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Nigerian Treasury Bills: How to invest through your bank and make money fast



Nigerian Treasury Bills

Nigerian Treasury Bills; How to invest through your bank and make money fast

Treasury bills rate from CBN are investments you should consider, if you are seeking for ways to make money in Nigeria.

These Treasury bills are short-dated in the Nigerian government securities, which yields no interest with a maturity of less than a year. Nigerian treasury bills are given at a discount on its redemption price.

Also, Nigerian treasury Bills are short-term securities given at a low rate for a tenor ranging from 91 to 364 days, in such a way that the income received is among the retail price together with the money received at maturity or before the sale, according to the CBN.

Nigerian Treasury Bills

How to Get Nigerian treasury Bills

To get Treasury Bills, all that an investor must do is to visit any of his/her bank branches, fill and submit an application form, provide its bank-account, the total amount to be invested from his bank account along with the preferred tenor.

Investors need to visit Amy of his/her bank branches in order to get Treasury Bills. Then fill and submit and application form.

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Among Investment areas available through banks are Treasury Bills which gives customers liberty to invest high-yield assets which are non-risky and tax-free.

These are good investments for idle savings, which gives big returns in less than one year. Here, Treasury rates are also very liquid and can be converted to cash quickly.

Benefits of Getting Nigerian Treasury Bills

Reports on thestreet stated that the Treasury Bills are among the best quickest term Treasury securities. People can invest and it matures in a year (from when it’s issued). Therefore it issues 3-6 months bills per week as well as a one year bill every month.

Treasury Bills are discount instruments, instead of making interest rates, they are issued at a discount rate to face value and mature at face value (usually less than a year). The interest rates are usually the reason for the purchase price, the amount paid to the holder at maturity and the time remaining till maturity.

The bills here are quoted as regards to their discount rates, or quoted on monthly interest based on one year. Just as Bonds yield and the discount rates are rising, the bills will lose value. “Bond-equivalent yields” can be calculated for the bill to allow for an evaluation to other debt instruments in the treasury bills market.

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Subsequently, as reported on another report here howstuffworks Treasury Bills are as well known as “T-bills” which are securities given by the federal government. As you buy one, you are considered to be lending money to the government. The word security here means any medium useful for investment. Mediums like bills, stocks or bonds. Treasury Bills also have a face value to a certain amount, which are what the bills are actually worth from the time they were given. Meanwhile they are sold at a discount. For instance, an invoice will be worth N10,000 mean while it’s sold for N9,600

All bills carry a specific maturity date, and that is when you will have the money-back. Therefore, the government pays you the actual price of the bill, in this case N10,000 and you earn N400 from your investment.

The returns here is considered the interest, or payment for your loan of your money to the government. The difference between the value of the Treasury bill and the total amountyu pay out for the bill is called the discount rate therefore it is set as a percentage. In the instance given above, the discount rate is 4% because N400 is 4% of N10,000.

Considered as one of the safest types of investment in the world, Treasury Bills are supported by the government. They are also seen as risk-free investments and are also used by many other governments around the world.

Importance of Saving Your Money

As reported on thefinancebase, saving money is important to the owner because it provides people the opportunity to earn interest while keeping their money safe. Even though investing money can be dangerous, it offers higher returns than bank savings account and can help people build wealth for a long time. Savings vehicles and also other savings account are also useful since they give you the ability to earn interest on the savings, while you’re not exposed to risk investment.

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Just as the rates are usually low, money earned in interest is invitation for saving. Savings account and your money market accounts are created to provide the account holders access to their money any time.

Meanwhile, it’s pertinent to note that fixed deposits impose a penalty to the owner if the funds are withdrawn earlier before the expiry date of the certificate, but generally this type of savings has higher interest levels than an ordinary savings account.

Final Thougts On Nigerian Treasury Bills and General Investments

In summary, the importance of investing will be the opportunity it gives for building your wealth in the long-term. Diversification could be a risk minimizing concept that spreads money among different types of investments that may offset losses in a single investment type with profits in another. As a result of risk-free investment in treasury bills, the returns on the investments are typically higher than those on savings account.

Setbacks in Treasury bills are that you won’t have a great return because treasuries are exceptionally safe. Corporate bonds, certificate of deposit, and your money market funds can give higher interest levels.

You might also not get back your entire investment if you cash out before the maturity date. You can understand why the Treasury bills (T-bills) are a smart investment to the individual investors, and it’s an important factor when you think about short and long term investment in Nigeria.




10 Hot And Most Sought-After Investment Opportunities in Nigeria



In Nigeria today, with the unavailability of white collar jobs many have resorted to other means to earn a living. These means include investing in a lucrative business. When deciding on a business to invest in, it is easy to get caught in the midst of indecision trying to weigh the odds of each idea. This article outlines 10 Hot And Most Sought-After Investment Opportunities in Nigeria.

Understanding Investments Just The Way It Is

There are multiple avenues for making money in Nigeria today. Today, I will be looking at just 10 of them, and these are what I consider the most lucrative investment opportunities in Nigeria today. My rankings do not follow any scale of preference nor rating. They are simply randomly placed in whatever order they find themselves. When it comes to investment, we are referring to the act of investing. So, what then is investing? Or what does the term, “investing” mean? That is, what does it mean to invest?

