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How to Turn Your Website Visitors Into Loyal Customers 2019

Giorgi Mikhelidze



website visitors

Websites are extremely important for any business what so ever. The website’s primary purpose can be to either deliver information, market other businesses, or sell their own products. No matter how hard one may try to avoid having a website, they cannot avoid it. Therefore let’s discuss the types of copy you need to have in order to captivate your customers and turn them into constant visitors, and eventually loyal customers. In order to do this, we need to look at 3 different types of websites. These are: “Website for sales”, “Website for Ads” and “Website for marketing”.

Website For Marketing

These websites are usually in the form of blogs or online guides. They choose a specific niche to follow it until they have a significant visitor reserve. In most cases, the owners of these websites are referred to as affiliate marketers who provide the necessary audience to companies and try to sell them their products. However, before getting to the “selling point” the website needs to grab the attention of the visitor and make them believe in what they are saying. Let’s look at one of the most prominent sectors of these types of websites, the reviewers.

The reviewers’ job is to convince the reader that the product is worth to buy. Then they insert an affiliate link, which, if followed, will earn the reviewer some revenue. These websites can be about pretty much anything: clothes, cars, books and even service providers.

Service providers are the hardest to review as they have far more details about them. But no matter what type of review you are writing, you need to have a “content flow” for the article. Most website owners like to beef up their articles with extra wordcount, which are rarely for the benefit of the reader. This is done for SEO optimization so that the websites show up on the first page of Google.

Many go about this in the completely wrong way. In order to beef up the article, they do it from the beginning, which just damages the user experience. In order to deliver value, you need to give the information first and then beef up the word count. The primary example can be seen with these Forex broker reviews on Forexnewsnow that give the necessary information from the beginning and then emphasize on them. This intrigues the reader to a point where they willingly read the whole article and are not forced into it.

Following this flow, you can expect the viewers to come back to your website in order to find more quality content, which eventually turns them into clients of your affiliate companies.

Websites for Sales

Websites for sales are the most common. They are a bit harder to SEO optimize, but it is indeed possible with good copywriting and knowing your industry. One of the primary aspects of websites for sales is their simplicity. Yes, the website itself needs to be as simple as possible.

These sales websites have started to become extra big and complicated over the years. Most of them have started adding Blog pages so that they can cover more SEO optimization, which is a completely wrong approach. You see, if you want to sell something through your website, your visitor should already have a buying mindset. That’s why it is important to optimize your website at a small degree but rely on other bloggers and reviewers to market your products. This way you’ll get far more customers.

So how do you make the website simple and user-friendly? It’s quite easy actually. Do not include anything other than these components:

  • Registration
  • Search tab (with all the relevant categories)
  • Contacts page

That’s pretty much it. If you want to have excruciating reviews of each product, let your customers do it for you. Just add a small section below the product where the visitor can see reviews and that’s it.

If you want customers to see the product without even coming to the website, then it is in your best interest to employ bloggers with affiliate links as they bring in quite a large number of customers.

Website for Ads

These websites are not as common anymore, ever since the Google Adsense updates were implemented. Furthermore, in order to make a significant income from this website, you’d need to have visitors in the tens of thousands, which is quite hard.

In all honesty, these websites can be approached in a similar way as Websites for marketing. You can have reviews, fun-to-read articles and generally things that are bound to be searched on Google. After completing those articles, you’d need to SEO optimize them. This will guarantee a steady influx of visitors to your website. The more you have, the more those ads will generate for you.

However, these websites are the least effective. They are the same nature as Websites for marketing but bring in far less revenue. In order to make them extremely effective, you will need to increase brand recognition. The only way to do that is to tackle serious modern issues. Collaborate with media influencers, cover major events and in all honesty, engage in professional journalism. All of that hassle may indeed land you in a good position in a year or two. But focusing on affiliate links from the beginning and growing from that, is a far better option.



Giorgi is a financial analyst and news reporter at He has 3 years of experience trading and working with the Forex and cryptocurrency markets. His experience helps him to deliver quality information to every reader.

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How To Start Email Marketing in Nigeria – Beginnner’s Guide




How To Start Email Marketing in Nigeria

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy through which you communicate with people, present them your offer(s) and make sales or promote your services online.

If you run a business whether online or offline, you should consider this marketing strategy as it is by far cost-effective compared to other forms of marketing like Content marketing. Besides, it is easy to implement especially when you know what to do and how to do it professionally.

Considering that a lot of businesses are looking for cost-effective means to boost their sales and increasing their brand awareness, I decided to write this short beginner’s guide on email marketing. I have made it short and straight to the point.

How To Start Email Marketing in Nigeria

How To Start Email Marketing in Nigeria

N/B: This is not a full course on email marketing but rather a simplified guide on how email marketing works and the basic things that you should know about it.

Let’s go!

