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Biography of Gaius Chibueze, Bitcoin Chief And Author of How Bitcoin Changed My Life

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Biography of Gaius Chibueze, Bitcoin Chief And Author of How Bitcoin Changed My Life

Today is about the Bitcoin Chief, one of the reigning and influential names in cryptocurrency in Nigeria, Gaius Chibueze. He is a serial winner and a serious entrepreneur in Nigeria.

Gaius Chibueze, popularly known as Bitcoin Chief is a bestselling Author, Bitcoin, Real Estate and Internet Mogul. A serial entrepreneur who is passionate about maximizing the enormous potentials of the internet.

He is one of Africa’s Pioneer Investor in Bitcoin.

Founder, ABiT Mobile Applications Limited; a tech company which comprises of 3 brands companies:

  1. The ABiT App Platform for (Learning, Buying and Selling Cryptocurrencies)
  2. ABiT Crowdfunded Real Estate App: A 100% Decentralized Crowdfunded Real Estate company.
  3. ABiT Discount Shoppers: A decentralized E-Commerce platform, where people buy or sell any regular household item at big discounts upto 30-50% Discount.

Gaius is keen on helping people understand the enormous potentials of the internet and how they can sell anything to anyone using the power of the new media.

A former Senior Adviser on New Media at National Assembly Abuja.

He has trained over 800 persons who are currently making a living by trading Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies from the comfort of their homes, using just their smartphone.


Gaius is blessed with two lovely sons

  • Russell Ikemba Chibueze and
  • Ekuri Chimaroke

Books Published

  • How Bitcoin Changed My Life
  • Get Rich Off The Net

Both “How Bitcoin Changed My Life” and “Get Rich Off The Net” are bestsellers which has sold over four thousand copies each on Amazon and other social media platforms.


  • Most Popular Nigerian on social media 2016” by the Association of Nigerian Bloggers.
This great entrepreneur teaches and helps People understand BITCOIN before Putting in their Money. He has trained over 400 people who are currently making a living trading Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies from the comfort of their Phone.



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What Are The 4 Types of Entrepreneurs?




When you know the different types of entrepreneurs, you will be able to decide which one you want to be and how to go about it or improve on it. The truth is that the world of entrepreneurship has been booming recently. With so many budding and well-established entrepreneurs out there. Entrepreneurship involves so much work and commitment. You must also possess certain skills if you want to be successful as an entrepreneur. Many individuals venture into this field just because they want to be their own boss but it is worth noting that entrepreneurship is much more than that.

Whether you are just starting out or you are already an entrepreneur, you need to know the kind of entrepreneur you are or you wish to be. If you feel stuck and not making much progress in your business, knowing the type of entrepreneur, you are can give you the clarity you need to move forward in your business.

The 4 Types of Entrepreneurs

This article explains the 4 major types of entrepreneurs we have.

  1. The Hustler Entrepreneur
  2. The Innovative Entrepreneur
  3. The Imitative Entrepreneur
  4. The Research Entrepreneur

(1) The Hustler Entrepreneur

These types of entrepreneurs are always goal-driven and very determined to achieve their very goals. They are the kind of entrepreneur that have not made it yet but eventually will. To start and grow a business successfully, one needs a lot of resilience. It can be a very difficult task especially if you do not have the necessary capital to start. You would also need to be very patient and able to see the big picture.

Hustlers don’t seem to worry about the problems they encounter on the way, because they see them as stepping stones to greater things. They tend to start small and gradually work their way to the top, willing to do whatever it takes as they climb the ladder of success.

A hustler believes that hard work is more important than capital when starting a business. Their work ethic is simply off the charts, though they are prone to burn out due to intense work.

(2) The Innovative Entrepreneur

An innovative entrepreneur introduces new ideas into the system. They come up with new and better ways of doing things and them into a viable business. Discovering a new market, a new method of production, and eventually reorganizing the enterprise. Their major drive is to make life better and easier for people and in doing so they create a business around their innovative idea. Innovators always look for a way to make their products look unique in the eyes of customers and make their company stand out.

Although these types of entrepreneurs require a lot of capital to bring their innovative ideas to life and often experience resistance from shareholders. They also enjoy all the glory that comes with the success they achieve in the process of implementing their new ideas. They create the rules and often do not have to worry about competitors during the initial stage of establishing their business. With a strong belief in their new ideas, they tend to achieve success though it might take a while.

(3) The Imitative Entrepreneur

Unlike hustlers, imitators just copy certain business ideas and build their own from there. They also tend to improve on the business ideas by making the product better or just doing something else that the parent business is not doing. They combine both the qualities of an innovator and a hustler. Even though the idea is not originally their own, they are willing to work hard, make the business better, and rake in large profit from it. They are known to possess a lot of self-confidence and are very determined.

While some do this by modeling after someone else’s business, others just copy everything exactly the same way. You see them use the same website, same theme, business cards, and even similar logos. This might seem like an easy way out, instead of thinking of their own original idea. But copy cats are always faced with the problem of competition and being compared to their parent business. Modeling is a better way, in which you figure out what works and apply it in relevance to your business.

(4) The Research Entrepreneur

Preparedness is key to these types of entrepreneurs. So, they spend a lot of time gathering all the needed information about any business they want to start. They look at every possible scenario, challenges they may encounter, and the strategies they would use to start the business.

With adequate preparation, they believe failure is not an option since they would have already looked at every possible pitfall likely to be encountered in the business. They would make sure they fully understand all that the business is about before even launching it, this makes them spend a lot of time in the decision-making process.

While it is a good approach to have a good deal of the business and financial plan of a business figured out, a researcher might be stuck in the decision-making stage for a long time and eventually end up not making it to the implementation state.


From the list above, have you been able to figure out the type of entrepreneur you are? Entrepreneurship requires hard-work no matter the type of entrepreneur you are. Whether you imitate or innovate, you still need to do a ton of work to make your business stand out and achieve notable success in any field you choose. Leverage the freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur and find out what works for you. List out your goals for your business and strive to reach them.



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