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AgroMall Discovery and Extension Services Management Trainee Program 2020




AgroMall Discovery and Extension Services Management Trainee Program 2020

AgroMall Discovery and Extension Services Limited is at the intersection of digitised agricultural production support, digitised agricultural extension and digital financial services. We integrate agricultural economics, agronomy and quality control with financial services on our digital platforms turning them into powerful tools in the hands of our agents and farmers for improved farm production and financial inclusion of the rural economy.

Applications are invited for:

Title: Management Trainee Program

Location: Lagos

About The AgroMall Discovery and Extension Services Management Trainee Program

  • Our management trainee program is designed to harness the business potentials of the Nigerian youth. This position is best suited for candidates who want to learn and gain valuable experience in a managerial role with advancement potential.
  • During your traineeship, you’ll learn how to identify and apply important strategies and business processes. You’ll get to know the nuts and bolts of our company’s functions and operations and you’ll support our management team with daily tasks such as allocating budget and crafting performance reports. To succeed in this role, strong analytical skills and effective communication are important management trainee qualifications you should have.
  • If you’re excited with our company’s vision and want to start the path of becoming one of our future leaders, we’d like to hear from you.
  • If you are determined to be exceptional while working with bright minds in a dynamic environment, our management trainee program is for you.

Who is a Management Trainee?

  • A management trainee works with managers and executives in organizations to gain essential knowledge on how to become future managers, often in particular fields, such as marketing, sales, or operations.

What Does a Management Trainee Program Do?

  • Management trainees may often rotate to different company departments (e.g. Finance, Sales, Marketing, etc.) to learn all company functions, policies, and staff duties. They contribute to strategic planning and help evaluate employee and department performance (e.g. analyzing, writing reports).

Eligibility Criteria

  • A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution
  • Strong verbal and written presentation skills
  • Excellent math and computational ability
  • Effective communication skills
  • Experience in management or similar/relevant field (e.g. operations, finance, technology, agribusiness, human resources, brand & communications, project management etc.)
  • Comprehensive knowledge of MS Office


  • Help managers complete daily tasks (e.g. implementing new policies)
  • Understand each department’s (e.g. operations, technology, agribusiness, human resources, brand & communications, project management etc.) daily processes and goals
  • Help managers in evaluating performance (e.g. writing reports, analyzing data)
  • Keep track of business revenue
  • Research ways to increase profitability and lower risk
  • Create and give presentations
  • Provide administrative support (e.g. data entry)
  • Get familiar with personnel duties
  • Participate in the company’s projects and strategic planning



  • Only suitable candidates will be shortlisted
  • We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate in our selection and employment practices based on race, colour, religion, gender, nationality, political affiliation, marital status or disability
  • All applications must be submitted online via the link above . (We do not accept applications by email).
  • Multiple applications will lead to disqualification




How To Make Money On Fiverr In Nigeria – Best Beginner’s Guide




How To Make Money On Fiverr In Nigeria

Thousands of freelancers today are making six-figure incomes from Fiverr. This is something anyone with one, two or more digital skills can achieve. So, if you are here in Nigeria and you are looking for a way to make money online remotely, then consider signing up on Fiverr. Fiverr is one of the hottest freelancing websites today.

Fiverr was launched in 2010. Since then, it has become of the most popular freelance marketplaces. Within a short while, it made its name and established its credibility. Today, many freelancers, including beginners, have used it to establish themselves and make money.

How To Make Money On Fiverr In Nigeria

Fiverr Logo: How To Make Money On Fiverr In Nigeria – Best Beginner’s Guide

Do I think you can make money on Fiverr in this day and age? Yes, even though you might come across some difficulties depending on your niche and area of expertise.

If you can apply some techniques we will discuss below, we’re sure that you will see impressive results.

Fiverr – An Overview

Fiverr is a platform for buyers and sellers to come together and exchange services for $5 per project. It connects service providers and their prospective clients from all over the world. Even though the starting price looks small, accumulating it over many projects can accrue to hundreds of thousands of naira if the right steps are taken.

Whatever your skills are, there’s a place for you on Fiverr, as there are many others looking for your services. You can provide writing, editing, digital marketing, copywriting, networking, advertisement, funny videos, SEO writing, graphic design, translation and subscription services on Fiverr, amongst others.

Services on Fiverr are known as gigs.

How Does Fiverr work?

Fiverr is like other online or remote services’ marketplace. Fiverr requires registration from its users, and services provided are charged from $5 above.

Service providers are known as Sellers, while clients are known as Buyers. Buyers search for products or services, pick the one they’re most interested in, place an order and proceed to pay.

Every purchase below $20 is accompanied by a $2 processing fee and 5% processing fee on purchases above $20. Sellers can keep 80% of the fee paid for any gig they’re able to successfully complete and deliver.

3 Steps To Make Money On Fiverr In Nigeria

  1. Create Your Fiverr Account and Profile

The first step to making money on Fiverr is by signing up and creating an account. Without this account, people cannot buy or sell on Fiverr. Activate your account through a link sent to your email and create a seller’s profile. On your profile you will be able to tell potential customers what you sell and how much you sell it. As much as possible, sell yourself in perfectly tailored words. Your profile is your public CV try your best to make it as good-looking as possible.

