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10 Interview Tips In Nigeria (With Free Sample Answers)



Writing a superb resume is one thing and getting the work another. Going to the interview stage is exciting but getting the job is something else because according to available statistics only about 5% applicants of applicants scale through this stage. This is where you need an “extra push” in your preparations if you must land your dream job. This is why you need to master the 10 interview tips in Nigeria which can help you to land your dream job.

In other not to miss a golden opportunity in your quest to getting employed, it behooves on you to boost your confidence level as you prepare to face the hiring manager/panel. Understand that these is/are person(s) professionally trained to filter unworthy applicants by thoroughly screening interested applicants and probing them to know if they are worthy to be added to the organization or not.  As an applicant you must be conscious of interview questions you may be asked and how to answer them without making avoidable mistakes which can cost you the job.

As an applicant, it is normal to be tensed when going before an interview panel. However, the power to present yourself properly and answer the questions asked appropriately amidst tension is what gives a foothold and could guarantee your landing of the job.

This article addresses 10 interview questions which are asked frequently and the way to answer them effectively.

interview tips

Top 10 Interview Tips – Questions and Answers

1.     Question 1: Tell Me About Yourself?

This questions is directed at your skills and values as a person. Hence, you are required to provide a clear description of you, your ideals, goals, dreams and pursuits. This is where you state what you stand for and what you do not represent. Your answer provides the interviewer an idea or a mental picture of your personality and the way you (might) fit the role.

This question may be rephrased and take different forms such as am I able to meet you? Who are you? Can we all know you? They all mean the same thing.

Tip: while telling the panel about you, don’t give unnecessary personal details about yourself. Instead, frame your response around what makes you the best fit for the role, what makes you align with the company’s vision and the work environment. Keep it concise and relevant.

Here’s a guide to answer the question;

  1. Mention who you are professionally
  2. Highlight your competencies, your ideals
  3. State why you applied to the organization and how you can serve them better.

Sample Answer:

“I am a creative personnel manager with 3 years of experience handling and being in charge of customer relation and satisfaction. (Who you are)

I have worked for 4 years with the Federal Road Safety Corps and developed a detection system that captured the plate number of traffic violating vehicles which got updated to an internet base where drivers’ information is stored for identification and prosecution. (Competence highlights)

Although, I really like my current position, I do know that I’m able to take up a tougher role in managing, which is why I’m very excited about this position. (Why you’re here)”

Never give this type of answer;

“My name is Rose Peters, I’m from Oyo State, and that I attended Dansol high school after which I gained admission into University of Lagos. I’m from a family of 12; my parents aren’t financially buoyant. So, I want this job in order that I can look after my family…”

2. What are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

This question is somewhat difficult because it is personal and requires honesty without self-sabotage. In attempting to answer this question, find a secure middle ground to position your answer without sounding braggadocious or overly-humble.

Focus more on professional traits and be ready to accurately choose strengths which will you possess that can help you to perform the task well if you are offered the work. When discussing your shortcomings, get a real weakness to debate and go further by saying how you are attempting to defeat and improve it.

Sample Answers

“My strength is my patience to solving problems.

“My weakness is being overly-critical of myself. I even have added self-reflection and celebration of my tiniest achievements to contain it.”

3. Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?

Most times, job-seekers leave their current jobs because they need to increase their income and expand their horizon with better offers. But are you going to tell your prospective employer that you are leaving your current job because you are sort of a “gold digger”? No, you don’t do that. Rather, give the interviewer a solution that is closely associated with your eagerness to move forward in your career. Also, take care to not give “negative vibes” about your current employee when answering this question.

These are sample reasons that are easy to explain. For instance, the desire to enhance work/life balance, career change, career growth and improvement, less/more responsibility, etc. Ensure not to say anything about reimbursement, company asset, or poor administration.

Sample Answer:

“I have been impacted being colleagues with excellent individuals. But, this offer fits perfectly with my career course.”

4. Why Should We Hire You?

When asked why you should be offered the job, the interviewers want to know why you are the most suitable candidate for the job.

Below are sample answers that you can give to this question:

“At my previous job, I increased the sales by 30% within the space of 1 year by devising targeted social media advertising strategy. I can apply the similar technique and infuse the spirit of ownership and innovation to the present company if I am given the chance through employment in this company.”

”I am excited about this job opportunity because it would allow me to contribute my skills to the organization while gaining additional knowledge to assist the organization achieve its goals.”

5. What Are Your Salary Expectations?

This is to assess your flexibility, worth, and the financial implication of hiring you. Here, talk about what you deem fit is a reasonable compensation for the position using a price range.

