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Top 10 Investment Opportunities in Nigeria Right Now



Good Investment Opportunity in nigeria

10 Best Investment Opportunities in Nigeria 2020

If you are looking for a business in Nigeria to invest in, Well, this post is for you as we will be taking a recap of how to Invest Money in Nigeria, detailing the investment opportunities in Nigeria right now.

Earn 10-15% Interest for All your Savings on SumoTrust

So, lately, our contact email has been popping up with the best online and offline investments to try that will yield profits this year.

Good Investment Opportunity

Normally, I don’t give investment advice in Nigeria as one is expected to make investment research on his own or speak with an investment professional, however, I’m’ sure a good investor and have done well when you talk about how to invest money online in Nigeria.

If you have money and looking for how to invest your money online for a good return, then this article is for you.

Although on a general scale, you’re advised to make your own research if you’re looking out for financial investment opportunities in Nigeria and how to invest your money wisely.

Most of the best investments right now are online and require little stress. You also need to understand that you have to invest money to make money if you’re not a service provider.

Earn 10-15% Interest for All your Savings on Sumotrust

For the benefits of Class and different of how much you have from others reading this post, I will segment this post to best investment if you have;

  • Less than 200,000 Naira
  • Above 200,000 Naira and less than 1 million and
  • Best investments if you have over 1 Million Naira.
  • Where to invest money in Nigeria if you have Above 5 Million Naira

Ready? Let’s go.

10 Best Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

  1. Good places to invest money in Nigeria if you have less than 200,000 Naira

Sumotrust savings and investment platform in nigeria

SumoTrust (Formerly SumoBank) is a secure saving and investment platform that helps you save and reach your financial goals faster. The company is primarily focused on helping African entrepreneurs, businesses, salary earners, students, etc save money especially when they have issues with respect to saving. You earn 10-15% interest annually which is higher than bids gotten from some treasury bills most of the time and better interests from normal savings account with commercial banks. There is also a high interest fixed deposit account that lets you earn up to 24% interest per annum, you can always contact support from your account to request for the offer.

To start saving and earning interest from Sumotrust, create your account at

Login in your account and enter your bank details, link your debit card and start saving. You can save as little as 100 per day, weekly or monthly.

Want to invest with Sumotrust? Create your account here.

  • Investing into FGN Savings Bonds

FGN Savings Bonds

In 2016, the Federal Government of Nigeria launched the FGN Savings Bonds.  It is a retail investment program designed to provide Nigerians of all income levels the opportunity of contributing to national growth and development by lending money to the federal government.  It is also intended to make savings attractive to the average Nigerian.

In investing in FGN savings bond, the minimum investment amount is NGN5,000 and a maximum of NGN50,000,000.  The FGN Savings Bond tenor ranges from two to three years and primary auctions are conducted on a monthly basis.  FGN Savings bonds just Like the FGN Bonds has a secondary market for Savings Bonds at the Nigerian Stock Exchange which means that if you don’t wish to hold the investment to maturity, you can exit by selling at the NSE.

bundle of Nigerian money in the bank

Interest payable in investment opportunity into FGN savings bonds ranges from 11 to 13% which is way above the interest payout from regular savings account in a commercial bank in Nigeria. This investment is tax-free and the bonds can be used as collateral to obtain loans from the commercial banks and microfinance banks.

If you’re interested in this Investment opportunity in Nigeria, kindly Contact your stockbroker to help you.

mini importation in nigeria

You might as well consider starting a small business that is less stressful. Well, if you have less than 200k, Mini importation is one business you should consider right away. With less than 200,000 Naira, you can start importing products from China down to Nigeria with only your mobile phone and makeover 50%-120% profit depending on your niche in a short while.

Mini Importation is definitely a business in Nigeria to invest into You might consider buying out Mini Importation E-book for just 5000 Naira and see the same strategy that helped Samuel Benedict make over 5 Million Naira with less than 50,000 Naira startup capital.

  1. Good things to invest money in if you have above 200K and less than 1 Million

It’s no news that cryptocurrency is one of the biggest Investment Opportunities in Nigeria right now, but then, it’s a risky investment because of its volatility. If you’re in for quick money or want high yield investment opportunity, then buying some cryptocurrency should be something to try out.