Step 1: Choose an Email Marketing Software/Platform

There are  a good deal of software for email-marketing: Getresponse, Aweber, Mailchimp, Convertkit, etc. Some of these are free while some are paid. Among the paid ones, there are free plans to enable users test their platforms and decide whether to do email marketing with them or not.

For example with Mailchimp, you can have up to 2000 email subscribers to which you can send email campaigns to Free of Charge forever. When you exceed this number of contacts, you’d have to pay a monthly fee to have your email contacts on the Mailchimp platform.

Please, note that you may not be able to perform advanced email automations like setting up autoresponders with the free emailing plan on Mailchimp.

On Getresponse, you have access to all the emailing features including advanced automations for one month free. After this time, you’d have to pay a monthly fee if you wish to continue your email marketing business with them.

Other companies have their own terms and conditions.

Step 2: Acquire Your Subscribers

There are 2 ways to get contacts into in your email list.

Method 1 is to strategically place an opt-in form on your website/blog/landing page. This form could be in the header, footer, sidebar of your website. You could also configure your opt-in form -with an offer to automatically show within your blog posts/articles.

Another strategy is to configure an exit-intent popup to show a form luring visitors who want to exit/leave your website to subscribe to newsletters, sign-up for an event or get a gift (i.e., an e-book or a free course). If they agree, they would give-in and in the process subscribe to your email list.

Outside your site, you can link to this form when running an ad online either on a social media platform or on a third party website.

This way, you give people the liberty to subscribe to your email list or forgo it. It is the best way to grow an email list as people who subscribe do so at their own volition and give you the consent to email them.

Method 2 is to buy an email list from a vendor and manually add or upload to your email contacts list. This is not recommended although people do it at times.

Chances are that many of the contacts could unsubscribe from your list since they don’t know you and did not give you the permission to email them.

On noticing the massive unsubscribes, your email marketing company could penalize you or disable your account. So, I do not recommend this approach unless you know what to do.

Step 3: Stop Spam: Configure Double Opt-in.

The idea of activating double opt-in in email marketing is to keep off spammers from your email list.

You want only serious people to subscribe to your list. So, you ask every user to login to his/her email and click a link from you in their email to confirm that they give you consent to email them.

That way, people who came with the intent of supplying a fake email address or a dysfunctional email address or an email address that is not working would be kept off.

There are settings within every email marketing software to activate double opt-ins. Check the one you use and configure. However, you may want to be lenient and allow users to opt-in to your email list without activating a double opt-in.

Step 4: Create Your Campaign & Send, Setup Automations

After someone opts-in to your email list, what follows is to send them email campaigns. An email campaign is simply the message that you send to your subscriber. This could be a simple plain text message, a video, a picture, an infographic or a combination of all of these.

The email that you send to your email subscriber is simply the email campaign.

Now, you should configure your email such immediately someone subscribes to your list he/she gets an email from you such like a “Welcome Email” or “Thank You”.

You should have programmed your email system to be sending him/her emails in sequences so that your business stays afloat on auto-pilot without you writing and sending emails every time.

This is what is known as email automation and this is configured in your email autoresponder.

Of course, you have to write these emails and schedule them to auto-send themselves to contacts on your email list. Where you can’t write the emails yourself, you can simply hire someone to write them for you. All you do is take them and schedule in your email autoresponder to send when you set them to send.

This does not mean that you’d not be sending occasional fresh emails to your contacts. No sir! From time to time you would have new offers, new launches, new products and/services which your subscribers may be interested in. So, you’d write them emails on these offers.

You can see from this that email automation is a basic part of email marketing while sending of fresh, occasional emails is equally important.

Rounding Off…

Dear reader, the idea behind email marketing is to make sales. So, whatever you’re doing should be targeted towards this whether its is obvious or not.

This means you should get your copywriting skills up to standard.

You should know how to customize your messages in your email text editor

You must know how and where to place links to your offer to attract more conversions

You must know how to configure the autoresponder in your email marketing software

You must know how to segment, tag, and categorize your subscribers and track their activities within your emails.

And many more!!!

It is not a less than 30-minutes lesson like this guide. You need to learn and practice email marketing like a course. This could take weeks or months.

This brief article cannot teach you everything on email marketing no matter how hard I try. If you need such training, go on YouTube and stream/download courses on email marketing and learn from basic to advance.

As I step aside, I leave you with some tips which will help you on this journey of email marketing.

See a few tested strategies that can help you to have better conversions with your email marketing efforts in Nigeria today below:

  1. Use simple, attractive yet powerful subject lines
  2. Use appropriate graphics in your email body
  3. Create Value Using Your Emails
  4. Write Mobile-friendly Emails
  5. Optimize Your Links Placement
  6. Track your subscriber’s activities and use this to optimize your marketing
  7. Encourage Email Sharing
  8. Respond/Reply emails
  9. Personalize Your Emails
  10. Test emails before sending

That’s all for now on email marketing. Meanwhile, you may want to see how to make passive income with email marketing. Till next time, bye.



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