  1. Create Your Gig on Fiverr

On Fiverr, you can provide services and pitch yourself or products in prices of your choice. Since the starting price is open to the seller, they can set their prices to whatever they want, or use Gig Packages. With this, they can offer various services for various prices.

  1. Get Clients and Start Getting Paid

When your account is ready, you can begin bidding for a buyer to place his order(s). To increase your chances of getting a client, add irresistible description, videos and images of high quality to your gigs and profile. This will help to attract a lot of potential customers to you. After getting your first customer, try to make them as happy as possible and ask for a positive feedback or review. Subsequent buyers will see the review as an attestation to your efficiency.

4 Tips to Make More Money Online On Fiverr

You might be wondering why some gigs have many clients waiting, while another identical gig goes months without getting a single order. The answer is simple: the ones with so many clients are more visible than the others. If you apply the following tips, your Fiverr business account will stand out amongst its competitors.

  1. Give Your Profile, Gig Title and Descriptions A Unique Touch

One of the most effective ways to get noticed on Fiverr is by writing SEO friendly titles and descriptions for your gigs. You can steal an idea or two from high performing accounts.

Do the same for your product description. Use keywords that are very common in successful sellers’ gigs to increase your chances of getting noticed.

  1. Grow Good Customer Reviews

Positive feedbacks are good for business on Fiverr. When prospective clients see good reviews about your business, they are most likely to pay their hard cash for your services. Most clients you have worked with are likely to leave a review of your services, so use this opportunity to get as many feedbacks as possible.

Serve your clients to their satisfaction, so that they give you a five-star rating. Avoid buying fake reviews. Follow up your customers and make sure your service was the best they’ve received yet. Accept any positive criticisms and learn from them.

  1. Ensure You Delivery Your Orders on Time

Fast delivery is gold. Fiverr loves it. If you provide services as quickly as is reasonably possible, Fiverr’s internal ranking system will put you in the preferred list. Fiverr’s ranking algorithm uses delivery time to judge your quality of service and performance.

You can set delivery time depending on the kind of service you offer, and how much it will require for you to finish a perfect job. Set your delivery time to a limit that allows you some free time for any unplanned events, like sickness and/or other issues.

You can ask for extra charges for express deliveries.

  1. Treat Your Clients with Courtesy – Be Nice and Polite

Your customer relations should be top-notch. Communicate as clearly and as politely as possible. Be quick to respond, and appealing when you do. Remember that the client is the reason you’re there in the first place. They help you make more sales and get more positive reviews on Fiverr. They’re your chance to making it big on the platform. Do your best to please them.

When you’re in a rush, unavailable, or even pissed off by the client, use respectful words that will make them feel valued and important. Of course, there will be times when you feel like calling out these clients for what they’ve done, but try as much as possible to avoid such confrontations.


The rule of thumb in selling Fiverr gigs is perfect service delivery. Every client goes out there looking for that.

Every. Single. Time.

Your inability to deliver to their satisfaction will chase them away to other sellers, of course.

Strive to be the bestseller there is in your niche, and avoid falling into the pool of ordinary sellers that hardly get any gigs. BE GOOD AT WHAT YOU DO. Be better, or even the best they can easily access.

Remember that Fiverr may not offer you your life’s goal. Create more channels that sell you to prospective buyers. Create a website, blog, a WhatsApp TV, or even a podcast, depending on your niche.



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Survival Fund: How To Apply For FG MSME Survival Fund At

Gudtalent Chrisent



survival fund ng

The long-awaited FG Survival fund registration Portal is now open and you can now apply for free. The online application for Micro and Small Enterprises (MSMEs) for the shock of COVID- 19 pandemic kicked off on the 21st of September 2020.

The Survival fund online registration form is free, here in this article, we will walk you through the online registration guidelines needed to apply.

if you want to apply for FG Survival fund registration form online, then you need to kindly take your time and go through the complete information we have on this page.

Kindly note that this grant is available to all qualified Nigerians. If you have interest in filling the form, then you need to go through online registration requirements.

Register on the Portal:

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What is Survival Fund?

Survival fund NG is an intervention fund from the Federal government of Nigeria to support Micro and Small Enterprises (MSMEs) growth.

The grant will help for vulnerable MSMEs to keep up with their payroll promises and to also create new jobs.

Requirements for Survival Fund Registration

Applicants need to take note of the requirements for this federal government grant. Check out all the things you need to have before proceeding with your online registration.

  1. Your business must be Nigerian-owned
  2. The business must be registered with CAC (Cooperate Affairs Commission)
  3. Applicant must have a verified bank identification number (BVN)
  4. Interested applicants must have at least 10 active staffs on his payroll, and 3 GOs

Note: Kindly note that Survival Fund Registration is open to self-employed Nigerians, interested candidates must be in the following business;

  • Bus drivers
  • Taxi Drivers
  • Ride and share drivers (Bolt, Uber etc)
  • Mechanics
  • Artesian
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers

How to Apply for Survival Fund Registration 2020 And Win

If you want to start your survival fund online registration, kindly visit the MSMEs Portal right away at or, you can also start the registration right away by visiting

Make sure you complete the online application form before the deadline.

Do note that the 2020 registration for FG MSME CRM & MIS Platform business survival fund is totally free. Do not listen to anyone that request you to pay to get the  money.

All the best!



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Nigerian Army DSSC Recruitment Application Form  2020/2021 |

Gudtalent Chrisent



Nigerian Army Recruitment DSSC Recruitment



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