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What To Do In College/University To Pay School Fees

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how to pay school fees in school

What to do to Pay School Fees

Are you a student in school? About to graduate? If you are preparing to go or currently attending college/university, the costs probably are daunting. The cost of a year in college/university runs right around the average of $440/year for those in Nigeria and about $2,300 in US. This is unaffordable for many, and painful for all but the most wealthy. Fortunately, there are many things a parent and student can do to mitigate the costs of university/collage. Most of these are well-known options, including summer and school year jobs, financial aid, attending public or private institutions, using community college as a launching point for a four-year college, joining the military and using GI Bill benefits.

Here are the points


One option that is rarely considered is for a student to start their own business in school. Notwithstanding the notable examples of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and other urban legends, this is not a choice most university/college students will make. If you know me in person and you are reading this post, then you must know that I wrote this post out of the passion I call “must lead by example passion”
Note that most businesses don’t need to have employees or complex operations in order to generate profits. As stated before in this blog, you just need to identify a product people want to purchase and sell it at a profit. If you do this well and generate self-sustaining repeat business, you can minimize the amount of hustle required to get new business and focus on your studies.

Another advantage for those who are taking business-related courses in college is that you can immediately apply your newly learned knowledge to your business. Hence those who would like to start a business in school but don’t know how to go about it should contact us here for my free assistance only on calls.
Hence you will need a business plan after we must have done a free market survey for you at just $105 or 20,000 Naira for small and medium scale business.

This business plan will cover your company logo, minimum and maximum start-up capital, target customer, market survey analysis, SWOT analysis, etc. We will also give you all the guided steps you will need to import any goods from US and China if we write your Business plan, meaning we will help you on how to start a mini-importation business and make a huge profit in CAMPUS. This is something I did while in campus and my closest friend never knew I was into mini-importation, but now am going to give you a free guild on how you can make your first one million naira while on campus.

Matt Remuzzi, a friend and fellow entrepreneur, recommended a book for me called “The Entrepreneur’s Manual.” It’s a classic entrepreneurial tome and is actually out of print now so if you want a copy you’ll have to get it used. The book talks about “mini-incomes”, and describes a number of case studies of people who had full-time jobs, but created mini-incomes from various small business opportunities that helped them achieve their financial goals. when the barber who is the lead character in the book augments his income by running a mobile haircut cart on the side, saving all the money earned and eventually saving his way to financial independence.
What I’m talking about in this blog, however, is about generating income so that your student can pay their way through school. Here are five suggested ways that hopefully will lead you to creating your own mini-incomes that will help you or your student through college and provide a basis for future entrepreneurial endeavor.


Expand upon a hobby, such as photography. When I was in EBSU (Ebonyi state University) I had interest in parting/clubbing and graphics/photography. I also have a real talent for photography and have a portfolio of professional quality photos and graphic designs. I currently go to niche exotic graphics designers like KUTIGRAPHICS, takes samples of his designs, then try to do something similar to that he did and shows to other graphics designers to know if it a good design before I upload it to the internet. If people they like what they see, they pay me to do some designs for them. I must say this again I made roughly $2500 online from just doing minor design and photo editing for people and all my stay in school, I never touched the money I made saving online. Hence I have wasted time on something that gave me cool money and later generated me the money I used for my first automobile importation.
I also involved myself in teaching people photo editing and graphics design.


Every student has some subject at which they excel, whether Math, English, or music. Tutoring high school students in your favorite subject can be rewarding and provide a good income stream. You can go through agencies, but the idea here is to make a profit for yourself, not for others.


Create your own fliers and business cards and use your connections back to your high school alma mater (if you’re local) or the local high-income area high schools. Ask for referrals and as you do good work, watch your referrals grow.
Look for opportunities to provide services for your fellow students. This could be in the form of concierge-type services (for someone with no time to do basic things but extra cash to pay for someone else to do them), shopping, tutoring, note-taking, etc. All these require on your part is the ability to market and perform the service, either yourself or buy paying other students at a rate that lets you make a profit. Obviously, you’ll want to market these services to students that have the money to pay for them, since other starving students are likely to have more time than money, or too little of both.



Make a good and stylized hand-crafted product like beads and bags, leather pam, banggles, departmental t-shirts, etc and sell them. The internet is a great venue for selling that doesn’t require retail space, going to craft shows, or any brick and mortar other than a dorm room. A co-worker of mine was looking at a business that makes custom wallets out of old ties.

