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23 Project Organization Tools for Startups: as a Case-Study



Project Organisation Tools Used On Entrepreneur Nigeria

Project Organization Tools Used to on For Millions Monthly Revenue

Starting a new company is one thrilling thing that many upcoming and new entrepreneurs gets excited over. The vision and believe to change the world in a short while is also a major pillar driving the strong spirits of every your entrepreneur getting into a new startup company.

On the 14th of June 2017, GT Igwe Chrisent of Gudtalent & Co Ltd, launched Entrepreneur Nigeria out of passion to create a platform that will help old and young Nigerians build better and more successful businesses.

The whole concept of Starting and running Entrepreneur Nigeria (Now Entrepreneur Platform) as a startup company came in after 6 months of running it as a casual business blog. This was dues to the high traction and recommendations it started getting after 5 months of its launch in June 2017.

Below are major takeaways.

  1. After months of operation, was pulling average of 12000 readers o daily basis.
  2. At 9 months of operation, we decided to target global audience and decided to Rebrand the platform by changing the domain from to
  3. By the end of one year, Entrepreneur Nigeria Platform have been read over 2 million times by 658679 people. And generating Millions of Naira every month.

For a one year blog, in a business niche, i think we were successful. This success didn’t just come, there are deliberate moves that was made to produce this result.

Here are the Best tools we adopted to grow our platform to over 2 million readers in one year which any Nigerian startup can as well adopt.

Project Organisation Tools Used On Entrepreneur Nigeria

Project Organisation Tools Used On Entrepreneur Nigeria (Now Entorm)

  1. Dedicated team
  2. Web Anlyticcal Tools
  3. Business Tools
  4. Social Media Tools
  5. Support Tools

So, let’s break the list down.

  1. Dedicated Team:

You will be shocked why i’m putting dedicated team which is not even meant to be on the list as the first thing. But trust me, every startup needs a dedicated team of people who are passionate about the dream and vision of the startup in order to be successful. They are the ones that will actually use the chosen tools to make the startup a success and if they aren’t passionate and highly driven with the company’s goals, then everything effort put in place by the Startup leader or manager to make the startup outstanding won’t be a success.

That is exactly what we did at Entrepreneur Nigeria, before launch, i shared the dreams of the platform with the current CEO, Samuel Ossi and he was excited about the whole idea and was happy to be part of the movement and people behind the platform that wants to raise thousands/millions of Nigerians entrepreneurs will every materials needed.

  1. Web Analytical Tools:

The type of model we run at Entrepreneur Nigeria requires we use web analytical tools to track our results and know the performance of our platform. Below are the Web Analytical tool we used for EN project organization.

  • Google Analytics: We use Google analytics to track our traffic sources, what post is bringing people to our websites, time they spend and where they go at the end of reading any post on our platform. Google analytics have helped us understand our customers better in many way as it helps us know what we’re doing right and things that needs improvements. You can also track any business that runs online using this awesome tool.
  • Ahrefs: Since Entrepreneur Nigeria is a web based entrepreneurship company, analyzing and understanding our competition strength, weakness and strategy is a factor to our growth. We use Ahrefs to make a competitive marketing and site analysis of all our competitions and helps use know where to build backlinks and keywords insights from.
  • Google Keyword Planner: We use Google Keyword Planner to pull out list of Keyword ideas for Search Engine Optimization reasons, we determine the number of people that are interested in a particular topic published on Entrepreneur Ng using Google Keyword Planner. It’s our Favorite Keyword research tool merged with SemRush.
  • Moz: We also use Moz Site Explorer tool to get a quick overview of how strong our website and that of the competitor is. We determine all Domain Authorities (DA) and Page Authorities (PA) using the Moz Tool.
  • Semrush: Semrush is also Another Google SEO and Analytical tool we use for EN. we’re on the Free plan of Semrush and does not get all features of the tools but really good one to try of you don’t have money to use Ahrefs tool. So, i will say Semrush is a Good alternative to Ahrefs tool.
  • Google Search Console: A free Site performance tools, error and recommendation tool from Google that lets you build a good and friendly platform that any search engine will love. We use Google Search Console to submit our website to Google, Index new blog posts, get list of error/404 pages and redirect them to a 200 pages/live pages on our website, See the list of indexed backlinks and keywords sending traffics to our website and helps us improved on our existing contents. There are just so many insights that will help anyone build a successful web business by using Google Search console tool.
  • Google Adsense: Google Adsense is a monetization tools from Google that lets publisher earn from various contents published on their website. We also use Google Adsense to track our Google revenues, the Ad formats that works best for us, the Positions and helps us know what type of contents to produce while keeping our business model in mind.
  • Facebook Business: We use Facebook  Business for our Facebook advertising and marketing purposes. It helps us keep traction of how good or bad our Facebook marketing it.
  1. Business Tools:

We launched off entrepreneur Nigeria with a team of 7 people who are littered across the country including myself. I made sure we had good relationship as people who work together and kept the spirit high.

Note that apart from Samuel and Blessing, I’ve never met with of team of staff that worked as content producers and publishers, yet, we worked together like we have met before. I was able to keep in touch with everyone using the business tools below.

slack workspace

Slack is a web and mobile based business platform, it specializes in messaging, managing the workflow of your team by allowing team members to create tasks.

Slack is a collaboration hub that connects your organization — all the pieces and the people — so you can get things done.

Slack makes communication among team members not only easier, but better. The trick to loving this messaging platform is knowing when to use it, how to use it, and what to expect from it. Does it replace email? No. Does it help cut back on needless internal email? Often, yes. Slack remains one of the best team messaging apps because it offers more than any other app in managing team and workflow,

Here is a step by step guide on how to use slack by TimeDoctor.

Why do we use Slack?

  1. Helps us Collaborate online just like we would in person.
  2. Helps us Bring the right people and information together in one place.
  3. Helps us Communicate efficiently, stay connected, and get things done faster.

trello interface

Trello is a free project management tool that we use to helps us get organized. It shows a board on which you can create lists filled with cards. When you open a card, you can add comments, upload files, create checklists, and more.

It is super versatile, so it can be used for many different types of things: to organize a specific project, write an eBook, create an email course, etc. It really helps us to keep a bird’s-eye view on our projects especially our Magazines and E-books coming up on Entrepreneur Marketplace.

It kinda shares some similarities with Slack but different due to the fact that it helps us organize tasks differently.


We use Skype on Entrepreneur Nigeria most times for our Business and conference webinars. Here, everyone is connected live online while we share tips, insights and ways that will aid to the growth of our company.

We use Text document to write most of the contents published on this platform. The anyone from the team can access and edit any content written used the Google sheets since we all aren’t in same location where Microsoft Word processing tools would have been an option.

With Google Document, we bridge the gap of sending and receiving email of different documents, Any can access the document by simply logging into the company document email address account.

  • Google Spreadsheets: Monthly reports and performances are prepared using Google Spreadsheet and saved on our Cloud storage.
  • Google Drive and DropBox: We use both Google Drive and DropBox to store files used on Entrepreneur Nigeria, it has helped us move almost all our data and files to the cloud and can be accessed any day, anytime.
  1. Social Tools:

For social tools which helps us create better Relationship with our audience, we use

  • Facebook Messenger and Chat Bot: Facebook chatbot helps use create automated Facebook instant messaging and have helped us build happy customer base especially for our services like Business Plan Writing, Business and Market Analysis.
  • We also use Facebook to share and distribute our Contents to readers on Facebook.
  • Twitter: All blog posts on Entrepreneur Nigeria are Automatically shared on twitter to reach our Audience on Twitter.
  • Instagram: From time to time, we share inspirational, motivational, business and enterprise picture and videos on our Instagram Page to keep the brand active on Instagram Social Media.
  • Survey Monkey: We use SurveyMonkey to carry our market survey for both company study and clients study when writing a business plan for our clients.
  1. Support Tools:

The only support tool we currently use at Entrepreneur Nigeria is Gmail, which we use to keep in touch with readers who are making enquiries about our products and services.