Note: this is very risky and I mean very very risky investment. You will need to have proper knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency before you put in money into it. You can call 07037281050 and ask me a few questions about how to invest in bitcoin and Altcoins. I will be glad to help out, however, you can quickly start investing into cryptocurrency by Creating a Binance account or by creating a Quidax account now.

It’s simple when you’re done creating your account, follow the onscreen instruction to get complete. You can follow up on this guide on how to create a Quidax account.

Read the articles below about Cryptocurrency

  1. How to start bitcoin business 
  2. how to make lots of money with Bitcoin in Nigeria
  3. Best cryptocurrency wallets to use
  4. How to buy Bitcoin with your MasterCard
  5. Facts about cryptocurrency 

inesting into gold business in nigeria

Some say it’s golden to invest in Gold because it will certainly make you lots of money.  Gold as an investment opportunity in Nigeria is good because its value never falls.  If you have a 15 karat gold today, it will still be 15 karat even after 20 years but the worth may have increased tens of thousands fold over that period.  Gold serves as store of value and seeing it Gold as an investment opportunity is a great idea.

There are so many ways you can invest in gold which include;

  1. Buying gold jewelry and storing for a period of time.
  2. You don’t need to travel abroad to buy Gold as you can buy them inform of gold jewelry in Abuja, Kano and even Lagos.
  3. Investing in gold-plated items.
  4. Other gold commodities include bars, coins, and bullion.

Whichever option you decide to go with, and allow time to pass, you’ll be amazed at the returns thereafter.

To be able to trade in gold products, you must first learn the basics of doing Gold business. You must know how they are measured, weighed and valued.  You must also know where to source from and how to identify original gold for investment.

With 200,000 Naira to 1 Million investment capital into Gold, you’ll make a good profit. However, if you do not have quality time to source for the products or you want to remove the risk of buying fake products from your shoulders, you may consider investing with gold-based network marketing companies.

Gold business is no joke and business in Nigeria to invest into.

Read: How to make money from Gold business

  1. Good investment opportunities if you have above 1 Million nairas And less than 5 Million Naira

Growing Trading Account

Stocks in this category will be the riskiest investment to make for one who has a huge capital, but at the same time can give very return of investments if the deal goes well.

There are so many good companies to put money into and buy shares from them and watch it grow into something huge.

So many people lost money in 2008 when the stock market melted, but then, the stock market has since recovered, albeit slowly and discerning investors are making money.  As at towards the ending of 2017, the broad market index, the NSE All-Share Index was up about 30%.  Certain stocks have returned as much as 60%.  The truth is that, if carefully done, investing in equities can offer an incredible return.  Return on equity investment is not only in terms of capital appreciation but it also comes in dividend and script issues or bonuses.

I have made over 150% in less than one year investing into Tesla stocks which I bought in late December 2019 at less than $600 per share. It is currently worth over $1400 per stock and I did all of this using my Invest Bamboo App.

The secret to cashing out big in Stocks Investment is to

  • Develop your own winning system,
  • Do not speculate before investing,
  • Conduct your research very well,
  • Invest in quality stocks with sound fundamentals and
  • Pay attention to developments around you that may affect the value of your investment.

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  1. where to invest money in Nigeria if you have Above 5 Million Naira

  • Treasury Bills:

investing money into treasury bills

Treasury bills remain the best investment opportunity as it’s the most secure form of investment in Nigeria because it has very little to zero risks of losing your hard-earned money and backed by the government.

The election is coming and the government is looking for money to use in running the election. If you understand this, you’ll know banks are one of the places the government will go to for money and eventually the price of bid on treasury bills will definitely go up. Investing over 5 million naira into treasury bills for a period of 91 days for 14% interest and reinvesting again after 91 days, 182 days and 364 days respectively is a good way to make huge profits.

There is also a secondary market for this security existing in the money market.  The money market comprises of the banks and other financial institutions dealing in short-term instruments. Please consider reading the full article on How treasury bills work and how to invest in treasury bills.

