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How to Make Quick Money in Nigeria – Different Ways




Though you might doubt it, there are a lot of ways to make quick money in Nigeria, notwithstanding the economic meltdown of 2020.

Lots of people have got good ideas to make money, but they are assailed with a lack of capital to do so. This has led many of them to consider blood money, while others try their best to eke out an honest living despite the harsh conditions.

Is It really Possible To Make Quick Money In Nigeria?

An average Nigerian is always on the net searching for methods, or paths to earn money with little or nothing to show for it.

In the end they purchase an eBook, and their money ends up in the coffers of fraudsters, or rookies who know nothing about earning money online.

Though some of these eBook retailers online are the real deal, most of them are not. Thus, you are advised to wise up, to avoid falling prey to their trickery.

I was conducting a little research on Google, and I inputted the phrase “How can I make money as a Nigerian”, and I can gladly attest to the fact that I discovered some of the latest methods of earning online.

So just sit back, and relax while I explain to you some of the best methods of making money online. The first three; Blogging, Freelancing, and Affiliate Marketing are the most popular, but there are still others that you can consider as well.

how to make money in Nigeria

How to Make Money in Nigeria

Written below are 12 ways to earn fast money as a Nigerian in our world today.

  1. Go Into Blogging

If you are short of capital to start any other online business, then you should consider blogging, most especially when you choose the right niche for your blog. Staring a blog has never been this easy, since you can visit the blogger platform to get one for free.

But do not be deceived, a blog is not a fast track to quick money. It requires that you sacrifice considerable effort, your time, and patience as well.

But one advantage that is inherent to blogging as a source of online income is the fact that your blog can be a medium for reaching millions of people on the net. As such, it’s best if you create a blog that could serve as a solution to the needs of others.

  1. Do Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing provides another method to earning well online. And the only thing you need to do is help other people advertise their products on your social media platform, or your blog.

With that you can earn a commission when anyone uses your affiliate link to purchase any product.

You can start by registering on any affiliate platform like Jumia affiliate, or Konga affiliate, and picking a product to promote.

  1. Provide Freelance Writing Services

This method of earning is best for those who can write, but do not want the stress that comes with owning a blog

A number of freelance sites pay handsomely for freelancers who are good at writing unique, and good quality articles.

  1. Start A Restaurant, Or, An Eatery

You just need to be a good cook, and you can earn well with this business idea.

Though it requires a little capital as a startup, mostly to purchase utensils, and any other necessary item, its returns will more than make up for it.

It’s best if your restaurant is set up in a populated area, like around local government areas, or any other organization.

  1. Do Mini-importation business

Regardless of the fact that the current dollar to naira rate is unsteady, many Nigerians earn well using this method. 30,000 naira is enough to get you started in the mini-importation business, and you can start earning from it.

You can visit e-commerce sites like eBay, and Amazon, to buy your items at cheap prices, after which you can import them here, and sell them to other Nigerians at a price of your choosing. Items that you could import includes wrist watches, baby wears, used phones, etc.

  1. Do Private Lessons for Exam (SSCE) Candidates

NECO, JAMB, and WAEC are still a source of apprehension for many students, and their parents will gladly pay you to tutor them, so that they can pass these exams.

If you are a good mathematician, or an expert in English language, then you can approach the parents around your area, or in your church, and inquire if they require an English, or Math tutor for their kids.

Youth Corpers are more likely to benefit from this area.

  1. Go Into Driving Business

You just need the ability to drive, a car, or a bus of your own with which you can convey your passengers to their destinations, and you are set. You could also get someone to drive the vehicle for you, or you can rent it out on hire-purchase after agreeing on your weekly allowance. It is very easy to earn from this business, and it pays well too.

  1. Do Poultry Farming

A poultry farmer can easily earn from rearing chickens. And the good part is that these birds mature easily, and are always well sought after.

Easter, Christmas, parties, and other social events will always require these birds to make them complete. Poultry farmers can earn well during these periods, and the sales from their eggs can also supplement your income.