In the Nearest future, as we expand into Offline operation, we intend to add

  • Phone support
  • Live chat support using either or Zendesk support system.

Into our platform to make it more helping to our readers.

The good thing about these project organization tools for startups is that most of them are free. Only few are paid for and they are worth the money invested into them. We intend to reach over 5 Million people in the next one year on

These are the tools we use on and they have helped us build an online platform that makes millions of Naira every month. If you’re into some other startups that aren’t just about Digital publishing? Then you can see the

Best Recommended Project Management Tools Below

  1. Asana

asana tool

Asana is the ultimate tool for managing your projects more effectively. It works with tasks, projects, conversations, and dashboards. Teamwork has never been easier. You can turn conversations into actionable tasks, provide comments on other people’s actions, and immediately see what progress has been made – all without having to schedule meetings.

  1. Canva


Canva is an online graphic design platform. Many entrepreneurs often use it to create artwork for their projects. No, it’s not a place where you find designers – you’re the designer.

It is a simple drag-and-drop design tool with a library of more than 1 million photographs, graphics, and fonts to choose from. It offers free access to a wide assortment of design tools and options. You can create anything from book covers to infographics.

  1. Teamwork


Teamwork offers three different products including a project management tool, a customer management tool and a teamwork chat tool. One of the key distinctions of Teamwork is its central file management system where users can access all of their files, attachments and comments from a central location. Another feature that startups with large teams can make use of is their email integration feature which allows communications to occur simultaneously via email in addition to allowing users to set tasks using their emails. Plans for startups start at $24 per month.

Other on the list are;

  1. Smartsheet
  2. ProofHub





Top 8 Online Marketing Ideas in Nigeria



Are you looking for Top 8 Online Marketing Ideas in Nigeria. Now listen to this; Online marketing in Nigeria has become a huge trend to many companies, who wants to take the advantage of the internet in marketing their business. Online marketing ideas, allows you to promote or boost your product and services in the internet at a very cheap cost than the normal traditional advertising strategy many companies has used.

Business goes where people are and internet being a huge place where people visit daily for group interaction, meetings, searching for answers, learning and many other things have pushed many company in Nigeria to adapt many online marketing ideas and reach out to those people. The last time I talked with a Principal consultant on his service delivering, I asked him how his appearance is online and the answer was never. I was surprised why he has not been online and that is what is affecting the growth of his service business. After talking to him and giving him some guide line on how to engage people through online marketing in Nigeria which am going to share with you here, his service business starts getting more popular and his reputation also attract more customers.

Top 8 Online Marketing Ideas in Nigeria

Top 8 Online Marketing Ideas in Nigeria

Online marketing Ideas

1.     Social Media

Create personal and business social media profiles and add your friends and people of interest to reach out to them. Share your ideas and practice about your profession or business in the timeline and if it is interesting, your friends will share it to their own friends and soon you will be having more friends which is more potential customers. Join groups in face book that has a lot to do with your business line, social and local community groups where you can share genuine ideas with people around. When you begin to get presence, tell them about your business and your business page in social media. Use your skill in promoting your business through words of mouth and you will be amazed how popular your business will become.

2.     Content Marketing

Content marketing is a way of writing an article about your business, what you offer, why you are in business and how good your customers feel. It’s a medium for reaching out to thousands of people who reads the posts and gets attracted with your unique and marketing tone of words. It is termed sponsorship posts in most websites and blogs in Nigeria. There are many blogs in Nigeria where you can publish your articles about your business at a very cheap amount compared to other forms of advertising. This my blog which attracts thousands of visitors from Nigeria daily offers you an opportunity to advertise your business through the means of sponsorship posts.

3.     Email Marketing

This is the use of email, to market your business to customers in Nigeria. It has been viral for some time. Emailing your clients and asking them about your product or service and how you can do better is a good strategy for online marketing. You will make them to always come back for your products and when you open a new line of product or if there is an improvement in your product, you will send mails to them immediately. The future of email marketing will supersede many forms of online marketing as it has proven to be more directly for engaging  customers.