  • Buy Properties, Invest into Real Estates

real estate

Buying properties in Nigeria have been one of the surest investment one can make especially for a country like Nigeria that is developing. But one thing is certain about investing in properties in Nigeria, you have to take into proper account the city/town which the property is located. Profit returns from places like Abuja and Lagos can never be compared to profit margins to place like Enugu and Benin. If you need quick withdrawal from property investment, then, consider major cities like Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja, but if you are looking for a long-term investment on a property, then, consider places like Onitsha, Enugu, Ogun, Delta. Just make proper research before diving into anything. They all follow the principle of invest money to make money.

You can make a lot of money by investing in real estates.  If you say it requires huge capital to do in the property market, then you are right.

Another secret to getting your way well wrapped in real estate investments if you don’t have much capital is to buy lands in local areas that have high chances of developing. There are places in Nigeria that you can buy a piece/plot of land for as low as 500,000 Naira.

building and developing real estate

After buying the land, hold onto it for a while and when development starts coming in, use the piece of land for renting services.

Related: 4 steps to owning a commercial real estate

If you have the resources you can invest in already developed properties like houses, apartment houses, and hostels.  Such properties are managed by real estate development companies and there as so many that allow investors to pay in installments or even arrange mortgage financing with time.

  • Invest In SumoTrust SHIFDA

SumoTrust high interest fixed deposit account (SHIFDA) is an investment offer by SumoTrust that lets people to invest into the company’s internal operation and tier-2 businesses for a 24% return per annum. It is very safe security and can be converted into debit in cases of bad business turnover.

To access SHIFDA, you will need to have a Sumotrust account at and then, tap on the invest option at the menu panel and follow onscreen instruction.

They have a minimum investment of N500,000 to a maximum of N100 million Naira and tenure can span for up to 10 years.

agriculture as Good Investment Opportunity

This may sound odd but I tell you there is so much money to be made in investing into Agriculture if you go big into it. The Agricultural sector is raising a new set of millionaires from farming in Nigeria and the trend will continue as government at all levels continue to drive agriculture as a way of diversifying the economy.

Apart from this, Agriculture in Africa will continue to be viable including in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, United States, Uk and other non-African countries because of its huge population and the emerging of industries that require input from the agricultural sector.

Subsectors that are open to investment include produce farming such as

  • Rice
  • Maize
  • Cassava,
  • Beans
  • Plantain
  • Pineapple, etc;

livestock production such as poultry, pig and snail as well as fish farming will continue to thrive.

5 reasons you should invest in

If you don’t like farming but want the money that comes from it, you may adopt the indirect model by investing in organizations that have the expertise and are engaged in large-scale farming.  These companies use your money to carry out all the processes and pay you returns on your investment periodically and at the end on maturity, you also have the option of exiting with your investment capital or reinvesting for the next farming round.

Read the articles below to learn more about Investing into Agriculture

  1. How to make money from AGRO-BASED businesses
  2. How to start a turkey farm business
  3. how to start egg distribution business in Nigeria
  4. how to start Cat Fish farm
  5. how to start a rabbit farm
  6. how to start Snail farm
  7. how to start Cassava business in Nigeria
  8. How to start a banana farm
  9. How to get Agric loans in Nigeria


Investing your money is one thing you have to take seriously if you want to stand out financially. In as much as the urge to spend will also come, try and spend less.

These are my 10 Best Investment Opportunities in Nigeria and the best way to invest money for people who want to make money by the end of the year.

Personally, I use Sumotrust and have some investment in stocks and Agriculture. Start making your life better in 2020 by investing wisely and profitably.

I hope this goes a long way to help.

Keep visiting for more business and financial investment opportunities in Nigeria.





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Business Ideas

How to Start a web design business in Nigeria



Web design business is a very profitable business idea in Nigeria that has been in vogue for many years now. However, only few people fully understand how to design a professional website for clients. How To start a web design business in Nigeria, need two basic skills: (1) skill of creating a website and (2) skill of knowing how to market your web design service to potential clients.

Web design business is a highly profitable business as many businesses are going online these days and need a website. This includes small-scale business, schools, religious organizations like churches and mosques to big corporations. Beyond creating website for your clients, some of them (your clients) may need you to manage and update their websites for them regularly. This is an added benefit with extra financial reward that makes web design business very lucrative to the extent of generating millions of revenue annually.