The ties are virtually free at thrift stores and for the cost of a sewing machine and labour, this business was able to generate in excess of 60K/year, with the owner working part time. Alternatively, work with someone you know who makes handcrafted goods and create a website and marketing plan for them.

On Yahoo Stores or similar venues setting up an e-commerce site is both cheap and easy. If you have a friend’s mom who makes the best hot sauce in the world, or knits cardigans for all of her friends, there may be an opportunity to sell those goods to a wider market.
Provide services for local residents or businesses. There are students who have window washing businesses, dog- rearing and dog-walking businesses like my Class mate Uro Geoffrey Izuchukwu, car detailing businesses, landscaping businesses, bead making etc. Market research and finding a demographic are key skills that will be developed here.
College can be expensive, but it’s an opportunity for students to gain practical business skills as well as a more traditional academic education. This is a one-two punch combination that will hopefully give them a basis for entrepreneurship that will stay with them throughout their many careers and help them find opportunities that enable them to explore their passions as well as accumulate wealth. Moreover, such people are the major people creating jobs today in the world.

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How to Start Buying from Aliexpress and Make Money




Are you looking for a good business idea that will bring you some cool cash within a fairly short timeframe? Then you should consider buying and reselling goods (importation) from Aliexpress.

What is Aliexpress? Why Should You Use It?

According to, ‘AliExpress is an online retail service based in China owned by the Alibaba Group. Launched in 2010, AliExpress is made up of small businesses in China and other locations like Singapore that offer products to international online buyers. The Company (AliExpress) facilitates small businesses to sell to customers all over the world.

How to Start Buying from Aliexpress and Make Money

How to Start Buying from Aliexpress and Make Money

You might be wondering if it’s safe to buy from Aliexpress. Well, it is very safe to buy from this Chinese site in fact, safer than buying from other e-commerce websites you might know of or that you are used to. This is because in Aliexpress, you are protected no matter what you buy as far as you buy it directly from the site.

Again, why this is so is because, most of Aliexpress suppliers who list their products on the site are legitimate. Hence, it is very safe and reliable to buy from Aliexpress. But there are still a few bad eggs on the site of which you should be aware of and refrain from.

Why Are Products So Cheap In Aliexpress?

A common question asked by many people is, “Why are products so cheap in Aliexpress?” this is a genuine question because many people think that most of the products on Aliexpress are not of high quality because of their low prices but this is very wrong!

Aliexpress products are cheap because most of the merchants selling products on Aliexpress are based in China. Since most of their products are manufactured there (in China) and this is not done by a few companies but hundreds of companies, the market forces significantly bring down the price of goods.

Besides, the cost of production is relatively cheap, China has a lot of resources to deploy easily plus ready technologies which significantly reduce the production cost. Finally, given its huge population statistics (Over 1billion people), the cost of labor is cheap too. When combined these ergonomics help in pulling down the price margins for goods compared to other parts of the world. These and more reasons account for why most of the products made in China are Cheap.

The Two (2) Modes of Buying from Aliexpress.

There are two ways of buying and reselling goods from Aliexpress namely (1) importation business and (2) dropshipping. each of these ha its advantages and disadvantages. In an earlier article, I did an in-depth analysis of what these two (2) forms of buying from Aliexpress entail, their pros and cons. Do well to check the article here.

For more resources on importation business in Nigeria, please read this free guide where I explained this subject matter in detail.

You should also check out my additional guide on how to start dropshipping business in Nigeria.

For this guide, my focus is on both importation business and dropshipping. The section below shows a summary process for buying from Aliexpress and reselling whether you choose importation business or dropshipping or both.

Step-by-Step On How to Start Buying from Aliexpress and Make Money

To start buying from Aliexpress to sell and make profits, here are some tips to help you:

(1) Choose a Specific Niche.

Choose a very targeted group of products that are always in high demand all or nearly all the seasons. This is called the target “general” niche. After choosing a target niche, proceed to choose a good category (that fits your interest) from that niche. For example, you can choose “Ladies’ Wears” as your target niche then choose “Shoes and Bags” as your category.

(2) Compare Shops Offering Products In Your Niche.

If you choose ladies’ wears as your niche, for example, then you should visit some shops in your area (or in your town and/or wherever you want to sell to) to see the kind of ladies’ wears that are trending at the time. Once you’ve known what sells, go to Aliexpress and check if you can find the product there.

If you see the products, begin checking for and consulting or checking with the sellers or suppliers of the products on Aliexpress. While doing this, please make sure that your prospective Aliexpress supplier is reliable. You can check reviews from his previous customers to know if he/she is worth doing business with or not.