4.     Website Appearance

It is very important to create a website for your business with good design. A website is like your point of contact to visitors and showcasing or products or services in the internet. People often search for many things online and having your website makes it easy to be reached by millions of web users in Nigeria. When you create a website and design it properly and include all your contact information in it. Your website will also show how serious you are with your business and will enable people to go there and know more about your product or service without the need of talking to you or exchanging email.

5.     Video Marketing

Have you seen video of products or services in social networks like Face book, twitter, YouTube, If yes , then know it is a form of reaching out to many people. It beats the traditional advertising of sending those videos to TV stations because you will reach out directly to millions of potential customers and if you create a YouTube account, people will always watch the video without you paying for anything. You can as well monetize your video and allow other companies to advertise while your video and play and make extra money on it.

6.     Online Interview

Get some bloggers to interview you and publish it in their blogs. This will boost your business as you will use the medium of interview to directly and indirectly promote your business. You will also share your experience in the business field and make recommendations for upcoming entrepreneurs. It is a very effective way to get noticed online as those bloggers will publish it and it will be seen by thousands of visitors in the site. Also remember to let them publish your contact information like your website and email and business address.

7.     Online PPC Ads

This is a means of paying some online marketing websites which I will list down in the post to advertise your products or services to targeted people in Nigeria. They have many categories of adverts and you can use any one that bests suit your business model. It also very effective online marketing strategy as those companies will place your ads very well for potential customers to see. You will be charged on cost per click as when someone clicks on the ads which will redirect them to your websites, your money will be charged.

8.     Plain Ads

This is a means of placing your adverts in news websites, online forum or blogs. You will do an image or words adverts that will be clearly seen by people and the words on it will also be readable. You can as well place your ads on this my blog at a very cheaper rate and thousands of my daily visitors will see it till it lasts.

Online marketing websites in Nigeria

These few websites are mostly where you can place your CPC ads online and reach out to many people

  • Facebook: It has millions of daily users in Nigeria and I have used it several times as it is very effective.
  • YouTube: Many Nigerians watch lots of videos online which are likely music video, tutorials and comedy show. Pacing your ads with YouTube will enable your ads to be shown to many Nigerians.
  • One of the most visited websites in Nigeria has a good advantage for reaching out to many people. You can also ask for Google ad words which will make it easy for Google to advertise your business in many websites or blogs that uses google adsense as a means of adverts. It will boost your products or services in many ways and get you more customers.
  • LinkedIn: The best online business social networks that connects many Nigerians who are searching for one product or services.
  • Enterprise Boom: A business blog in Nigeria with thousands of visitors and followers that delivers the best business ideas, insight and online business ideas. It is a very effective place to market your product or service at a cheaper rate for better service.
  • Twitter: A much branded social media with many Nigerian that has millions of visits daily and has a good way of promoting your business.
  • Nairaland: An online forum in Nigeria where thousands of people interact on topics that relates to Nigeria.
  • Linda Ikeji: A very popular entertainment and gossip blog in Nigeria.


Online marketing ideas in Nigeria helps you to grow your business as it is easily creates an avenue from potential customers who are looking for your products and services.

Please to get more of this, subscribe your email, like our Facebook page and follow us on twitter.

Let me have your thoughts as comment below.




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Top 5 Ways To Effectively Sell Your Books in Nigeria



Before publishing your first book in a country like Nigeria you should first of all know the Top 5 Ways To Effectively Sell Your Books in Nigeria. it is important you ask yourself, “How exactly am I going to market this book? How will I sell my book in Nigeria?” The reason is; it is at the point of getting your book into the hands of your desired readers and audience that the joy of being an author is fulfilled.

Authors who failed to ask this question before hurrying to publish their book(s) are the ones saying that there’s no money in book writing. And often times you will hear them discouraging newbie from living their dream. Probably they may have told you that, but the question you failed to ask them was the marketing campaign they applied. The truth be told, being a celebrated self-published author goes beyond having the right content. In business two things are paramount: Having the right products and a well-targeted marketing campaigns. Having said that, it means you will have many of your books packed up at home staring at you every morning if you are not a salesperson. It’s hard to become a millionaire if you are not a salesperson. It’s either you are selling your product or yourself. Without further delay, let us quickly look at 5 ways bestselling authors use to market their books in Nigeria.