How to Start a web design business in Nigeria

How to Start a web design business in Nigeria

Why You Should Start a Web Design Business in Nigeria

  • The startup cost is low
  • You don’t need to learn code
  • Your schedule can be flexible
  • The demand in the Market is high
  • The overall revenues are high
  • Contenders are falling behind
  • The timing is right
  • Training is readily available
  • Web development favors the young
  • Building websites opens doors to new opportunities
  • Makes you connect with multinational organizations

How to start a web design company in Nigeria

Content Management System (CMS) vs. Skills

Having the knowledge of programming language skills like HTML/CSS is a good advantage but in this era of constant update of software and optimized Content Management System (CMS) from developers around the world, things have become much easier in the web design business space. Today, with a content management system like WordPress, Joomla, Wix, Simplemachine, etc., you can easily setup and host a professional website within a few hours.

The place of mastery of web programming/coding skills cannot be replace by knowledge of CMS customization if you want to start a professional web design company in Nigeria or anywhere else. Despite the fact that you can begin a web design business without knowing anything about coding it is important that you get the essential knowledge of creating a website from scratch with code and be familiar with most recent updates in web design space.

Some of the proprietary web design programming languages you should be familiar with are HTML, CSS, jQuery, Python, and PHP. Focus on current software and plugins in designing a website and also go tp for free but useful ideas on how to create better sites.

Create Your Brand

To convince a client that you can create a website, you first need to create your own professional business website. The outlook and functionality of your website would showcase your level of professionality and encourage potential clients to hire your service. So, strive to use the most recent standard website design strategies to make a high quality website for your business. This will help to position you and your business as a unique brand which potential clients would want to do business with.

Rent an Office Space

Though you can design professional websites from home for your client, I do not advise you to run your business from home if you intend to stand out among your competitors in the web design business space. You need an office space outside your home where clients can consult you for their web design projects.

Get a very good office at a good location that is accessible by both public and private transport sources. Go for a  place with high volume of human and vehicular traffic so that it can be easily seen or identified by potential clients.

Register Your Business

Register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC) and while doing so, register as a corporate entity and not a mere business name. This won’t cost more than N80,000 Naira to do. Registering your business as a corporation shows how serious you are with your business. A registered business places your business as a corporate entity in the eyes of your potential clients. As such, you will be able to charge clients as a corporate entity and not as an individual. The corporate nature of your business will make clients to trust your brand.

Market Your Service

The aim of every business is to make profits. To get clients to pay you, you need to invest heavily in marketing. One of the ways you can promote your business is the use of online advertisement strategies like Google Ads, Facebooks Ad, Instagram Ads, advertisement on classified sites, blogs, forums, etc. in Nigeria

You can also get customers by advertising on National and local tabloids, magazines, using stickers and with billboards. Besides, advertisement through word of mouth still works. So, don’t relegate word of mouth method of advertisement to the background.

Charging good and appropriate rates, offering quality service and using promos and discounts can help to boost the sales in your business and give you better returns on investment in the long term. I hope these tips can help you to web design business in Nigeria and make profits from it.



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How to Start Polythene Nylon Bag Manufacturing in Nigeria



Ever wondered how to start polythene nylon bag manufacturing in Nigeria. Well, starting a polythene nylon bag manufacturing business in Nigeria is an ideal step to open up more business opportunities as nylon bag business is a very profitable in Nigeria. It is also relatively easy to produce because of the availability of the raw materials and the low cost of machines.

Nylon bags are widely used in Nigeria for different purposes and in different styles from shopping bags, to disposable bags, plastic bags and used in wrapping consumables goods and it’s a fabric that is made from petroleum products. There are two major types of Nylon products which are low density nylons and the high density nylons. They vary depending on their uses and applications. Over the years the demand for Polythene nylon products have continued to escalate in Nigeria because of the increase in shopping malls, sachet water packaging, the need to wrap almost anything. There is hardly a thing in Nigeria today that is not wrapped in polythene nylon bags, even refuse. Despite this huge demand for the product, there is less supply from the polythene nylon manufacturers in Nigeria due to several reasons of which finance tops the chat most times. This creates an opportunity for anyone who is willing to start manufacturing nylon bags in Nigeria and make huge profits doing so.

