losing money on bets. The least accepted stake on this platform is 50 Naira, while the maximum cash out is 20 million Naira. Customers can even use the Nairabet mobile app to place their bets.

5. Surebet247. (

A sport fan favorite, Surebet247 is one of the most popular betting platforms in Nigeria.

With a host of incredible bonuses, an easy to navigate website, and a secure platform, Surebet247 can claim to be one of Nigeria’s best betting companies. A variety of betting events such as car racing, dog racing, horse racing, football, and roulette are featured on their sportsbook.

With a guarantee to pay all winnings within 24 hours, Surebet247 has a maximum pay out of 500,000 Naira, a minimum withdrawal of 1000 Naira, as well as a maximum winning of 1 million Naira.

6. Merrybet. (

Merrybet is also another well-known betting platform in Nigeria. Known for their catchphrase “Where champions play”, Merrybet offers a first deposit bonus of 100%, high odds, and other bonuses on accumulated stakes.

The maximum pay out on Merrybet is 2 million Naira each day, for each player, and a minimum stake of 100 Naira. Their betting events include basketball, football, cycling, handball, rugby, car racing, tennis, baseball, etc.

Customers can make their withdrawals within 24 hours, while their maximum withdrawal at once is 500,000 Naira, with the minimum being 1000 Naira.

7. Betking. (

Betking, one of the best, and the fastest growing betting platform in Nigeria, offers its customers physical, and virtual sport betting opportunities, both in their retail shops, and their websites.

Customers can bet on physical sports like tennis, hockey, basketball, and football; while virtual sports include color-color, and kings league.

With a coverage that spans all the world’s major sporting events, Betking offers a double deposit bonus of 100%, high odds, fast payouts on all days of the week, 30% agent commission, first-timers welcome bonus, etc.

8. Sportybet Nigeria. (

Relatively new to the Nigerian betting scene, Spotybet Nigeria has snagged a place for itself as one of the best betting platforms in Nigeria.

Boasting an expansive array of betting events such as rugby, ice hockey, basketball, cricket, football, darts, volleyball, handball, and tennis; Sportybet offers a gift discount worth 10,000 Naira, a first deposit return of 100%, etc.

Customers can also download their mobile app to help them conduct their betting transactions easier.

9. 1960Bet. (

Boasting a first deposit bonus of 100%, very high odds, bonuses on accumulated bets, and the ability to bet on ongoing games, 1960Bet has established itself as one the fastest growing betting platforms in Nigeria.

This new bet platform has a sportsbook that covers a variety of games such as football, horse racing, and various casino games

With the withdrawals being available within 3 days, 1960Bet also offers a maximum winning of 10 million Naira, and a minimum stake of 50 Naira.

10. Loving bet. (

Acknowledged as one of Nigeria’s fastest growing betting platform, Loving bet is designed for individuals who love to bet on their phones, or laptops.

With a first deposit bonus of 100%, and the bonuses on accumulated stakes, Loving bet offers betting events on video poker, dog races, casino slot poker, table games, virtual soccer, roulette, horse races, etc.

Customers can make their withdrawals within 24 hours, and they have a maximum winning of 5 million Naira, and a minimum stake of 50 Naira.

11. Betway. (

Having come into business in 2006, Betway holds a gambling license from the UK gambling commission, and the Malta gaming authority.

Headquartered in Malta, this sports betting giant offers live-streaming services, very high odds, and an excellent in-play market. Apart from Nigeria, Betway has a large following all over the world, most especially in Europe.

Boasting a mobile app for both iOS, and Android users, Betway offers a variety of sporting events such as handball, basketball, football, rugby, ice hockey, etc.

12. Betfair.

With a place as one of the leading bookmakers online, Betfair has grown a large fan base since their entry into the Nigerian scene.

Betway holds a gambling license from the Malta gaming authority, and they offer a variety of features such as a large sporting market, very high odds, efficient mobile functionality, and generous bonuses for newcomers.

Boasting a mobile app for iOS, and Android users, Betway offers a variety of betting events such as ski jumping, football, and horse racing; along with a video feature, a cash out feature, and a live score feature.

13. Stakersden. (

Stakersden has acquired a large following despite being new in the Nigerian betting scene, and they have earned their place as one of the best betting platforms in the country.

Apart from the ability of being able to stake on a game that is in play, Stakersden also offers prompt payout, and a maximum payout of 20 million Naira.

14. Lions bet. (

Lions bet is another popular betting platform, one that is capable of supporting both Zambians, and Nigerians.

Sports betting services, slot games, and virtual betting services are all available on Lions bet.

Their features include  frequent social media giveaways, free bets, frequent promotions and player points, as well as a first deposit bonus of 100%.

15. Winners golden bet. (

Operating since 2014, Winners golden bet offers sport fans the opportunity to bet on a variety of events such as lucky balls, horse racing, slot games, and even virtual games like lucky balls.

In 2018, it was lauded for being part of the top 500 visited websites in Nigeria, and it is one of the betting platforms with the fastest growth today.

16. Supabets. (

With very high odds, and bonuses, Supabets is one of Nigeria’s fastest growing betting companies.

Supabets offers accumulated bonuses of 21%, first deposit bonuses of 100%, and high odds that rival some of the best betting companies in Nigeria.

17. 360Bet. (

360Bet is acclaimed to have one of the highest odds within the betting companies in Nigeria, and they also offer a maximum first deposit bonus of 30, 000 Naira, and the usual first deposit bonus of 100%.

Designed to benefit individuals that love to bet in their phones or their laptops, 360Bet has earned its place as one of Nigeria’s best betting companies.

With a 45% bonus for their agents, 360Bet also offers the option to stake on games in play, and the capability to make withdrawals within 24 hours.

18. Access bet. (

One of the Nigeria’s best betting platforms, Access Bet offers a variety of the usual betting events such as horse racing, dog racing, virtual matches, and casino games.

This betting platform boats of very high odds on their bets, and a user-friendly customer service.

With up to 150,000 individuals visiting their site each month, this betting has stayed true to their tenets of providing a fast and easy registration.

19. Betwin9ja. (

Powered by software sportsbook, and hosting more than 5000 events on its pages each week, this betting platform has been acclaimed to provide their customers with a very good live and online betting experience.

Being partners with a leading European sports betting software, Betwin9ja has always been developing new betting events.

They offer the usual betting events such as snooker, ice hockey, tennis, football, cricket, American football, handball, etc.

Their bet types include correct score, over/under, home win, away win double chance, odd/even, multiple betting, single betting, etc.

Customers can also download their mobile app to enjoy betting from their mobile phones.

20. Betrepublicana. (

Boasting rather high odds, and good bonuses, this betting platform offers its agents a 30% weekly bonus, its customers a 30% weekly bonus, while its operators get a 40% weekly bonus.

With a rather impressive online presence, Betrepublicana has established themselves as a decent betting company, perfect for all sport lovers.


Earlier this week, we covered 10 best online betting websites/platforms in Nigeria which I invite you to go checkout. This article is the upgraded versuion of that piece. So, that’s it on the 20 best betting companies in Nigeria.

If there is one thing Nigeria is not short of, it is reputable betting platforms for sports lovers to place stakes on the sports they love and get a reward for their passions. These 20 are just some of the numerous best betting companies available in the country today; there are much more. It’s now up to you to make your choice.

I hope that this article has been helpful to you. Let me know if it truly was by commenting below. If it wasn’t, still let me know. I love to hear from you soonest. Thank you



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