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Is E-commerce Going to Wipe Out Retail Stores in the Future? 

Gudtalent Chrisent



Will e-Commerce Replace Brick-and-Mortar Stores

It doesn’t matter if you have just started shopping online or have been buying your favorite stuff from online stores for a while – you would know that retail and how it’s carried out has changed significantly in the last few years. While there were more brick and mortar stores that ruled the roost in the last decade, most of them are wrapping up – like that one major toys company Toys R Us, simply because they are unable to compete with online competitors like Amazon who have had a growing client base. The advantages of online shopping are many, and that does make us ask the question as to what the future of retail stores actually are.

eCommerce and Retail Stores

You must have read many stories and heard unfortunate tales where e-commerce was responsible for the closure of traditional retail stores. It’s true that the early days of e-commerce saw a huge growth but after that the sales started declining gradually. Now the volume of sales on online platforms is quite low compared to brick and mortar retail stores. We do have some online giants like Amazon with its success story but the other companies in online selling are not fairing as expected.

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Understanding the Change With the Help of Statistics

The share gains generated by online shopping are modest but not significant enough to affect the fate of the physical stores. Some industries like baby products experienced increased online transactions but did not match the exception due to the overall poor performance of the sector. For other products like beauty and wellness industries, both the online platforms and retail stores experienced growth in sales.

Let’s look at the numbers which will explain the situation much better. The online grocery shopping options have mushroomed heavily in the past few years. But it turns out that the industry merely manages to meet 2% of the share mark. 78% shoppers still buy their groceries from traditional grocery stores while for retail chain Walmart it is 56%. In comparison, only 5% of adult American population makes six online purchases in a year. That is still historically low considering the sale the industry achieves.

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We look into the annual report published by the Food and Beverage Department on grocery industry. It revealed that online grocery sales encountered a growth of 14T whereas physical grocery stores grew by 2%. Now the 14% growth of the online grocery industry translates to $1.6 billion of extra sales. But the 2% growth of physical grocery stores makes up $16 billion of additional sales. Even if we transfer the entire online growth to retail stores, they will account for a growth of only 2.2%.

It can be confidently said that e-commerce has not still affected the sales of the physical retailers. It will take a long time considering only 10% to 15% Americans make weekly online purchases.

Also, the growth rate of online shopping is coming down as a study reveals- 11 public department stores recorded a decline of online sales from 39.3% in 2012 to just 18.6% in 2018. The growth rate of another 22 public specialty stores reduced from 17.5% in 2012 to 9% in 2015.

“at the end, this means online shopping vs brick and mortar statistics shows it going to be a thing of power tussle but online shopping will affect offline stores but not too significant as sources out from Google search”



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How To Invest 5 Million Naira In Nigeria 2021 – Top 5 Recommendations

Gudtalent Chrisent



how to invest money in Nigeria

How To Invest 5 Million Naira Or More In Nigeria 

Indeed, 2020 was really a very dramatic year that affected lots of decisions both personal and business. While many markets have been swinging recklessly, it is very easy to get confused when deciding what investment to make that would maximize profits for you. Here at Entrepreneur Platform, we have put some list having looked at the new trends that are working for investors for your own insight on how to invest 5 Million Naira in Nigeria. 

If you wondering where you can invest 5 Million Naira or what sector to explore, below are our recommendations based on the industries capping:

How To Invest 5 Million And Above in Nigeria

  • Capital market
  • Cryptocurrency Investment
  • Forex Or Stocks Trading
  • Commercial agriculture
  • Venture funding via Angel investment

Discussing the best kind of investment with 5 million Naira can be a tricky one but our carefully selected recommendations are sure to help you know your risk appetite.

We have already made 3 recommendations in our previous article on how to invest 1 million Naira where we mentioned 1 of the best investment companies to invest 500k and above if your money is not up to 5million Naira for investment in Nigeria.

How To Invest 5 Million Naira In Nigeria

  • 1. Capital Market: (Invest with SHIFDA on Sumotrust)

According to Wikipedia, “capital market is a financial market in which long-term debt or equity-backed securities are bought and sold. Capital markets channel the wealth of savers to those who can put it to long-term productive use, such as companies or governments making long-term investments”.

One of the best capital market investments in Nigeria to make right now if you have 5 Million Naira and above to invest is by investing into SHIFDA, a fixed hedge fund investment offered by Sumotrust. It is secure and has 0 risks on the investor.