Though a lot of people in Nigeria are doing just the nylon cutting and sealing business in different parts of the country producing and selling complete polythene nylon bags can give you a huge advantage over the rest of the people in this business. In simple terms, who handles the production controls the market. In financial terms, people who are into just the cutting and sealing aspect of polythene nylon business cannot be compared to you who handles the complete production.

Types of Nylon bags you can manufacture and sell in Nigeria

  • Low Density Nylon bags: This type of nylon is widely used to wrap snacks, breads, sachet water because of its thickness.
  • High Density Nylon bags : It’s widely used for Garbage bags, Pharmaceuticals, Packaging, disposable, shopping bags etc. because of its durability strength.

The rest of this guide discusses step-by-step what it takes to start polythene nylon bag manufacturing in Nigeria and how to do so profitably. If you read this article to the end, you should be on your way to starting a lucrative start polythene nylon bag manufacturing in Nigeria in a matter or months.

How to Start Polythene Nylon Bag Manufacturing in Nigeria

How to Start Polythene Nylon Bag Manufacturing in Nigeria

Raw Materials required for producing Polythene Nylon bags

The main raw materials needed for production of polythene nylon bags are:

  1. Escorene
  2. Luplen
  3. Dow
  4. A.S.F
  5. Master Berg

These raw materials will be extruded into polythene and polyethylene sheets which will be made into other shapes and sizes for consumer uses. These raw materials can be sourced locally but most Manufacturers buy these materials from Indonesia, India, China and South Korea. When you have decided on your source of the raw materials, the next concern should be getting the machines to handle the production.

However, when buying the Machines, ensure that you thoroughly understand the capacity the machine can produce and if it has both the ability to produce both high and low density nylons at same time or if its separated. Because there are many types of machines in the market that can produce polythene nylon products efficiently and effectively, I recommend you to ask questions and understand how they works.

Why people choose Polythene bags

  • Lightweight
  • High Tensile strength
  • Durability Resistance to damage

How to start production of nylon in Nigeria

1. Do A Proper Market Survey

You need to do a very good market survey about your potential customers before you start. In the course of your market survey you will discover where to sell, whom to market your products to, and when to supply the products. A good knowledge of the marketing mix will guide you in positioning your business and products to the market in a professional way.

Evaluating the Polythene Nylon industry in Nigeria is a good step in starting polythene nylon bag manufacturing in Nigeria as it will help you to know the legal registrations and licenses needed to set up this business in Nigeria. You will also know your competitors and what they are doing which will position you on how to take a different approach to target to your customers. This is why doing a proper market survey before starting this business cannot be overemphasized.

2. Write Business Plan

A well detailed business plan gives you an edge will help you to know how to move your business from one stage to another as the business proceeds. Some of the key things your business plan will help you with is accurate information of the financing needed for this business, the scale at which you want to operate and upscale/downscale strategies, advertising strategies, the business organizational structure, etc.

3. Register Your Business

Find the office of the Corporate Affairs commission of Nigeria and register your business or company name. It’s very easy as they have updated their services and this can be done with a limited days.

4. Raise Fund

Starting a polythene nylon bag manufacturing in Nigeria is not cheap. You need at least N10,000,000 for it. As such, you need to raise funds for the business from all means good and necessary of which includes your personal savings borrowing from the banks, family and friends. Make sure you have enough capital that can carry the business for at least 6 months before tangible profits begin to set in.

5. Lease a Land or Rent a Warehouse

You will have to buy or lease a piece of land at an industrial layout which is easily accessible by transport systems to enable easy movement of your raw materials and the finished products.

6. Buy and Install Needed Machines

Purchase the Machines needed from a good source or through the Alibaba website and look for good engineers to install the machines for you.

These are the machines you should consider buying:

  • Extruder Blowing Machine
  • Cutting Machine
  • Punching Machine
  • Recycling machine

The price of the machines varies start from 12,000 Dollars to 35,000 Dollars.

7. Hire Staff

Hire few staff initially, especially the people that is very necessary to the success and daily/routine operations of the business. This includes such people as machines operators, engineers, and laborers, accountants, managers, marketer, and product manager. With time, you can add more people to the team to enhance the business.