(3) Order Samples.

Before you start bulk-buying what you are going to resell, order some samples. This will enable you to know whether the products are good or not. Also, it will open your eyes to the time taken before products are delivered.

(4) Buy the Products, Market It.

After you’ve ordered the product  samples, tested and found them to be market-worthy, the next thing you have to do is to go ahead and start buying the products for sale. However, understand that your brand will not spread if you don’t advertise it effectively.

There are many ways to advertise or market a business. If you make a website to use for your advertorials and marketing, make sure it is customized and that your product’s pictures are of high resolution. You can run Facebook adverts (ads) or contact social media influencers to help you promote your brand.

(5) Focus on the Welfare of Your Customers.

Nothing much to say here than this, “take your customer’s welfare and user experience seriously and reap continuous rewards. Neglect this and sit back to lick the consequence”. That’s self-explanatory enough. Isn’t it?


To start buying from Aliexpress and reselling to the local or international audience, make sure that you buy what is trendy and in high demand else you might end up not getting customers and run into severe loses. Ladies wears and fashion items are good categories to choose because there is always a new trend that sells like hot Shawarma and the demand is always high. I wish you the best of luck in this industry. Thank you for reading.



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Business Ideas

How to Start and Grow a Hair Making Business




Hair making business is one of the most lucrative businesses that you can start these days. With little or no capital, you can start your hair making business. Surprised? Yeah, there are a lot of local hairdressers that their job is only to plait hair and they do not own a shop; they run their business at home. All they need is to advertise their business to their family, friend, and neighbors.  This is one of the advantages of hair making business; you can start it anywhere, even in your sitting room.

If you don’t have capital, I suggest that you start with this kind of hair making business – the local hair plaiting business a.k.a local hairdressing business.

Another type of hair making business that is very popular these days is hair Salon business. Unlike Local hairdressers, hair Salons offers a wide range of services. In a hair Salon, you will get your hair washed, dried, trimmed, and/or plaited naturally or with attachments.

How to Start and Grow a Hair Making Business

How to Start and Grow a Hair Making Business

If you are thinking of how to start and grow a hair business, then this article got you covered!

It is known by all that women can spend their last Kobo to look attractive to the other gender and even to their fellow women. Hair is one of the major products women use to bring out their beauty. This makes women very concerned about the kind of hairstyle they wear and how they wear it. To meet this concern or need, a hair salon comes handy!

If you are a good hairdresser, you will see customers coming in the morning, the afternoon, and at night for this service.  This is because fashion is an ongoing process with no stop.

Hair making business is very easy to start but like any other business you have to make research on it to prevent it from failing. In conducting this research, you will get to know:

  1. how much you can or you are going to invest,
  2. how much will you be making,
  3. where you are going to site the business,
  4. which niche will you pick, and
  5. other essential things about the business.

Now, let’s start with the capital. Like I said earlier, you can start your hair business with little or no capital. But this depends on where you are going to start or site this business. If you are going to start the business in front of your house, with a little capital of N20,000 to N25,000 you can buy small equipment, start and run the business. With this capital, you can be making a minimum amount of N5,000 daily, depending on how you charge per customer and how many customers you have.

On the other hand, if you are starting your hair making business in a rented space, you need more capital as you will pay for the rent, buy chairs, a generator, fans, and other pieces of equipment needed to setup the shop. This will cost you about N200,000 to N250,000. A lot of money right? Well, if you consider how much you will be making daily especially if your shop is in a commercial area and you make it attractive, this startup capital will not be a big deal to you. Starting it this way, you can be making about N15,000 daily and as time goes on you might decide to hire apprentices which will enable you to double your earnings within a very short time.

Five Steps To Take Before Starting A Hair Business

I will now share with you the Five (5) steps that you should take before starting your hair business. Besides helping you to start the business, these steps will help your business to grow and prevent it from falling.

(1) Acquire the Necessary Skill(s)

Hair making business is not the type of business you can start off the head without acquiring the core and auxiliary hair making skills. Relax, you are not going to get a Bachelor of Degree in hair making before you acquire this skill. A training of Six (6) months or a year will make you good to go. In this training you will learn many kinds of hair plaiting including Ghana weaving, braiding, fixing of weaving, and other hair management skills like hair treatment, and hair culturing among others.