A Sample Answer:

“I am hospitable. Nonetheless, in light of my experience, my knowledge of the industry and skill set, I anticipate a compensation within the overall scope of $B to $Z”.

Note: state a payment range based on the currency of the country the company or offer is located.

6. Where Does One See You in 5 years?

Employers ask this question for 2 reasons:

  1. to understand how long you propose to remain within the position.
  2. to understand if your vision aligns with theirs .

So, ensure that your answer fits into your description and the company’s long-term goals. You can quickly check-up the company’s goals on the company’s website or yellow pages where the company could be listed.

Sample Answer:

“In 5 years, I would have acquired sufficient knowledge and skills to enable me become a professional at my portfolio in this company through formal education and professional trainings. This will allow me to unequivocally help this company to fulfill its goals and visions as stated on this company’s website. I don’t only anticipate to getting the proper training for my role, but it’ll quicken my journey to becoming a better employee as regards customer relations, become a better team player, sharpen my innovations all of which are my career goals.”

7. What is Your Ideal Workplace?

This is to understand if your work conditions and character line up with their organization. A perfect workplace differs from person-to-person. Hence, the rationale is to offer a solution that showcases your individuality in line with the organization’s work culture. To find out, research the company’s policies and values by logging on to their website and asking from other people (if possible) to understand if it’s almost like yours.

Sample Answer:

“My ideal workplace is one where the cooperative endeavour of a team is praised whilst individual growth and achievements also are not restrained.”

8. How Would Your Previous Employee Describe You?

The answer you give will help the interviewer understand why your current employer sees you as an excellent asset to the team. State how you enjoyed working with your previous employee and avoid making mistakes like bad-mouthing and bragging about how well you and your boss went by or didn’t.

Sample Answer:

“My last employee would say that I am always proactive and ready to handle challenges that come my way. He’d say that nothing really takes me unawares because I am always prepared to face future challenges and solve them while they are still at the formative stage which sets me aside from other employees”.

9. What Motivates You?

The most fitting response to this question is to showcase your inspiration. It should be straightforward yet related to the position you are going for. The interviewer is looking for somebody who would be committed to the work. In presenting what motivates you, emphasize your quest for continuous learning and application of the same to the development of the company. Also, mention some of your top accomplishments and development strides over the years.

Sample Answer:

“I’m motivated by the sense of fulfillment and happiness attained at a work delivered.

10. Do You Have Any Questions?

This is the last stage of the interview. Always reply positively and never say “No” because it gives off the view that you are rushing out. That is why researching the role is principal before any interview. Here is an inventory of questions you may ask:

  1. -What a typical day seems like for an individual occupying this position?
  2. -Your short- and long-term goals for a replacement hire with this job title?
  3. -How the role has grown or adapted to suit the requirements of the organization?
  4. -What qualities does the organization require in their prospective candidate?
  5. -Any concerns about my experience or skill set?
  6. -Any reservations regarding my fit with the role or company?


There are a myriad of interview questions asked by employees these days. However, the ones discussed here are what I feel is the top 10 interview questions you should consider before going for an interview. Your ability to answer these interview questions correctly and humorously can boost the interviewers’ perception of you which could lead to you getting the job. I wish you the very best.

Congratulations in advance!



Ekemini Ekpo is a professional writer, blogger, and internet marketer. He is passionate about engineering, business, investment, entrepreneurship, finance, and personal development. When he is not managing web projects, he handles academic research writing and data analysis for individuals and organizations.

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8 Tips for Hiring the Best Job Applicants in Nigeria



In a globalized environment, increasingly competitive job seekers are often inevitable, and it is essential to recruit the best possible profile to ensure the competitiveness of your company. But today, it is a challenge in all economic sectors. Hiring the the best job applicants is harder than it was a few years ago.

In this post, 8 tips you need in hiring the best job applicants in Nigeria will be outlined.

My goal in this piece is to help you find the best candidates that you are looking for with less stress and more efficiency. So, don’t wait any longer, just read through the tips I share here.

The 8 Golden Tips for Hiring the Best Job Applicants in Nigeria and Anywhere Else.

  1. Make Your Brand Attractive and Reputable Enough

Nowadays, posting a simple job offer and contacting a candidate through LinkedIn or other social handles is no longer enough to attract the best talent for a job offer. The competition is fierce and the candidates are very selective. Therefore, the company must take care of its brand to ensure effective recruitment.

Among the approaches to attract the best candidate for a job offer is having a good working environment/conditions, attractive pay, benefits, work environment, and management style (trust, respect, etc.).