5 Ways on How to Market Your Books in Nigeria

Top 5 Ways To Effectively Sell Your Books in Nigeria

Top 5 Ways To Effectively Sell Your Books in Nigeria

1.     Write good content

You must have heard that “Content is king.” Yes, it is. The content of a book will most times determine its worth in the hands of readers. One of the reasons I advocate that writers should pay critical attention to the quality of their content is that, it is one of the best strategies for getting referrals. For you to come up with a quality content as an author, do the following:

  • Research your work efficiently.
  • Give credit to other authors when you use their words.
  • Give your book to a professional editor and proofreader to edit and proofread.
  • Create new words to drive your ideas home.

2.     Self-promote

Like Robert Kiyosaki rightly stated, “Sales skills is the number one skill in business” every successful entrepreneur in Nigeria must have. And you know what, you can’t talk about sales skills without talking about self-promotion. Don’t be shy to promote yourself by yourself. If you are shy to blow your trumpet, I think you should not expect another to do that for you. Using different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twoo, Google+ and what have you, self-promote yourself. From time-to-time make posts about your book.

3.     Create your own blog

Blogging is becoming a vital tool in digital marketing in Nigeria. Entrepreneurs who want to spread their influence beyond their geographical location have found blogging as a very vital tool. In my seminar, “Write Your Way to Fame,” I always recommend that you develop your blog first before going into book publishing. The essence of doing that is to enable you create the desired community who will then go on to buy from you in future. With my Facebook online community, “The Excellent Entrepreneurs’ Network” I have been able to create a formidable tribe online that knows me, trusts me and buys from me. They are always eager to know what the content of my next book is.

4.     Book tour and signing

As an author, one of my top priorities when it comes to marketing my books have been “Book tour and signing.” Once my book or audio book is out, the first thing I do is to dedicate it to God and immediately jet out for a book tour. Book tour gives me the opportunity to connect with my blog readers and members of my network. Lately I was in Enugu, Abuja, and Ebonyi State immediately I released, “Activating the Ministry of Angels.” I invested ample time to tell my audience why I wrote the book, how it will be helpful to them and what my next project that will be of interest to them is. At the end, I offer them free coaching while each of them do me a favor by patronizing my book.

5.     Build relationship

Develop relationship with bookstore owners, bloggers and group leaders Relationship is a social capital. I have discovered that even if you don’t have money, if you have the right relationships, money will come. Everyone you meet in your career as an author is a potential customer. So, how you treat them will to a large extent determine how far your book will go. When you have a harmonious relationship with bookstore dealers, you will be sure of the word-of-mouth advertisement coming from them.

In fact, have you realized that they are book who walk into a bookstore without having a particular author’s book in mind to buy. All they want is that they are in search of a good book in so, so and so field. And I know you knows what the bookstore owner’s response will be – he will first recommend the book he has a good relationship with the author. When Nigerian bloggers with huge traffic mention you, the difference is always clear. And come to think of it, the blogger adds the link to your book in Amazon. Wow! That will be an instant boom for you.

Group leaders with huge audience will either invite you to speak to their audience – at which point you will also talk about your book, or they will just invite you to sell your book to their members. A typical example of these group leaders are pastors, principals, politicians etc. I did not intend to make this an eBook, so permit me to end here.

With these 5 Ways of Marketing Books in Nigeria, I hope I have been able to give you useful tools that will help you make your fortune as an author?

We have made your search here an unforgettable one. Don’t forget, if you have been inspired by this lesson, please leave a comment for me below. Share now with friends on Facebook.




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Social Media Marketing in Nigeria-14 Tips



Social media marketing in Nigeria is a new trend of digital marketing platform that allows marketers to build awareness about their products, their self or the services they deliver. The mail focus for any social media marketing company in Nigeria is to drive traffic to a blog or website, gain more followers and attract new customers while interacting with existing ones. So here has provided you with Social Media Marketing in Nigeria-14 Tips to walk with.