8. Get a Truck

Get one or more trucks that will aid your transportation processes in the business. If you have a good transport system which take both finished products to customer’s location and transport your raw materials to the factory, you will save yourself variables costs of hiring one at all time and time wasted will be reduced.

9. Kick Off!

Start manufacturing your products according to an acceptable specification and store them for supply.

10. Market Your Products

Advertise your company and its products regularly so that you will be known by marketers that patronizes of your products. A good marketing strategy is important to reach to millions of Nigerians and using different platforms of advertising such as Google, Face book. Advertising on blogs is also recommended. Deploy both online and offline marketing strategies to get your products to your desired customers.

Opportunities in The Polythene Nylon Business

There are huge opportunities in Manufacturing polythene nylon business in Nigeria because of the high population of Nigeria and the potential to reach new markets in other parts of West African countries. Indeed, the opportunities are immense.

Shopping in Nigeria has increased in the past years and a demand for Custom Shopping bags is flowing up. Starting your Nylon business will get you to reach out to these companies and make a lot of sales.

Target Markets for Nylon Bags You Should Consider:

  • Restaurants: Custom made bags uses in wrapping take away foods at many eateries in Nigeria.
  • Pharmacy: Pharmaceutical bags for wrapping up drugs.
  • Shopping Mall: A good place to boost your market share.
  • Laundry Stores: A nice target.
  • Waste Management businesses: It will be used to dispose wastes and very useful to them for reselling.
  • Public Markets: A major step in the right direction to reach to millions of sub-buyers.
  • Fashion Stores: To wrap up clothes and shoes.
  • Mineral Water factories: Used as sachet water and very common in Nigeria
  • Supermarkets: Very nice place to reach out to.
  • Bakery Companies: It’s used in wrapping up breads of different sizes.

Other places you can sell the product are:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Agencies
  • Snacks Factories etc.

Wrapping Up…

Polythene Nylon Bag Manufacturing in Nigeria is very lucrative and applying some innovative measures to have a different approach both in design and marketing will boost your company’s brand to the population. However, you need a good marketing strategy to penetrate the market and gain a lot of traction with the target customers. Growing your polythene nylon business in Nigeria needs more education on marketing. Besides, you should endeavor to deploy different channels of advertising to reach out to your potentials customers.

If you have questions with regard to this article on how to start polythene Nylon Bag Manufacturing in Nigeria, please comment below.



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How to Start a Bottle Water Production Company in Nigeria



A bottle water company in Nigeria is a very lucrative and good business to invest in considering the population and the target market. The demand for clean water by individuals, homes and corporate bodies has expanded the market of bottle water in Nigeria. As such, anyone going into bottle water production in Nigeria today stand a high chance to make good returns on investment if the business planned and executed professionally. In this guide, I will be showing you step-by-step how to start a bottle water production company in Nigeria, and how to make profit from this business.

You see, friend, the potential Nigeria is a very large market with almost unlimited opportunities for profits. Besides, and the ever-growing population of Nigeria has made it easy for almost anyone to easily project and take advantage of the immense opportunities that come with steady population growth. Now, based on these two constructs, almost anyone can start, run, and make huge profits from bottle water company establishment.

Bottle water is used in many offices, at parties, while traveling, in schools and in homes across Nigeria. This gives credence to the establishment of bottle water company because of the large market opportunities available, making it one of the most profitable business one can invest in in Nigeria.

How to start a Bottle water company production in Nigeria

How to start a Bottle water company production in Nigeria

Basic things needed to start a Bottle Water Company in Nigeria

(1) A Reliable Source of Clean Water

Water source is very essential because you need to have a very good water source that can be dependable for a long time. You can get a spring water, mineral water, bore hole or other sources and listing your source of water in your label gives you a good advantage and some people usually checks the sources of water before buying.

(2) Government Approval

Government Approval is very essential before you start producing or start selling and getting your approval is by registering with NAFDAC. It costs about 300,000 Naira to register with NAFDAC but I will advise to find some agents that work with NAFDAC officials to be able to fasten your registration process and they may demand up to 500,000 Naira to speed up and obtain the Approval for your company. They are recognized by NAFDAC and will also make the site inspection and approval to be easier and often go free. The license is renewable after every 5 years for bottle Water Company.

