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Best Way to Earn Passive Income Through Email Marketing in 2020

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passive income through email marketing

Best Way to Earn Passive Income Through Email Marketing in 2020

Email marketing, one of the best weapons in the marketer arsenal to retarget their lost audiences. In simple terms, Email marketing is all about creating awareness and advertising products and services in the form of Emails.

passive income through email marketing

However, I have a better email marketing definition for you. Email marketing is the use of email to develop chemistry between the marketers and their audiences.

Email marketing is just one part of digital marketing. Which is composed of the social media platform, websites, and much more.

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What is passive income?

The concept of passive income is very simple. It is defined as the normal income that can be earned without putting an extra effort. Passive income mostly comes from the property that you have rented out to someone or from the assets that you are not investing in anymore.

Why there is a need for passive income

Well, there are several reasons why there is a need for passive income.

  • Passive incomes let you have several sources of income that can help you in your financial crisis.
  • Passive income gives you financial freedom.
  • Well, if your main earning is quite hefty, then there is no need for earning passively. But hey, if you are getting something even without lifting a finger, then what could be better than that.

Email marketing can be personalized

The best part of email marketing is that it allows you to target a selected group of people. Not all the audiences that visit your site are your relevant audience. So, it becomes very important to filter out the relevant audiences that may be potential customers.

Email marketing is a tool that allows deepening your bond with your audience at personal levels. You can retarget them with their birthday and offer them highly personalized offers.

For instance, a restaurant might send offers to the customers on their birthday with discounts. This way you will not only be able to confront the audiences at a personal level, but you also increase the conversion rate.

How does Email Marketing help with passive income?

There are several ways by which you can earn a steady rate of passive income. For starters, you can sell your product with the help of Email targeting strategies. Secondly, you can attract the audience with relevant offers to visit your website.

Here are the ways by which you can earn passively from email marketing:

  1. Offers:

The number one reason why people sign up to earn passive income through email marketing is that they want all the new offers that you give to your customers. If you view things from the customer’s perspective, you will come to the realization that most of the customers buy things online solely for the fact that they were given offers on the online purchase.

Offers acts like the first mode of communication that happens between the marketer and the audience. It is these offers that catalyzes the audience’s buying decision-making process.

Yes, the buyer is at your website for no reason whatsoever. Just surfing through your website with no intention of buying anything. But as soon as there is a limited offer on products that may be compelling for the relevant audience, the “no intention of buying anything” changes to “Woah! One of my favorite products is at a very low price, I might consider buying this one as it has a pretty handsome offer”.

That’s how big of a difference an offer can create.

  1. Reviews:

Sometimes you will find customers who are willing to buy something that they need. But they don’t have any idea about the products. This increases their decision-making time. And if they do not find a suitable answer on why to buy this product, they change their mind to not buying the product.

So, it is very important to have content on the product review that you can send to the audiences. You can retarget those kinds of audiences with email marketing by sending the product detailed description.

This strategy is also the best way to get back the interested audiences and convert them into your customers.

  1. How-to guides:

Not all the passive income plan needs to be direct. You can go around earning commission from your affiliate sites just by sharing their information with the email marketing. You just have to create a content that has links to your affiliate partner. And then you can retarget the audiences via email marketing. When the audience makes a purchase with your link, you earn a commission from your affiliate partner, as simple as that.

Final Tips

Email marketing is directly linked with affiliate marketing. You pitch to your audiences with great content containing all the offers, guides, information and links that can lead to your website or to your affiliate partner’s sites. Bit the ways you can earn income.

However, you need to be careful of one thing that Email marketing should be done with highly relevant audiences. Sending mails to the people who are not at all interested in your products and services will be the same as feeding grass to a lion.

Author bio:

Ariana Smith is a passionate blogger. She loves to share her thoughts, ideas, and experiences with the world through blogging. Ariana Smith is associated with FollowTheFashion&thedailynotes.





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How Can I Make Money Online in Nigeria 2020?

It’s not rocket science that a lot of people are making a lot of money online already from Motute.

I still see lots of people who ask what is the fastest way to make money in Nigeria; and in my quest to answer this question, I will say it by Joining Motute Affiliates.

Motute Affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs to join right now and make money online fast if you know what you’re doing.

Motute is a digital marketplace of knowledge and skill, connecting instructors to students all around the world.

Motute online learning and skill acquisition platform

Making N200,000 monthly online seems to be impossible especially if you’re just getting started but I’m here to let you know that it is not as tough as you think.

Before we navigate down to the details of how to makeover N200K monthly online in Nigeria from Motute, you need to understand that you must sell something.

Making money involves buying and selling and you must sell a service or product to make as much as N1 million Naira and above from the internet.

With the Motute Affiliate Program, you don’t need to own any product or course to make money online.

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The Motute Affiliate program pays as high as 25% commission for every sale you generate into the platform.

Let’s break it down:

To make N200K every month, you will need to either;

  • Sell 200 units of N1000 product or service
  • 100 Units of N2000 product or service
  • 100 Units of N2000 product or service 
  • 50 units of N4000 product or services
  • 40 Units of N5000 product or service
  • 20 units of N10000 product or services
  • 10 units of N20000 product or services
  • 5 units of N40000 product or services

Now, the problem with the breakdown above is that it takes lots of time trying to create a digital product, lots of marketing risk selling physical products and a lot of time learning and becoming the best expert that provides a particular service that can make you nothing less than N200,000 Every month online.

So, this is where the Motute Affiliate program comes in.

You save yourself the stress of having to create a fresh course or information product and focus on sales to float out good revenues monthly.

All you need to do is promote courses and information products on Motute by joining the Motute Affiliate program and earn 25% commission for every sale.

Let’s break it down further,


You will earn N6250 per sale when you promote the affiliate marketing course on Motute.

If you close a 40 sales target every month, you will be raking in N250,000 just by promoting courses on Motute using your affiliate links and banners.  Click here to join Motute affiliate program now

That sounds simple and easy, right?

Well, it is very easy to start getting sales instantly when you already have a large community, email list or fanbase that trusts you. All you need to do is write and recommend the course using your affiliate link and you’re good to start banking cash once the sales start kicking in.

If you already own a website and looking to monetize it, you can copy the affiliate banner code and paste in a section of your website to start getting impression and clicks.


So, what happens in a case where you don’t have a list or platform to get Affiliate sales?

Getting a single sale is not an easy task but there are easier ways to navigate around it even when you don’t have any audience or people to promote your referral links to.

So, below are some recommended places to promote your Affiliate links and get sales instantly without having to take the hurdles of building an email list of a large fanbase.

  • Promote your Referral link on Nairaland – It is evergreen and has got huge traffic of people who are interested in learning Affiliate marketing.
  • Answer questions on Quora and use your Motute referral link to direct people to the course.
  • Start a WhatsApp group and add value, then, recommend the course on Motute you will like to promote
  • Share insight on your WhatsApp status and recommend a course people can take using your Motute affiliate link.
  • Make posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and use your referral link to make your recommendations.
  • Share and promote your link on Telegram groups.

With these few recommendations, you will be able to have a headway and get started making over N200k monthly from Affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Withdrawals from your affiliate commission are instantly sent to your SumoTrust account where you can withdraw to bank anytime at your own convenience.



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