To invest means to layout cash or capital with the hope of generating income or profit in the future. It was Warren Buffet who several years ago, gave an implicit definition of the term to mean “the process of laying out money now to receive more money in the future”. This definition is not in anyway far from being realistic.

Using this definition, therefore, people invest or go into investments to make income or more income. This could be once or for a lifetime, depending on the kind of investment gone into. In this paper, therefore, we shall consider the short-term and long-term kinds of investments, from which you can pick the one that best suits your interest.

Say for instance that you have N1000 now. Imagine that you buy oranges with this money and sell these off at retail prices, thereby generating N1500 in the process. You see, you have made some profits. That’s investment!

If say, on the other hand, you intend to go into cyber café business. you begin by renting a space in town and later acquire the needed computer sets and Internet Services. This too is a form of investment, but the long-term type.

It is not enough to limit investment to merely making money or profits. It has more to offer than that. It makes more sense when your investment can create job opportunities for other people, thereby boosting the economy. At such stage, you are better termed an investor. There can be no significant economic boom without credible investments.

Understand however that for you to make any meaningful progress from investment, you need to do a careful study and have a vivid understanding of what you are about to go into. Else, you risk losing money, manpower and time in the process.

Do checkout what we have for you today below in details.

Hot 10 Most Lucrative Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

10 Hot And Most Sought-After Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

10 Hot And Most Sought-After Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

1.      Food/Catering Business:

Food is a major necessity for man, which makes food business one that can always yield profits when properly done. Food business cuts across several areas like restaurants, fast food, catering services, drinks supply etc. the list is endless. To effectively manage your food or catering business, you will need good managerial skills as well as good customer service to help foster customer relations as well as customer retention.

2.      The Housing Industry:

A shelter is one of the basic necessities of every individual. With new sites springing up, the need for housing and housing equipment continue to rise. Real estate agents are everywhere, define where you would like to fit in and define your niche

3.      Fashion Industry:

The fashion industry no doubt has been in the spotlight for some time now. With the advent of made in Nigeria brands and the outstanding designs produced by these brands, the fashion industry is another place to invest if you have a flair for fashion.

4.      Agribusiness:

Agriculture is also a good venture to invest in especially when done on a large scale. Although commercial agriculture can be capital intensive, it yields huge profits at harvest. Crops include rice, cassava, maize etc.

5.      Education:

Most Nigerian parents are on a constant for quality education for their children hence the advent of private school and universities. Investing in this sector promises good returns as long as people get value for the money they pay.

6.      Technological Gadget Business:

With the digital evolution, smartphones can be found in the possession of most Nigerians. Organizations need laptop gadgets for work operations. Game lovers have their PlayStation etc. These make the technological gadgets venture a great one to invest in.

7.      Automobile Business:

With the number of cars and motorcycles we see on the road daily, you need not be told that the automobile business in Nigeria is booming. The demand for vehicles is ever increasing both for individuals as well as corporate bodies. Although this business is capital intensive, it is a good investment venture.

8.      Music Industry:

Nowadays, you don’t need to have a great voice to fit into the music industry, there are so many roles one can fill. You can choose to set up a record label for talented young artists and promote them, just find your niche and set up.

9.      Transportation Business:

Transportation is a necessity for every individual, either for conveying of goods or persons. Therefore, investing in this business promises a good return on investment especially during festive seasons.

10. Digital Marketing:

With the high influx of start-ups as well as the need for old brands to keep up with current business trends, digital marketing has become a part of most businesses. This involves the online promotion of businesses and their products and services.

Whatever your interest may be, there is a business you can invest in. Find your niche, do your survey and take the risk. Happy investing!!

I hope your search has ben successful. Thanks for reading.



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Top Revolutionary Investments Opportunities In Nigeria



If you have the cash and you are looking for some of the best enterprises to invest in Nigeria, then this article is for you. Nigeria is filled with limitless opportunities and commercial enterprises or entities which you can invest in and make lots of profits from. The businesses I shall be discussing with you briefly are time-tested and viable investment avenues which anyone with the mind to invest can reap many dividends from after some time. Let’s consider them closely.

Top Revolutionary Investments Opportunities In Nigeria

Top Revolutionary Investments Opportunities In Nigeria


Nigeria is a country with huge agricultural potentials, but due to the advent of oil a few years ago, this cash-spinning sector has been left to rot. The result, of course, is obvious as a country that was once feeding nations around the world cannot feed itself, let alone, others. There are many sides to agribusiness which you can take after. For example, you can go into poultry farming, which is one of the easiest aspects of agriculture with low startup capital and easy management requirements. The beautiful thing here is that almost all Nigerians consume poultry products in one form or the other.

Cassava farming is another aspect of agriculture in Nigeria that brings in lots of cash. Cassava is eaten by almost all Nigerians, in one form or the other, meaning therefore that if you go into it by way of processing Garri, Foofoo, starch etc., you are definitely going to make profits.