  1. Sell Your Used Items

An average Nigerian loves getting original items cheaply. You could make decent earnings from selling used clothes, phones, shoes, and phone cases. But eking out a decent living from this business idea needs a good network of customers.

  1. Start Transportation Business

As far as you are clear on all the necessary knowledge, you can start your own transportation business. Gather the necessary finances, approach qualified drivers, and terminal managers, and you have got your own transportation business running. As far as you are in Nigeria, you can’t go wrong with a transportation business.

  1. Start Information Products Selling business

The internet is filled with numerous ebooks some of which are free yet highly educative and teach how to do many things online and/or offline. You can simply get these eBooks, package/repackage them and sell them to people with your phone or laptop if you own or have access to one.

With less than N1000 you can get a pack filled with ebooks on key issues, run a small low-cost advert on Facebook or any other social media and sell the product to your target audience for as low as N500.

For the start, you could deliver the eBooks to your customers via email. If you can get 10 people to buy your ebooks in a day (since the price is cheap), you’d make at least N5000 daily.

  1. Start A Relaxation Center, Or A Lounge

In very developed cities like Abuja, and Lagos, a lounge is a very good idea. Since most workers would love a setting in which they can cool their jets after a rather stressful day, or an equally stressful week. You could double your income when you also make it a viewing center.


These are the methods I could find on ways to make quick money in Nigeria, but you can still share any other lucrative method I may have missed. As far as the method of earning is clean, and non-fraudulent, then the comment section is open to you.



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Business Ideas

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria




Nigerian government still struggles to provide enough jobs for its citizens. The unemployment rate is currently peaking at 27.10% in Nigeria (December, 2020). That is a whole lot of people without a job in the country. It might have contributed to the increase in the crime rate in the country. Even though it seems there is no job in the country, looking closer you would find there are various other opportunities to make money online in Nigeria.

The online space has provided us with many legit ways to make money online. Whether you are unemployed, a part-time worker, or fully employed, you can still take advantage of some of these ways to earn extra income for yourself.

Many are skeptical to engage with anything that deals with making money online. This is because there has been a lot of incidence of people getting scammed online. However, this article contains verified and legit ways you can follow to start making money online.  Note that some of these ways will require you to have or acquire certain skills to be able to make money with them.

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria

5 Ways To Make Money Online in Nigeria Legitimately

1. Start Blogging

This is one sure way of making cool cash online. Blogging has turned out to be a big business in Nigeria with the likes of Linda Ikeji raking in millions in profits every year. It is as simple as just sharing information about your daily life online, or writing informative articles for people to read each day. These articles range from entertainment, politics, personal life, religion, and so on. It can be easy to start, and all you would need is a phone, laptop, or tablet plus a good internet subscription.

There are various tutorials that can teach you in minutes how to start blogging properly. Most bloggers get paid when they run an advert for people on their sites. You would need to have a reasonable number of visitors on your blog before you start getting clients to place their advert on it. Blogging can easily make you a millionaire with you earning in the range of N50,000 to N2 million per month depending on the amount of work you put into building your blog.

2. Become a Freelancer.

Do you have a digital skill you are very good at? Freelancing can be a profitable way for you to make that extra income. Freelancing is simply a way you offer your services online to clients who need it and they pay you for your hard work. A lot of employers nowadays are seeking out freelancers to work on their projects.

One great thing about freelancing is that you can choose your working hours. Even when you have your regular job, you can choose to freelance after work hours and make some extra bucks. Other benefits of being a freelancer include the ability to choose your clients as well as the kind of projects you want to work on. You can also choose to make freelancing a full-time job and be your own boss.

Skills you can offer as a freelancer include; graphic design, web design, app development, voice-over, etc. You can also get simple jobs like proof-reading, typesetting, transcribing, etc. There are many websites where you can offer your services, but the three most popular ones are Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.

3. Start your own Website.

You do not need a degree in computer science to become a website owner. There are various online templates that can let you build a website without a single code. Just like blogging, you need to constantly upload relevant content on your websites to gather an audience. The more audience you have, the better your chances of making money with your website.