Also, you will learn washing and retouching of hair. If you are going to start a unisex hair business (i.e., a hair business for both the male and female gender), then you will need to learn different types of hairs for men just like you learn that of women. Getting a place to learn this skill should not be hard as there is several hair making shops in town which are willing to teach this skill for a small training fee. You can simply work as an apprentice to other hairdressers thereby learning it in the process.

Besides the skill of hair making, you should get business management skills too. You can do this before or after you’ve started the business. This will help you to go far and attain great heights in the business. You can check for a good business school closest to you as well as their features/offers as well as why you should attend business school.

(2) Create a Business Plan and Save Up for It

You should create a business plan that will enable you to know how much you are going to invest, where to start, the energy, and time needed. The next thing to do after creating a business plan is to start saving money for the business. This, you can do while you are still undergoing the training. You can collect a loan or ask for help from your family members and friends.

This is why I suggest that you start as an apprentice so that you learn the rudiments of business and savings. You can be saving your little earnings and by the time you finish learning the skill, you would have saved a considerable amount of money to enable you to set your own business.

There are other avenues through which you can get funds to start your business. I have a detailed article where I list about 10 ways to raise funds for business startup such as your hair business. You can get the complete guide here

(3) Choose the Best Location to Site the Business

This is another very crucial or arguably the most crucial of all the steps in starting this business because choosing the wrong location might lead to the failure of your startup. Whether you want to rent a space or start in front of your home, you should get a good place where your customers will easily find you. If you choose a hidden place, your business will end up failing as no one will know about you and your business.

(4) Keep Your Business Premised Tidy and Well Decorated

When you got the right location and launch your shop, you should try to make it as attractive as you can. Make sure that you and your shop is always neat and tidy. Arrange your materials and equipment in a neat way that will make your prospects and customers see everything that they need easily. If you always keep your shop attractive, people will keep coming; the reverse could be the case when you do not keep your shop tidy.

(5) Advertise Your Brand, Offer Superb services, Make Profits

To make your brand spread, you should advertise your business. If you can afford sign boards then you should go for it. You can also advertise your business and the services you offer on social media. Doing or delivering good and high-quality jobs is also another form of advertisement; if you make beautiful hairstyles for your customers, whoever sees it will like it, develop interest and then come and patronize you.


As a hairdresser, you should live by the saying, ”a customer is always right” meaning that you should relate well with your customers and be patient with them. A good character will keep bringing more customers to you while a bad character will drive more prospects and customers away from you.



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Business Ideas

How To Get Started As A Personal Trainer




So, you want to be a personal trainer, probably a certified personal trainer? Really? Ok! Before you think of or proceed to become a personal trainer, there are certain things that you should know about personal trainer business. These will help you to reach success in this business. This guide is dedicated to helping you become a personal trainer and a good one at that!

First, Get the Money Part Right from The start!

Now, if money is your number one incentive to be a personal trainer, I advise that you find a different career. Yes, find a different job because although you need to make ends meet as a personal trainer, making money should not be the sole reason you want to be a trainer.

True, clients pay a lot of money for personal trainers. At a commercial gym in most parts of the world especially in the advanced countries like the United States, the going rate is one dollar for one minute which turns into 60 dollars an hour. Some gyms charge upwards of a hundred dollars for an hour now. The rates could be more or less depending on the country, the location of the gym, the facilities at the gym and the fees set by the management of the gym. So, there are no static rates.

That being said, it is clear that yes, there is a lot of money in personal trainer business if you want to get in. however, this should not be the sole reason why you want to become a personal trainer.

Work on Your Physique, Intellect, Experience level, Dependability.

One thing you have to ask yourself is if you were to hire a personal trainer, how would you want them to be? Would you want them to have big biceps? Would you want them to actually have knowledge about the job? Would you go for someone with hands-on experience or just a starter in the business?

These and more are things you should think about when you think about becoming a personal trainer because a client is relying on you. They’re paying you for this service because they lack the knowledge on training on things like nutrition, cardio, fitness, and all of the other things that they don’t know. So, they’re coming to you for help and it is your responsibility to help them.

How To Get Started As A Personal Trainer

How To Get Started As A Personal Trainer

Work on Your Personality and Care-ability

A big thing is your personality. You need to understand who you are. Are you outgoing? Are you an introvert? Or, are you an extrovert? Do you get along with people really well? Do you like helping other people? Do you truly care about helping someone or are you just in it for the money? If you don’t, you have to work on this and make sure that you are what your customer or client expects to see when they hire you.

