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How to Become a Make-up Artist for Movies In Nigeria



become a make-up artist

How to Become a Make-up Artist for Movies In Nigeria

The make-up artist can work with television stations or movie producers. To become a make-up artist, there are things you need to know. The role of the make-up artist is similar to that of the actors and actresses. He’s directly involved in the creation of the movie script through make-up.

Before now television stations and movie producers hire freelancers on a permanent basis but all those have changed now because of the need to cut cost as it’s less costly to hire the make-up artists on freelance basis. So freelance make-up artists have taken over the visuals production market.

To become a make-up artist with the visual producers (movie and television) is totally different from the act of daily or regular make-up. In television production, it’s the duty of the make-up artist to make the TV presenters look attractive to the viewer.

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In movie production, the make-up artist has the responsibility to create surreal situations that best creates the manuscript before the movie director.

There are movie cases where a young person has to grow old in the course of the movie; it behooves on the make-up artist to make him look so. There are still cases where a character is hurt to the extent of letting out blood. The bloodletting aspect is not real but it has to be created by the make-up artist.

They are also experts at accentuating features such that a slim person could be made to look fatter and vice versa. Suffice it here to say that the make-up artist is totally indispensable to the producer; in other words, he makes the producer successful.successful.

If you want to become make-up artist, here are the major skills that you must possess-:

4 Skills You Need to Become a Make-up Artist

  • Ability to work long and undefined hours-:

To become a make-up artist entails a lot of work. When working with a movie producer you have to repeat some of your works sometimes to suit his taste. Most times, this means you don’t work with time frame. You only work to satisfy the producer and this can eat into unscheduled time. So to succeed in the trade, you need to learn to put in long hours of work which most times is undefined.

  • Administrative Skills-:

This is a business and you would be self-employed, so you must know how to employ your resources effectively and use them to achieve desired results. Administrative skills are necessary if you want to become Make-up artist.

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  • Effective Listening and Communication Skills-:

In the course of this work, you would be working with different types of people that you must understand to be a success. To understand the people you work with, you must be able to communicate with them effectively. Effective communication means you have to be an excellent listener to listen to instructions and interpret them properly into your work while at same time being able to pass information to others in a comprehensive manner.

You must also be able to read, understand and interpret information correctly because you would be required to read movie scripts and understand them well in order to become a good make-up artist.

  • Creative and Imaginative skills-:

You need to be a creative thinker to succeed in this trade. You must be very creative and able to use your sense of imagination and visualization to create desired looks.

Having discussed the various skills you need to succeed in the make-up trade, it’s time to discuss the various viable and practical steps you need to take in other to guarantee yourself success in this trade.

How to Become a Make-up Artist for Movies

  1. Choose a niche-:

There are various types of make-up artists and you only have to belong where you feel comfortable in. there are beauty make-up artists who specialize in beautifying characters to look good on screen. There are special effect artists who create special effects like blood, aging and the rest in movies.

There are also hairbrush artists. It’s always advised that you identify where you feel comfortable belonging among the above and create a brand for yourself. That is the best way to become a make-up artist for movies.

  1. Get Trained-:

All over the world, there are specialized make up schools where aspiring movie makeup artists could get trained. From New York to London, to Abuja, to Lagos, to Accra, to Johannesburg, these schools are readily available.

You can attend these schools to get certification which will boost your business’ professional outlook. However, if you can’t afford such schools, you can still attach yourself to a practicing make-up artist where you can acquire some practical training and become one.

  1. Create a portfolio-:

For you to become a make-up artist, you have to create a portfolio. Your portfolio is what clients examine to ascertain your level of expertise before hiring you. When you are done with training, get yourself a very good camera and some friends who would be willing to act as a model for you then you can now start applying different types of make ups synonymous with different movie genres. Put the pictures together in a digital file that you can send along with your applications.

  1. Start scouting for jobs-:

The movie industry is very competitive all round including the various sectors like make-up and you have to work very hard to get jobs especially if you are a new comer in the industry. As a new comer, potential clients will find it difficult to trust you with their projects because they cannot assess you through past works.

On this ground, it’s advised that you consider starting out as an assistant to an established make-up artist and then rise through the ranks to a point where people can now start trusting you to handle projects alone. Also, you can work with management agencies that help make-up artists get jobs.

  1. Consider doing some free jobs-:

You can actually get people to notice you faster by doing some free jobs. You could look for a low budget movie and ask the directors for opportunity to work with them for free; that can help you add more practical experience to your portfolio and get more people to notice you especially if you do a very good job.

  1. Network with people in the industry-:

You to make friends with participants in the movie industry: Cameramen, actors, movie directors, producers.All these people could help you get jobs in the industry. This way, you become a make-up artist that is known.

  1. Learn new skills-: 

Due to the highly competitive nature of the industry, you need to always maintain an edge above others by improving on your skills and learning new things regularly. The truth is that in the movie industry, there are more make-up artists than there are job and your ability to adapt to changes and learn new skills is what would help you keep your job. So, stay ahead of your competitors by always improving your skills and keeping up with trends in the industry.





Ossi Samuel is a mafian thinker, an avid reader and writer, and political analyst. Am a humanitarian and fun loving person. I love Tech by the way and will always have your time if you have any ideas. I can be reached on Facebook


A Brief Analysis Of The Nigerian Paint Industry



For decades, Paint manufacturing companies have long been in operation in Nigeria, mostly as subsidiaries of foreign paint companies. As time passed, however, indigenous paint industries sprung up and completely bought over the shares of these foreign firms and continued to expand with every passing year. Several technological advancements have been witnessed since then, with the Nigerian paints industry contributing a significant quota to Nigeria’s economy and employment scheme.

