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2 Major Social Media Mistakes to Avoid in Nigeria




We are in the 21st century and now more than anytime ever the world feels smaller. Reaching out and interacting with a host of persons is a whole lot easier. Information and communication are processed and shared faster than ever before. Socializing with the rest of the world is just an ICT device away and this could mean countless benefits for your business in Nigeria. However, should be careful especially while using social media in Nigeria. You should avoid social media mistakes that could cost you time, reputation, money and your life. That is why this articles is a clarion call on 2 major social media mistakes to avoid in Nigeria.

social media mistakes to avoid in Nigeria

Social Media Mistakes to Avoid in Nigeria

The boom of the social media in Nigeria as well as in other parts of the world is more news but an already everyday reality which we are a part of. From the very widespread platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp to the more narrowed down and formal social media platforms like TikTok and Likee, socializing via social media is just part of the modern day Nigerian culture for individuals and businesses as well.

On the advantage side, social media platforms could serve as launching pads for any business as they provide the opportunity for increased clientele base. On the other hand, social media could serve as the sinking sand for a business whether new or established if not properly engaged with. Interestingly, there are 2 categories of social media mistakes to avoid in Nigeria and this article clearly addresses them.

The 2 Social Media Mistakes To Avoid In Nigeria

The 2 major social media mistakes to avoid in Nigeria are discussed below.

Social Media Mistake #1: Not Owning A Personalized Online Advertisement Platform Besides Social Media (i.e. a Website)

It is not uncommon to find many Nigerian businesses on social media with no accompanying website of their own. If your business has grown an online presence to the point where it gains massive online followership then a website for your business is long overdue. And even if your business hasn’t gained reasonable followership as of yet, you would still find this step to be one that is invaluable while your social media followership grows.

Here are some reasons for getting your business a website right away:

1. A Website Imparts A More Professional Feel To The Overall Perception Of Your Business.

Owning a business website will definitely give the impression that your business is professional. Of course nearly everyone wants to do business with a professional hand. Your business website would convey detailed information of your business branding message, portfolio and capacity.

2. A Website Increases Your Clientele Base Organically via Google Searches.

Optimized business websites will definitely rank among the top search results on Google Search Engine. Owning a website which is optimized using readily available and easy-to-use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools will no doubt promote and expose your business to clients. Yes, this is possible when people do a Google search for products and/or services looking for businesses that offer such. People who otherwise may not have had access to information on your products and services can do so if your business website pops up on Google when a search query is made.

3. A website makes the display of your products and services easy

The major aim of your website is to showcase your business content. Your website affords your customers and prospective customers the opportunity to see all about your business in a more detailed and impressive manner than what the social media user interface would conveniently accommodate and display. A website can prominently hold your reviews and testimonials from previously satisfied customers.

Getting A Website for Your Business

Websites are now easy to create. This is one other reason why getting a website for your business shouldn’t be an idea to delay implementing. Nowadays, creating websites is a whole lot easier with many Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approaches readily available online. Common among these is the use of WordPress to build websites which is quite easy and straightforward.

Social Media Mistake #2: No Strategic Plans on Growing Online Followership

This accounts for the reason why many Nigerian businesses on Social media don’t grow followership even after being online for a long time. You want to have set down strategies for growing followership in place prior to hoisting your business on social media platforms. Some things to have in mind regarding growing online followership for your business include:

1. Maintaining Regular and Consistent Online Activism

Starting out on social media means you should be willing to maintain regular and consistent activities online. Regular and consistent posts will prove an effective means of drawing attention to your business online.

2. Keep Your Market Informed

When it comes to marketing your business on social media, content is key. Fill your online space with relevant information relating to your business to keep your audience informed.

3. Share The Contents Of Influencers In Your Field

Become one that is following major influencers in your field and share their contents too. A number of them will reciprocate the gesture and this should boost your followership.

4. Be Social With Those Who Follow You

Keep communication with your followers at its best, be social and respond to comments, give answers to questions and as well respond to mentions too. This should build and encourage engaging conversations with your audience.