When you have quite an amount of audience, you can sign up on Google Adsense. Through this, you would be able to make money on your website by sharing ads for google on your posts. Your earning power depends on the number of traffic you can drive to your website per day. It is advisable to focus on one or two niches to be able to target a specific audience. This will keep them loyal to your website if you keep giving them the premium content they want.

4. Become a Digital Marketer.

A lot of businesses are starting to move onto the online space. Creating a virtual presence for themselves. They have blogs, social media pages and even applications designed particularly for them. Managing these platforms, the right way to generate profit for the business can be very technical and may require the service of a professional.

A digital marketer is someone that knows how to drive an audience to a particular platform or business with the aim of making a sale. As a digital marketer, you can offer your service to these business owners. Helping them manage their social media pages and offering them advice as it relates to promoting their businesses. If you know your craft, you can earn salary ranging from N180,000 to N350,000 per month.

5. Teaching an Online Course.

If you have a skill you can teach others online, this is another way to make money online. In fact, anything you know which can be valuable to others, you can teach. You don’t have to be an expert to teach others what you know. Once you have a good grasp of the topic or skill, you can easily teach others and get paid while doing that.

So, that’s it on avenues to make money online in Nigeria. There are other ways though but these are some of the highly legit and comprehensive ways to make money online in Nigeria today.



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Venture Capitalist Firms in Nigeria You Should Trust




Venture capitalist firms popularly referred to as “VC” are mostly needed for small-scale services. They invest in people’s business and make sure it grows and brings a lot of profit. There are so many of Venture Capitalist firms in Nigeria and while some can be dangerous to ones business, there are others that can be very good and beneficial.

Examples of venture capitalist firms in Nigeria include Venture platform, SPARK capital, EchoVC Partners, Growth Capital Fund, SLA Accelerator LeadPath Nigeria, Lagos Angel Network (LAN), GreenTree Investment Company, Greenhouse Capital, Microtraction, to mention few.

Here is why some or all of these VCs are very good when it comes to investing with them. Some of the ones I list and explain below are what I deem to be the Venture Capitalist firms in Nigeria you should trust.

Venture Capitalist Firms in Nigeria You Should Trust

Venture Capitalist Firms in Nigeria You Should Trust

Top 10 Venture Capitalist Firms in Nigeria You Should Trust

The top 10 Venture Capitalist firms in Nigeria that I will be covering in this article are

  1. Venture platform
  2. SPARK capital
  3. EchoVC Partners
  4. Growth Capital Fund (GC Fund)
  5. Greenhouse Capital
  6. SLA Accelerator LeadPath Nigeria
  7. Lagos Angel Network (LAN)
  8. LeadPath Nigeria
  9. GreenTree Investment Company, and
  10. Microtraction

(1) Venture Platform

Venture Platform was founded by Kola Aina and their major role is to help start-up companies in Nigeria grow. The Company also extends its services and coverage to other parts of Africa which makes it a reliable company to consider when choosing a Venture Capitalist firm to invest in Nigeria. They have helped a number of startup companies to grow example of which includes Piggybank, MobileForms, Jalo, etc.

(2) SPARK Capital

SPARK Capital focuses on building companies mainly in Lagos and its founded by Jason Njoku. They have helped a lot of companies in funding and most of the companies include Paystack, OgaVenue, Drinks NG, etc.

Paystack Company was recently (2020) sold for 200 million dollars which improves the profit of SPARK Capital. Mostly, this venture capitalist receives 30% and more profit. Funding and making Paystack a global company to be sold at that huge amount suggests that they are a good company to invest with.

(3) Greenhouse Capital

Greenhouse Capital was founded by Venture Garden Group with the vision of becoming the biggest Fintech Company in the whole of Africa. It was founded in 2016 and they already have a strong stand when it comes to investment in business. They have helped popular companies from startups to established businesses to become a massive and major business to be reckoned with in Nigeria.