Understand the Nature of the Business

Unlike most jobs out there, understand that as a personal trainer, your schedule is not going to be a nine-to-five or 8 to 4. Rather, it’s going to be whenever your clients can make it into the gym. So, you may wake up at 5:00 a.m. for your 5:30 client and they might call and cancel or reschedule. You may have to go home maybe go back to bed and come back again at noon for your next client, then your client at 2:00.

You may even have to go home because someone works late and needs to get a session at 8 o’clock in the evening. So, you may be going all day back and forth. My point in this is that training people as a personal trainer is time-fixated. You don’t really or solely regulate the time. Most times, your clients do. That’s what comes with this job of which you should be aware of before trying to get it.

Get Fit Yourself

Let me ask you, “if you were a customer and you needed someone to help you stay fit or take you on personal fitness sessions, who would you go to?” a fat, pot-bellied guy/lady who’s struggling with obesity or someone who is well-built and bodily fit? I guess you would opt for the later.

In the personal training business, your physique matters a lot. That is how you look, your body build, your fitness, everything about your personality come to bear when you want to take on this job. So, you have to be fit first of all to send a signal to your prospect that yes, it works for you and if it does work for you, it can work for them too. That is how it it.

Have Passion for Fitness and Body Improvement.

Yes, you need to have passion for fitness if you want to become a personal trainer. In this business, interest is more like 70% of the requirement before other things like certification, getting a training space and so on and so forth. You have to be passionate about body improvement too, staying fit must be your thing and if you have these in place, then you can proceed to step 2 which has to do with getting the certification as a personal trainer.

Get Educated and Certified

First, why do you need to be educated on the arts and science of personal training? Well, education and Certification is very important in the personal trainer business because they help you to know how to offer all-round training and specific trainings to specific category of people.

For example, if you are educated, you’re not going to take a 23 year old guy who is on a length push-pull workout and put a 75 year old woman on the same program. These are things you have to know and you can only know this through education and certification. With proper education and training, you will know how to work with special groups of people like people with disabilities, people who are incapable of doing certain movements, and other people who have special needs.

You will be able to give instructions like ask your clients to start bench pressing and go beyond just instructions to explain to them why they’re doing that movement. You will also learn the importance of and how to encourage your trainees to be involved in the design and creation of the program you want to put them on. From your training, you will know how to design and implement technical stuffs like exercise programming


Now, before you can be certified as a personal trainer, you must undergo training on fitness and be fit yourself to train others. Most times all you need to enroll on fitness training before the certification is basic educational certification like SSCE or its equivalent. This applies to Nigeria so if you are not a Nigerian or interested in becoming a personal trainer in Nigeria, you can use the basic educational certification in your country. When you have been found fit to train others, you will have to take an examination and if you pass the examination, you will be issues a certificate to authenticate that.

There are many ways to get certifications as a personal trainer. In Nigeria, for example, you can get certified by the Institute of Registered Exercise Professionals (IREP). In Australia, you can get certified by the Australian Registered Exercise Processionals (AusREPs).

In the United States of America (USA) you can get certified by NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) program. Another body in the USA that can get you certified as a personal trainer is The National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA). They issue the Personal Fitness Trainer Certification. Other certifying bodies are NSCA, ACE, and ACSM.

In all, find out the bodies and agencies in charge of regulating and certifying people as personal trainers in your country and enroll for a certification course there.

Employ Yourself or Get Hired

Now, there are two ways of making money from the personal trainer business. Either you setup your gym or you apply to work as a personal trainer at a local gym in your town/city.

Setting up your gym could be costly because you’ll have to rent a space, buy the equipment, tools, and pay for inventory. Other costs which you may bear are the cost of hiring staff and pay logistic and maintenance fees like lighting, decoration, water, etc. to keep the place moving fine. If you can’t factor these by yourself, you might consider applying to work as a personal trainer at a gym with everything intact or nearly intact as the case may be.

However, bear in mind that as an employee personal trainer, your income is regulated and stipulated around the volume of customers the gym where you are working for receives and the income that comes with this. This applies to whether you are working as a freelance personal trainer or an in-house staff at the gym.

Either way, this is how you can make money as a personal trainer.

Another way you can make money as a personal trainer is to train people on how to stay fit online. Yes, you can do this by creating a blog/website where you sale your fitness trainings and courses. Also, you can sell via the social media and traditional mass media modes of advertisement. Whichever method you employ, you will make money from the personal trainer business.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to become a certified personal trainer and profit from it in the long term.



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