You can also go into rice farming, yam farming, animal husbandry etc. why I mention these aspects of agriculture in Nigeria is because they are the most sought after in the country.

Sales of Furniture and Furnishings

There is hardly a home you will visit in Nigeria that does not have at least one piece of furniture. Housing, after food discussed above, is one of the most basic needs of man. As such, everyone needs at least a piece of furniture to decorate the home and office. As such, you are not going to lose if you decide to invest in this line of business. you must not be a carpenter or a fashion/interior designer. By selling either or both local and exotic pieces of furniture, you are definitely going to make lots of proceeds from this business.

Haulage Business

Nigerians are currently making lots of profits from haulage business in the country. You too can make lots of profit from this business if you do it well. Haulage simply entails movement of goods and services from one place to another. Due to the unavailability of the efficient railway system in the country, many Nigerians have resorted to this route for easy transportation of their goods and services. You too can make money from this industry if you have the technical know-how on how it is run. You can haul agriproducts, petroleum products, cargos, etc. the list is endless.

Importation Of Tokunbo Spare Parts

Because of the large influx of vehicles in the country, going into tokumbo spare part business will not be a miss, but rather a hit. You can easily import these vehicle spare parts from Germany, USA, Denmark, Brazil etc and resell them here in Nigeria.

Oil And Gas Business

Limitless opportunities abound in the Nigeria oil and gas sector, which you can choose from. In this industry, you can decide to either own and operate a fuel filling station, supply diesel, petrol, and kerosene or just invest in one aspect of the business especially in crude oil supplies.

Of course, there is no questioning whether you will make profits from this business because, for a fact, you will. Nigeria has millions of vehicles which run on either petrol or diesel. These will need refueling to function. Many homes now use gas for cooking, and a greater proportion of the population depend on kerosene for either cooking or lighting their homes. As such, there will always be a market for business in the Nigeria Oil and Gas sector.

School Business

School business is big business these days. Since people will always be born, schools will always exist. As generations come and go, the school still remains where it is to cater for the benefits of the new generation. You are not going to lose if you go into school business. So, try it out today.

Housing Business

Every year new houses are built in Nigeria, and the old ones, reconstructed. Aside from houses, other forms of construction like roads, rails, bridges and other structures etc. are erected on a daily basis across the country. So, investing in the Nigerian construction and building materials industry is a good choice to make because of the huge business prospects. You are surely going to make good money from it if you start it today.

Online Advertisement And Marketing Agency

With the rapid development of Nigeria’s online terrain, more and more corporations and individuals are taking their businesses online. This is unconnected to the large influx of Nigerians to the online world. Starting an online advertising and marketing agency is, therefore, a great way to make ends meet as per investment initiative in Nigeria.

This business is, however, best for people who are knowledgeable in the workings of the internet and advertisements in general. You can always learn the trade no doubt, and find a way to break into and carve a niche for yourself in the online advertising market in Nigeria.

Has this article been impactful to you, please share this now. we looking forward to hearing from you.



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Crowdfacture Could Become The Tesla Of Africa




Yes, Tesla (TSLA) is currently one of the top manufacturing companies in the world right now, yet it is so young compared to other manufacturing brands.

Here is why,

Tesla has managed to use modern technology to scale up and become one of the top companies in the world with over $700 Billion in valuation, making it the highest automobile manufacturer in the world and seconded by Toyota.

Some people call Tesla an overhyped company, but let’s appreciate the fact that Tesla’s competitive advantage comes as a result of its dedicated emphasis on research and development (R&D). In fact, many of its rivals have admitted that Tesla’s electronics far surpass their own—a teardown revealed that its batteries and AI chips are roughly six years ahead of other industry giants such as Toyota and Volkswagen.

On this end, Crowdfacture is an African-focused community-driven manufacturing and distribution company with a focus on food production and processing (even though it is poised to go into other sectors).

While Crowdfacture never made any claims about wanting to become the largest manufacturer in Africa, Let’s also appreciate the fact that this is a company that is first to design and build on this kind of business model around manufacturing where it gives anyone the opportunity to become a co-owner of a manufacturing and processing line for life.

Crowdfacture is not playing into car manufacturing like Tesla but got huge potentials and fast growth toward reaching its goals of helping solve the problems of Nigeria by improving local production and creating jobs for the unemployed Nigerians.

Just like Tesla, Crowdfacture is also leveraging on dedicated research and development (R&D) to launch its production lines across several sectors that is considered very vital and crucial to the economic growth of Nigeria.

The company is also promising to back 3rd party manufacturers to foster the growth of other promising manufacturing companies by dedicated founders/manufacturers.

If all things being equal and core goals delivered, Crowdfacture stands a chance to become a fortune 500 company on or before 2030 with a complex production and distribution chain across the shores of Africa.

I personally believe this will be a highly valuable tech company in Nigeria just like what Flutterwave, Paystack, Sumotrust and the rest have done in the fintech space.

It is time to produce and manufacture locally and cut down on the high import rate.

Join Crowdfacture and become a co-owner of a manufacturing line for life. Enjoy 30% dividend on your investment.



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