5. Ride On The Trending Wave

Be on the lookout for topics that are trending in your field or that have the tendency to and build your content around this. Although it is hard to tell which topics will trend a good practice is just to post content that will be helpful and insightful to your audience.

Avoid these two social media mistakes in Nigeria and you could well be on your way to becoming a major online influencer in your field of business.



Ekemini Ekpo is a professional Blogger, Research Analyst, Internet Marketer, and Tutor. He is passionate about Business, Investment, Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Personal development.


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How to Make Money on Facebook-A Full Guide

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How To Make Money On Facebook-A Full Guide


Facebook is one of the top-ranking social media networks. It was launched on February 4,  2004, by Mark Zuckerberg. Over the years, it has evolved with many reforms one of which is growing from a platform for mere chats to a platform for making money. This article particularly discusses how to make money on Facebook.

With over 2.7 billion monthly active users as of the end of the second quarter of 2020, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide. As of the third quarter of 2012, Facebook had over 1 billion users, becoming the first social media to hit the billion mark.

The essence of putting out these figures is to stimulate your minds about opportunities that abound on the widely used social media platform. At least, four persons in a family of six are on Facebook. On average, people spend not less than 30 minutes on Facebook in a day, while others spend over an hour.

Interestingly, Facebook creates room for partnership opportunities for its users across the globe. Read carefully to get information on how you can earn big from World’s number one social media network.


How To Make Money On Facebook-A Full Guide

  1. Become an Influencer on Facebook.

Social media influencers are people with large followership on social networks whose opinions on topics of discussion are largely supported by the public in most cases. How can one become an influencer? It requires consistency by engaging the public to create a strong social media presence.

A person who has over 2000 friends on friends or followers on Facebook can easily become an influencer. To succeed in getting the attention of your friends or followers, you would have to adapt to the ‘Top of the mind awareness.’ This simply means making posts consistently, even when people do not react to it. It will interest you to know that amongst those who only read through news feeds, there are persons taking note of your consistency.

Oftentimes, the type of posts people make on Facebook to some extent is dependent on the type of audience they have. As such, your audience is inclined to react to your posts or even sharing them if it appeals to their reading pleasure.

Once you have been able to establish your presence online, there are organizations that are ready to pay you thousands of naira to advertise their products, goods, or services either on your Facebook profile or Facebook page.

It is possible to have the organizations contact you directly, however, there are certain platforms that play the role of a middleman between you and the organizations. Hence, these platforms help you reach them.

Such platforms are Dealspotr, Ifluenz, and Famebit. Although the aforementioned are not the only platforms, there are several others when you search the internet. How do these platforms work?

By signing up on these platforms, you link up your profile or pages on their website. You can able to write and submit proposals to brands through them. The platforms enable you to secure sponsorship deals and through these sponsorships, you could earn a good amount of money.


  1. Manage a Facebook Page

Another interesting way of making money on Facebook is by becoming a Facebook page manager. A person who truly understands everything about Facebook is capable of engaging the audience, consistent content creation, and running Facebook Ads.

Such a person has the potentials of becoming a successful Facebook manager. For example, the just concluded Big Brother Naija Reality Tv show had individuals that managed the social media handles of the Housemates. These persons had the fans entertained with posts about their favorite housemates that kept the fans delighted.

These managers were paid thousands of naira for a job well done. Social media manager jobs can be part-time or full-time depending on the agreed terms and conditions. In either way, the job is rewarding. Celebrities and organizations hire staff specifically to manage their social media handles.

Social media manager jobs can be found on job advertising websites or freelancing websites like, Upwork, etc.


  1. Create a Business page and sell your items

Taking into consideration the number of active users on Facebook, with the right business strategy, you can make Facebook your online shop and earn a huge sum of money. Like, I stated earlier, at least, every four persons in a family of six, has a Facebook account.

It further shows your business can thrive on Facebook. All types of items can be sold on Facebook. Such items can be cars, jewelry, electronics, furniture, shoes, groceries, etc.