Examples of companies funded and helped by Greenhouse Capital include Flutterwave, Rensource, Riby, TalentBase and many more. Max NG is also one of the companies funded by Greenhouse Capital. Max NG is an okada business just like Opay. For Max NG to still be standing and operating well in Nigeria till date even with the emergence and disappearence of Opay’s Oride, it shows that the Greenhouse Capital is a strong Venture Capitalist to trust in starting and supporting of business.

Related: Why You Should Avoid Venture Capitalists And Angel Investors In Your Business

(4) Growth Capital Fund (GC Fund)

GC Fund just like other Venture Capitalists helps start-up businesses in Nigeria. They support innovative ideas and help to fund them. Their main purpose in funding businesses is building of infrastructure by using technology. Some of the companies that invest with Growth Capital are OMidyar Network, Bank of Industry, and Venture Garden Group. Remember that Venture Garden Group is the founder of another VC company called Greenhouse being discussed earlier. For a VC Company which is Growth Capital to fund Venture Garden Group which later founded another trusted VC Company is very remarkable and shows how strong and trustworthy they are.

(5) LeadPath Nigeria

Leadpath Nigeria company like other VC companies helps in funding other startup companies. But it’s not only startup companies that they fund. Any medium-sized company that is interested in more funding can also go to LeadPath Nigeria for funding.

They support majorly the growth of mobile technology idea and other software and web startup businesses. Leadpath supports with funds ranging from $25,000 to $100,000 for a start-up and several millions later as follow-up.

(6) GreenTree Investment Company

This, just like other investment companies also deal with start-up companies and invest in them to profit from them greatly. They provide a great framework for a company and also help in legal financial advice to the baby company. This company like also others have funded and invented in lots of companies and they were started in 2014. Examples of the companies being funded by GreenTree include Precurio and Big Cabal Media.

(7) Microtraction

Another example of a Venture Capitalist firm in Nigeria to trust is Microtraction. Microtraction also helps in funding of startup companies like others. Microtraction funds in billions of dollars which makes them a high funding company. It doesn’t take a fraud company to this stage of financially funding other businesses in billion dollars but a company that’s worth trusting when choosing a Venture Capitalist firm to invest in. They invest in ideas that are technology-driven and which are proven to be very smart.

Microtraction has funded a lot of popular companies in Nigeria which include Cowrywise, BuyCoins,, ALLpro, etc. Most of these new companies deal with bank-related businesses and cryptocurrencies. So, if you have an idea about developing a business that deals with saving money or any cryptocurrencies, Microtraction is the venture capitalist firm to trust.

(8) Lagos Angel Network (LAN)

Moving further on the list of Venture Capitalist companies to trust is Nigeria is Lagos Angel Network (LAN). This is also a Venture Capitalist firm that deals with startup businesses and they are very active in Africa. Angel investors are individuals or professionals that come together and raise funds and to invest in startup businesses.

Since being a professional angel investor gives one the idea of a business to grow or not to grow, this venture is definitely among the companies to trust when investing with them. They were founded in Lagos and in the year 2014. Also, they are based in Lagos State, Nigeria and have funded a lot of startup companies located mostly in Lagos. In short, they have funded dozens upon dozens of startup companies.

(9) EchoVC Partners

This is another Venture Capitalist firm you can’t even miss even if you want to. The name speaks volume because the tagline, “VC” is already incorporated into the company name. EchoVC Partners is a Nigeria company that has extended its tentacles to other part of the world like sub-Saharan Africa and North America. It has become an international company which has proved reliable over time. They also help startup companies and invest hugely in them. EchoVC has proved to be a leading Venture Capitalist around the world by investing in some popular companies which include Hotels NG, Care45, Lifebank, MyPadi, etc.

(10) SLA Accelerator

Honorable mention includes the SLA Accelerator which has helped young African women with funding in ensuring a successful career for them. This company has been featured in CNN, CNBC Africa, and other important news outlet in the world.

When looking for a venture capitalist to fund your business ideas, these are some of the best ones to always look out for and you will never regret it.



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