Social media marketing campaign is turning into a profitable business in Nigeria as many people now adopt strategy to train and advertise jobs through the platform. With many digital marketers companies in Nigeria displaying their services and how big and small business can use social media to maximize profits.

From millions of people spending time on social media platforms to companies founding new customers, tweets can go viral and reach millions of people in few minutes than advertising in TVs or radio. Social media has contributed a lot in the use of internet today in Nigeria.

Social Media Marketing in Nigeria-14 Tips

Social Media Marketing in Nigeria-14 Tips

14 Tips of Social Media Marketing in Nigeria

1.     Choose your social platform

There are many social media networks on the internet and choosing the platforms that will reach to your targeted audience is essential to the effective and efficient use of social media for your product or service. Some examples of social media platforms are face book, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Snap chat, LinkedIn, Reedit and Stumble Upon.

2.     Publish Relevant Content

Posting relevant information that relates to your business or services is vital to your followers and to the growth of your business. Unlike what some business or people do in Nigeria by publishing what has nothing to do with their desired objectives and this tends to turn of guests which came there for a particular purpose and starts to see other things.

Such Example is a page that deals on politics and all of a sudden started posting about relationship and love.

3.     Grow your email list

Collecting emails of your targeted audience through social media and contacting them direct on details of new product reviews or services is important for your marketing tips. Starting to increase your email lists will give you more advantage to have people that are likely to buy your products or services in Nigeria.

4.     Be responsive to comments

Most times people tend not to respond to customers comment or show seriousness in what the customers or audience has to say and this leads to some people un-following your page as they could not get answer to their quest. Responding to customers comment will not only make them to be satisfied but will give them the feeling to add more of their friends and invite them to like your page and grow a loyalty to your brand.

5.     Hold contests and giveaways

Stage a contest like a beauty contest or an essay competition or a quiz. State a contest that will make people to dabble to be the best and win the prize tag allocated for the contest. This will add more people to your social circle and increase your base.

6.     Tell a story

People love stories and telling a story about how you achieved success or a milestone will create a feeling of accomplishment to your visitors. They will learn from your lessons and feel more committed to you and thus take your advice or buy your products.

7.     Stay Active

By delivering Content Consistently in your social medial platform, it will keep readers more engaged with your page, you will get more subscribers, followers and become more adaptive to offering your readers what they appreciate.

8.     Social media advertising

Advertising your social media profile/page/product/services will expand your reach to other millions of Nigerians who are not following you in the social media. You can reach them through targeting options available when you want to advertise.

9.     Use images

Using image to post on social media will boost your engagement with the audience as Image tends to attract the attention of people faster than words could. An image that relates to the topic in discussion is good strategy in Social media marketing and most especially on twitter and Facebook.

10.Spy on your competitors

It’s good to have knowledge of what your competitors in your Niche are posting and see how they are doing it. Observe the engagements of their posts and you may learn a new way to position your posts for your audience to understand better.

11.Offer promotions

If you are into social media product campaign, offering promotions to your products and special deals will attract people to purchase your products. Customers always seek for cheaper quality products and your good displace of your discount promotions might mean a good profit for your business in Nigeria if done correctly.

12.Share contents regularly

Share your contents more than once especially those contents that are performing very well to your readers. This will increase the readability numbers and also help new member of your online community to gain the knowledge from your unique contents.

13.Use Video

Make use of a good video to promote your product and services in social media. People like to watch videos whether you are publishing it on you tube or face book or twitter etc.. Make the video to pass the desired information to viewers and make sure it’s not more than 2 minutes to avoid turning people off.

14.Position yourself

Position yourself as an authority in your field by helping your readers solve their problems from your expertise. Answer their questions authoritatively and connect with them by sharing some of their values. This will make your readers to feel more comfortable with you and can tell their friends about your product or services that you may offer. It’s a good strategy to outsmart your competition in the social media campaign platform.

Social media marketing has changed the way marketers approach online community in targeting their audience and positioning their brand to the public.  It has increase the loyalty base of consumers and increase traffic for blogs in Nigeria and websites.

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