Sumotrust Investment has an ROI of 24% per annum with a minimum investment of 500,000 Naira and a maximum of 100 million Naira per individual.

Minimum maturity is 6 months to as much as 10 years.

With 5 Million Naira into Sumotrust SHIFDA, you will be getting 1.2 Million Naira returns per annum. The most interesting part if it is that its a secured investment.

To get started with SHIFDA by Sumotrust; 

  • Kindly visit and create a free savings and investment account.
  • Login to your account and navigate to the ‘SHIFDA Wallet’ tab from the menu section.
  • Read through the details and follow the instructions given to invest.
  • Once your Investment request has been approved, go ahead and create a ‘Fixed Savings’ in your account, you will see a notification about your account qualifying for SHIFDA. Kindly fill-up the form and complete the process.
  • On the maturity date, your capital and interest will be automatically released into your Kick wallet where you can withdraw instantly to your Bank.
  • 2. Invest in Cryptocurrency:

Cryptocurrency investment is known to be the best investment of the last decade as seen on CNN

In 2020 alone, we save Bitcoin tell to as low as $3700 and in 9 months, went up to as high as over $18400, which is over X4 in ROI. 

Investing in cryptocurrency can be tricky and will cause you to lose money if you don’t know the right portfolios to hold.

If you’re just getting started, definitely, Bitcoin is one if not the only cryptocurrency to hold onto until you gain deeper knowledge and understanding of investing in cryptocurrency.

With platforms like Truzact, investing in cryptocurrency in Nigeria will never be a problem for you; as you can easily make Naira deposits using your Naira debit card or the virtual account number given to you and instantly convert it to Bitcoin.

The platform (Truzact) also allows you to save in cryptocurrencies and earn interest on your savings.To start investing into cryptocurrencies in Nigeria, kindly visit and create an account, fund your wallet and instantly swap it to your favorite cryptocurrency.

  • 3. Invest in Foreign Stocks or Buy Eurobond.

The Nigerian stock market hasn’t performed really well when compared to the foreign stocks for some reasons like inflation against the Naira and other factors. 

However, investors are resorting to putting their money in foreign stocks where they get to bypass the adverse sides of inflation. You can download the InvestBamboo app from Google Playstore or Apple store, fund your account with Naira and buy US stocks directly from the App. 

Understand that the performance of your foreign stock investment is also determined by fundamental and technical analysis just like investing into bitcoin in Nigeria, so you will also need to do your due diligence before making your decision.

Looking at the 5 investment options in Nigeria listed here on how to invest 5 million Naira, Only investing with SHIFDA on Sumotrust promises secure investment and less risk management.

  • 4. Commercial agriculture

The agricultural investment will remain evergreen because people must eat to survive on daily basis. Anything Agriculture that is well-practiced on the commercial scale is sure to give you high ROI. You can go into non-perishable food production like Rice, beans, maize, melon, etc.

With commercial Agricultural investment, you should be on a 40-100% return on investment if properly done.

  • 5. Venture funding Or Angel investment

Venture funding is one business model that a lot of Nigerians aren’t doing for some reasons but I can tell you it’s a very profitable one. 

Venture Funding or Angel Investing is a type of business investment where one gets to invest a certain amount of money into a Business or startup in exchange for equity in the business. Both profit and losses are shared in Angel investment, meaning that you lose money when the business goes bad and you also make money based on the percentage of the business that belongs to you if the business goes well. 

The difference between Venture funding and Angel investing is that Venture funding lets companies invest in a startup for equity ownership while Angel investing lets you invest in a startup or business as a person. Venture funding is on a company level while Angel Investing is on a personal level. 

You can learn more about Venture capitalism here and Angel Investing here on Investopedia.

So now you have 5 Million Naira to invest in Nigeria but don’t want a secure investment of 24% via SHIFDA on Sumotrust and want something more flexible that lets you enjoy even better return, you can easily bet on a promising startup you trust based on stats and other judging metrics. 

There are lots of amazing startups in Nigeria with good prospects seeking funding to scale up, you can bet on one of them with your money and expect huge returns.

Check out our list of top 10 startups to look out for in 2021.

Still have the question of ‘where to invest my money in Nigeria’? Kindly check out the list of top investment opportunities in Nigeria.



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