The present employees of an organization are among the first mouthpieces of a company. Most times before a candidate applies for a job offer in a company, he/she would ask the people working in the company many things about the company including the remuneration packages, staff welfare, the current work culture, the nature of the work, etc. If the applicant is satisfied with the responses, he/she may go ahead and apply for the position or decline if not satisfied.

Today, with the power of social media, any negative experience about a business or company can spread in seconds and can easily affect a company’s reputation and recruitment process. Therefore, it is important to keep the current employees satisfied and build a good reputation of your business.

  1. Write a Clear and Detailed Offer

The first step when you have a vacancy is to write the job offer. For this, it is necessary to define the desired profile to avoid wasting your time and that of the applicant during the selection stages.

Although it may seem simple at first, it is not always easy. It sometimes happens that the job offer does not specify the required profile or the description of the position to be performed. The consequence is increased mistrust and confusion among candidates, who apply without really knowing if it corresponds to the position that they are seeking.

So, when you are advertising a job offer, clearly define who should apply and who is not eligible for the job as well as the credentials required of the applicant. This will save you and the applicant’s time, energy and other resources.

  1. Post The Offer On Multiple Job Application Channels

Today, it is no longer enough to publish your offer on a single platform. To ensure that your offer is seen by the appropriate professionals, it is important to multiply the distribution channels and correctly choose those that correspond to the profiles sought. This will increase your chances of hiring the best job applicants for your organization.

tips for hiring the best job applicants

  1. Set up a Recruitment Program:

Use in-house referral hiring method. This entails involving your present employees in the recruitment process where they recommend someone for a position and of the person(s) is hired, the referee gets a rewards for doing so. This has a chance of hastening the application process.

To motivate your employees, even more, to participate in the dissemination of offers and promotion of their business, you can create a program titled brand ambassadors.

  1. Simplify Your Selection Process

You have published your job offer and now you received many CVs. Great, mission accomplished? Not so fast! It is now time to properly manage all the applications received and begin the selection process. But should this be cumbersome and herculean?

It shouldn’t!

Since you have received many requests, do not waste multiple hours inviting all the applicants for an interview. Instead, do an initial screening phase that will allow you to quickly detect the profiles that do not match, discard them and therefore save time.

  1. Conduct the First Interview Online Using Videoconference:

There are several Video conferencing apps today which allow anyone to organize a large number of interviews quickly because there are no travel restrictions for the candidates. Today there is also the possibility of organizing deferred video interviews such that candidates record their video responses to predetermined questions eliminating the need for the recruiter to be present for the interview.

This is an awesome recruitment process and you should try it in your business as soon as possible if you are looking forward to hire the best job applicant anytime soon.

So, all you do is to send a test to the candidates to assess their interpersonal or professional skills. This allows you to quickly detect personalities that do not correspond to the company’s culture or candidates with insufficient skills for a certain position. This can be, for example, an English test, solving a case with a client, or sending a presentation video.

  1. Automate Time-Consuming Administrative Procedures:

Who claims to recruit a candidate, sets the administrative procedures and handles the documentation of the entire recruitment process by him/herself? That’s too much work for one person when each of these formalities or all of them can be simplified and automated using an electronic signature solution.

For human resources teams, the use of this tool represents a significant time-saving approach in business. This eliminates tedious and time-consuming tasks like printing, scanning, mailing, and filing. Additionally, by freeing up time for teams, the department has more time to devote to other more valuable tasks like training, scheduling, testing, marketing, and employee motivation.

  1. Get Feedback to Identify Your Areas of Strengths, Weaknesses for Improvement

Having candidate feedback on your recruiting process is extremely important so that you can identify your strengths and weaknesses.

This is particularly interesting when a candidate does not complete the recruitment process or decides not to accept the job offer. It is important to collect their point of view and understand the reasons for this situation: is it a question of salary? Missions? Corporate culture? Once the analysis is done, you can defend these points with your management to propose changes.

You can also send a mini-survey by email to all the people who participated in the recruitment process, once completed, to request their opinion and thus obtain an overall rating of their process. Over time, you will be able to analyze whether your process is getting better or worse.

I hope you apply these tips in your next recruitment process to get the best job applicants for your organization.



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5 Ways to Spot Exceptional Employees in Nigeria



The Nigerian labor market is very flexible with a skilled, low labor cost, highly motivated, and productive workforce. High level of education and efficiency are common factors for spotting exceptional employees. Besides, exceptional employees are easily self-motivated and self-managed.