The right guide to setting out begins by creating a business page. The following screenshots will be helpful while creating a page:

To create a new page, click on the circled icon


Then carefully follow the instructions to fill the form. Afterward, your page is set!

Upon the creattion of your page, you could decide to copy the links and share it with your friends on various platforms for publicity.


  1. Sell your Facebook Profile.

Selling of Facebook account or page is another interesting aspect of how to make money on Facebook. However, there are certain standards that Facebook or Profile is expected to meet.

It must have established a good online presence, good engagement, and niche. One of the niches that sell well is entertainment and sports-based pages.

Have you ever gotten a notification on Facebook that reads “A page you follow has changed its name to so so so…?” or have you suddenly seen a strange name on your timeline? You wonder when and how you became friends with such a person? Our minds quickly point to a hacked account. You should also know an account or page can be sold.

A Facebook account or page can be sold for $50 to $500 or more. Good followership and engagement increase the price of an or page. You can sell up to $20, 000 on rare occasions.

You can sell your Facebook account or page on platforms like Viral Accounts or make a post indicating your willingness to sell. Either way.


  1. Generate Traffic.

Of the discussed ways of how to make money on Facebook so far, generation of traffic to websites or blogs have been practiced more. Generating traffic entails using a Facebook profile or Facebook page to drive traffic to blogs, websites, or email lists.

It’s interesting to know that website creators or bloggers make money from traffics gotten on their websites or blogs. Hence, you see people creating controversial content. Controversies sell best than good news. So they gain from controversies especially sex scandals.

To get started, you can either begin by engaging the audience on your Facebook profile or Facebook page through making consistent posts. You could decide to make a controversial post that will go viral and increase your followership.

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Afterward, you can create a website or blog. For each post, you make on the website, copy the link, and repost either on your Facebook profile or Facebook page. You will be earning big for every click.

For example, the likes of Yabaleft and Gistreel makes use of this method. They are known for generating traffics to their blogs through celebrity gossips, controversial posts, jumping on trending topics, and lot more on their Facebook pages.


  1. Affiliate Marketing.

Another important component of how to make money on Facebook is becoming an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing means promoting businesses of other people and getting paid (commission) for every sale made.

To become an affiliate marketer on Facebook, you could either use your Facebook profile or page. It is advisable to be known for a particular thing online. Not a Jack of all trade kind of thing. Pick out a niche, build, and engage your audience around it.

One can create a Facebook page and create steady content on ANYTHING. So long it appeals to the reading pleasures of your audience. It could be a lifestyle, football, fashion, music, etc.

Afterward, sign up with an affiliate network. Link up your Facebook profile or page with the affiliate network. For example, an affiliate network that deals with organic skincare products. All you will do is write reviews of such products, with pictures or videos then attach your link below.

For every interested person that clicks on the links and goes further to ‘buy,’ you will be paid commission for the sale. Your job ends there. You can imagine the number of sales they could be making through your link. That’s a huge sum of money on your side as well.

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  1. Become a member of a Facebook Audience Network.

Facebook Audience Network was initiated by Facebook to enable its users to monetize their works on the platform. It is related to Google AdSense.

A person who has good followership on his/her page can savor every bit of this opportunity. There is this joy that comes with people ‘liking’ your videos, pictures, or articles posted on Facebook. However, it boosts your ego, not your account.

Facebook Audience Network has been created to both boost your ego and enrich your pockets as well. Interesting, yeah?

Facebook Audience Network also offers app developers to partner with Facebook. Such apps like ‘Face App’ that shows how you will look like at old age or the recent ‘Avatar app’ are all products of Facebook Audience Network.

It is pertinent to note that you can only be able to join Facebook Audience Network with your Facebook page and not Facebook Profile. Hence, you would have to create a Facebook page, grow your audience to an appreciable base before signing up for a Facebook Audience Network.



In summary, the era where people just login to their Facebook accounts to chat, gist, read news, post pictures, and videos to canverse for ‘likes’ are gone. People now make cool money using Facebook. Although the place of consistency and data consumption should not be overruled. But like football strikers, you can shoot a shot on target on either of the discussed aspects. Best believe you will score!




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