(3) Source of Plastic Bottles

Bottle Supplier is very crucial to consider because you need to find a reliable bottle production company that is a member of the International bottled water Association and you can sign up for a membership with them. You need them to supply the bottle plastic and cap for your bottle water company in Nigeria. You can find some bottle water supplier at Vconnect or Environmental expert and tradinz.

(3) Machines and Equipment

Machines needed for the water treatment, filtering , dispensers, sealers, and other things is very essential and you must make sure that the plant will use reverse osmosis, filtration and ozonator water treatment as this is standard set by NAFDAC ( National Agency for food and drug Administration and Control)for bottling water company in Nigeria.

(4) Storage tank

Storage tanks is very important too as you need to store your water before pumping it into the machine and you can buy some of these tanks at ranging price of 70,000 Naira to 120,000 Naira base on the size of the tank.

Other things you might need include:

  • Fire extinguishers and fire prevention equipment.
  • Alternate Power supply.
  • Online Batch Number Printer.
  • Trucks for delivering finished product.
  • Offices for administration purposes.
  • Office equipment

Bottle water filter and washer, filler and packaging Machines which you will also need to buy

How to start your Bottle water company in Nigeria

  1. Study the Environment and research your target market.
  2. Get Your Business Plan.
  3. Look for Good Location.
  4. Buy or lease a land (at least 1,800 Sq) is enough.
  5. Build a factory or a warehouse.
  6. Buy and Install the water bottling Plant.
  7. Find a Bottle Supplier.
  8. Get Your Cap and Labels ready.
  9. Register your business or Company with CAC
  10. Get Approval from NAFDAC
  11. Get Additional Power Generator
  12. Employ few Employers at first.
  13. Start Production.
  14. Market and Advertise Regularly.

Starting a bottle water company in Nigeria gives you an added advantage as you can easily obtain loan from the bank or get easily the SMEs fund support from the government through the bank and some other organization. There are other big competitors in the Market who have made names for their self in bottle water company but because of Nigeria population, everyone is still accommodated in the Business. Such company is as follows:

  1. Eva Water
  2. Gossy Water
  3. Pure Life Water
  4. Swan water
  5. Ragolis water
  6. Coscharis water and others….

Finding Your Target Market

Finding your target Market where you can sell your finished products is easier in Nigeria as people gather in many places and so they need to drink water regularly to void dehydrating. It is in these places that your market is. I am referring to such places as:

  1. Sports Vicinity
  2. Shopping Malls
  3. Super Market/Convenience Stores
  4. Restaurants/Eateries/Fast Food
  5. Hotels/Guest House Bars
  6. Drinking Joints/Beer/Wine/Meat Bars

1) Sports Vicinity

This is a very good place to advertise your products and have an agreement with the organizers to approve the sale of your water only or with products (bottle water) from a few other companies.

2) Shopping Malls

You might find it difficult convincing some shopping malls owner to list your product in their shelves as a beginner but with time you will have your way and this is a very good location to advertise and sell your product.

2) Supermarket/Convenience Stores

This is regarded as the small shopping malls in Nigeria and has a need to advertise with them to sell your products.

3)  Restaurants/Eateries/Fast Food

This is a very good place to market your product and considering the vast number of restaurants in Nigeria. You will always have your way with many restaurants and eateries out there in Nigeria.

4) Hotels/Guest House Bars

This is a very lucrative target market for your product as most hostels don’t sell sachet water in their premises and this will make a high demand of your product if allowed.

5) Drinking Joints/Beer/Wine/Meat Bars

This is also a very good marketing target because of the high populations of Nigeria that turn out to visit these places for relaxation and entertainments.

Other places include:

  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Universities and Markets

Marketing Your Product

Marketing is the livewire of  every successful business and the bottle water business in Nigeria is not left out. You have to advertise your products regularly on TV stations, Radio Stations, the internet especially social media. Offer free samples of your products to people to boost . Promote your product always. Make use of your marketing strategy to keep your bottle water company afloat always.

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