Another important factor used for distinguishing an exceptional employee is the personality of the employee. This informs why some people are more successful at work than others? Travis Bradberry of Forbes magazine stated that following a research done around 2016, it was concluded that the key to exceptional performance is in the personality of the employee. Bradbery (2016) stated that the results indicate that “78% of leaders consider that personality distinguishes great employees, much more than cultural adjustment with 53% and even the skills of an employee (39%)”.

However, the qualities that the leaders pointed out as part of the personality are those of emotional intelligence. Unlike personality (which never changes), emotional intelligence can be transformed and improved. So executives don’t need to look for employees who have these skills. His duty, and also that of the company, is to help the entire team to enhance their emotional intelligence to become exceptional.

In essence, a typical team does all of its planning to achieve goals, with minimal intervention from management. Exceptional employees are also known to be healthily self-critical, with a willingness to learn and a commitment to making improvements both in production and performance.

It is clear, therefore, that the key indicators of exceptional employee are high level of education, efficiency at work, self-motivation, self-management, great personality, and emotional intelligence.

However, how can we see these playing out to determine how exceptional an employee? How does one spot the level of education, efficiency at work, self-motivation, self-management, great personality, or emotional intelligence of an employee? It is by observing if the employee has the following characteristics before and after employment.

Exceptional Employees in Nigeria

Spotting Exceptional Employees in Nigeria

5 Ways To Spot An Exceptional Employee.

 Exceptional employees may be spotted using the 5 indicators below:

(1) The Employee Is Willing To Delay Gratification.

Exceptional employees work outside the range of job descriptions. Rather than expect recognition or compensation to come first, they move forward in their work, confident that they will be rewarded later, but they don’t worry if they aren’t.

(2) Exceptional Employees Tolerate Conflict.

While exceptional employees don’t seek conflict, they don’t run from it either. They can maintain their composure while presenting their positions calmly and logically.

(3) Exceptional Employees Are Focused.

Exceptional employees are not distracted by grumpy customers or disputes in the office. Rather, they know how to detect the important issues and that is why they stay focused on what matters.

(4) An Exceptional Employee Is Judiciously Brave but Courteous

An exceptional employee is willing to speak up, ask a difficult embarrassing question, or challenge an executive decision. Besides, an exceptional employee chooses the best time to do act and thinks before speaking.

(5) Exceptional Employees Control Their Ego

While the ego is part of an exceptional employee’s drive to constantly improve, they never overdo it. An exceptional employee admits when he/she is wrong and agrees to do things differently with or without correction.

Becoming an exceptional employee is a skill, an art that can be learned and practiced to efficiency. One of the ways to become an exceptional employee is to establishing open and trustworthy lines of communication with the management and co-workers.

Besides, the Human Resources (HR) department has a role to play in the building of an average employee into an exceptional employee. Rather than dismiss below average or average employees, the Human Resources (HR) team can deploy technology to improve their integration with the entity’s values. In this sense, e-learning, for example, can have great value in developing courses that convey to that person what it means to work in that company and what it contributes to society.

Another mechanism that may be used to is improve an employee’s performance is proper mentoring, that is, involving some of the people with the best reputation and knowledge within the organization to protect and accompany the toxic worker, giving them advice and offering advice whenever they need it. In this way, individual attitudes can change, although care should be taken so that it does not in any way cloud the relationship between the company and the staff.



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How To Make Money On Fiverr In Nigeria – Best Beginner’s Guide



How To Make Money On Fiverr In Nigeria

Thousands of freelancers today are making six-figure incomes from Fiverr. This is something anyone with one, two or more digital skills can achieve. So, if you are here in Nigeria and you are looking for a way to make money online remotely, then consider signing up on Fiverr. Fiverr is one of the hottest freelancing websites today.

Fiverr was launched in 2010. Since then, it has become of the most popular freelance marketplaces. Within a short while, it made its name and established its credibility. Today, many freelancers, including beginners, have used it to establish themselves and make money.

How To Make Money On Fiverr In Nigeria

Fiverr Logo: How To Make Money On Fiverr In Nigeria – Best Beginner’s Guide

Do I think you can make money on Fiverr in this day and age? Yes, even though you might come across some difficulties depending on your niche and area of expertise.

If you can apply some techniques we will discuss below, we’re sure that you will see impressive results.

Fiverr – An Overview

Fiverr is a platform for buyers and sellers to come together and exchange services for $5 per project. It connects service providers and their prospective clients from all over the world. Even though the starting price looks small, accumulating it over many projects can accrue to hundreds of thousands of naira if the right steps are taken.

Whatever your skills are, there’s a place for you on Fiverr, as there are many others looking for your services. You can provide writing, editing, digital marketing, copywriting, networking, advertisement, funny videos, SEO writing, graphic design, translation and subscription services on Fiverr, amongst others.

Services on Fiverr are known as gigs.

How Does Fiverr work?

Fiverr is like other online or remote services’ marketplace. Fiverr requires registration from its users, and services provided are charged from $5 above.

Service providers are known as Sellers, while clients are known as Buyers. Buyers search for products or services, pick the one they’re most interested in, place an order and proceed to pay.

Every purchase below $20 is accompanied by a $2 processing fee and 5% processing fee on purchases above $20. Sellers can keep 80% of the fee paid for any gig they’re able to successfully complete and deliver.

3 Steps To Make Money On Fiverr In Nigeria

  1. Create Your Fiverr Account and Profile

The first step to making money on Fiverr is by signing up and creating an account. Without this account, people cannot buy or sell on Fiverr. Activate your account through a link sent to your email and create a seller’s profile. On your profile you will be able to tell potential customers what you sell and how much you sell it. As much as possible, sell yourself in perfectly tailored words. Your profile is your public CV try your best to make it as good-looking as possible.

  1. Create Your Gig on Fiverr

On Fiverr, you can provide services and pitch yourself or products in prices of your choice. Since the starting price is open to the seller, they can set their prices to whatever they want, or use Gig Packages. With this, they can offer various services for various prices.

  1. Get Clients and Start Getting Paid

When your account is ready, you can begin bidding for a buyer to place his order(s). To increase your chances of getting a client, add irresistible description, videos and images of high quality to your gigs and profile. This will help to attract a lot of potential customers to you. After getting your first customer, try to make them as happy as possible and ask for a positive feedback or review. Subsequent buyers will see the review as an attestation to your efficiency.

4 Tips to Make More Money Online On Fiverr

You might be wondering why some gigs have many clients waiting, while another identical gig goes months without getting a single order. The answer is simple: the ones with so many clients are more visible than the others. If you apply the following tips, your Fiverr business account will stand out amongst its competitors.

  1. Give Your Profile, Gig Title and Descriptions A Unique Touch

One of the most effective ways to get noticed on Fiverr is by writing SEO friendly titles and descriptions for your gigs. You can steal an idea or two from high performing accounts.

Do the same for your product description. Use keywords that are very common in successful sellers’ gigs to increase your chances of getting noticed.

  1. Grow Good Customer Reviews

Positive feedbacks are good for business on Fiverr. When prospective clients see good reviews about your business, they are most likely to pay their hard cash for your services. Most clients you have worked with are likely to leave a review of your services, so use this opportunity to get as many feedbacks as possible.

Serve your clients to their satisfaction, so that they give you a five-star rating. Avoid buying fake reviews. Follow up your customers and make sure your service was the best they’ve received yet. Accept any positive criticisms and learn from them.

  1. Ensure You Delivery Your Orders on Time

Fast delivery is gold. Fiverr loves it. If you provide services as quickly as is reasonably possible, Fiverr’s internal ranking system will put you in the preferred list. Fiverr’s ranking algorithm uses delivery time to judge your quality of service and performance.

You can set delivery time depending on the kind of service you offer, and how much it will require for you to finish a perfect job. Set your delivery time to a limit that allows you some free time for any unplanned events, like sickness and/or other issues.

You can ask for extra charges for express deliveries.

  1. Treat Your Clients with Courtesy – Be Nice and Polite

Your customer relations should be top-notch. Communicate as clearly and as politely as possible. Be quick to respond, and appealing when you do. Remember that the client is the reason you’re there in the first place. They help you make more sales and get more positive reviews on Fiverr. They’re your chance to making it big on the platform. Do your best to please them.

When you’re in a rush, unavailable, or even pissed off by the client, use respectful words that will make them feel valued and important. Of course, there will be times when you feel like calling out these clients for what they’ve done, but try as much as possible to avoid such confrontations.


The rule of thumb in selling Fiverr gigs is perfect service delivery. Every client goes out there looking for that.

Every. Single. Time.

Your inability to deliver to their satisfaction will chase them away to other sellers, of course.

Strive to be the bestseller there is in your niche, and avoid falling into the pool of ordinary sellers that hardly get any gigs. BE GOOD AT WHAT YOU DO. Be better, or even the best they can easily access.

Remember that Fiverr may not offer you your life’s goal. Create more channels that sell you to prospective buyers. Create a website, blog, a WhatsApp TV, or even a podcast, depending on your niche.



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