The existence of paint manufacturing companies in Nigeria dates back to as early as the nineteen sixties. Recently, there has been a high demand for paint due to the increase in construction of buildings for private and commercial purposes. This factors thus makes the paint industry a profitable one to invest in.

An Analysis of the Nigerian paints industry

A Brief Analysis Of The Nigerian Paint Industry

A Brief Analysis Of The Nigerian Paint Industry

It has been estimated that the about 128 million litres of paints are consumed in Nigeria within a year. In the year 2012 alone, the Nigerian paints and coatings industry was estimated to be worth about $200m. this grew to about $218m by 2013, signifying an estimated 9.01% growth rate.

There are two major components of the Nigerian paints market. Lack of sufficient access to funds and technical imbalances needed for the production and management of industrial coatings constitutes a major yardstick for distinguishing between the industry players. The first sector is the organized sector which comprises of companies possessing sufficient capital and efficient distribution system.

The second sector is the decorative paint sector, which houses both the organized and unorganized players. This component does not need advanced technological inputs. With a good governmental backing, it is quite easy for new entrants into the Nigerian paint market to thrive in the system.

This sector is dominated by about 5 key companies, each of which’s annual revenue is estimated to exceed $7m, with several other small and medium-scale companies scattered across the country.

So, as it stands, the decorative sector of the Nigerian paints industry accounts for about 60% of the total sales volume and/or value. The industrial coatings segment of the market, on the other hand, is said to constitute about 40% of the total sales volume and 29% of total production volume.

As Frost & Sullivan report, in 2012, the decorative paints & coatings sector of the Nigerian paints industry was said to possess a significant synergy with the real estate industry and estimated at 71% of the overall volume of coatings and pains in the country.

Nigerian paint industry Regulatory Bodies and Associations

The regulatory body for the paint industry in Nigeria is the standard organization of Nigeria (SON).

They are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that all manufacturing industries in Nigeria are duly certified, their products are safe and guarantee maximum consumer satisfaction through compliance with government policies.

SON encourages healthy competition amongst manufacturers and also give room for continuous improvement on quality of manufactured products.

Paint Industry Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (PMA)

Asides SON, another regulatory body in the paint industry is the PMA. PMA caters to the welfare of the Nigerian paint industry. It is headed by a chairman and serves as a voice as well as a monitoring body for paint manufacturers in Nigeria.

PMA caters generally for issues bothering on productivity and development of the industry. In 2016, an exhibition was commenced which now holds yearly.

The exhibition which is centered on annual raw materials, equipment and painting show held on the 23rd of October and was tagged “PMA Nigeria Coating Show”.

The event had exhibitors from the United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Turkey, South Africa and India in attendance. The major aim of the exhibition is to develop strategies on how to handle the issue of high cost and scarcity of raw materials for local production which is a major challenge faced in the industry and to promote paint Technology by sourcing for local contents.

PMA (Paints manufacturers association of Nigeria) functions collectively with SON (standard Organization of Nigeria) to guarantee an acceptable global quality standard for manufactured products.

Challenges and Prospects of the Nigerian Paint Industry

These include:


The paint industry is one of the most neglected in Nigeria. There are no incentives provided and routine checks are not always carried out. This, in turn, puts a restriction on the percentage of the paint industry’s contribution to the gross domestic product of the country.

Also, the lack of an efficient regulatory system increases the emergence of new industries which lead to a decline in the standard of products manufactured.


This can be said to be a major limitation for investors in the industry. These facilities include: constant power supply, access to funding, unavailability of raw materials, lack of proper facilities for certification and test purposes.

Prospects of the Nigerian Paint industry.

These include:


Due to the effort of the Paint Manufacturers Association of Nigeria and the standard organization of Nigeria, the quality of paint produced has improved tremendously.


The increase in demand for paints is as a result of the increase in building construction in the country which has also helped the sustenance of the industry.


Paint industries in Nigeria include:

  1. Premium paints,
  2. Dulux Paints,
  3. Meyer paints, Berger paints,
  4. IPWA,
  5. Nigerian German Chemicals,
  6. African Paints
  7. CAP Plc.

I hope we have made your search complete.



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How to Pitch Your Idea to Investors in Nigeria



Are you an entrepreneur in Nigeria with a business idea that you want to pitch to investors? But you don’t have the finance to invest in the business and the only option left is to look for investors in Nigeria who would love to invest? Read this simplified guide to learn how to pitch your idea to investors in Nigeria in a professional way.

You see, Nigeria is a country with many people with money that don’t know what to do with it. A large chunk of these people will be very happy to invest their money in places that will bring them maximum profits or a good return on their investment. Having the opportunity to meet this class of people (i.e., angel investors) to share your business idea with is one problem.

Here’s what you should know…

You see, it is one thing to have a good business idea, but a completely different thing to know how to pitch it to potential investors. You need the skills of how to convince potential investors within minutes to invest in you, because if you don’t know how to do it professionally, investors won’t be able to understand what you’re trying to relate with them or how best to help you.

The importance of rehearsing your pitch is one thing I can’t stress enough in pitching potential investors in Nigeria. As an entrepreneur, you might think that you know your business in and out, and that when it comes to pitching it to investors, it will be easy just like singing the National anthem (is that even easy?). Well, this is not always the case most times. Cases abound where entrepreneurs freeze in front of investors while pitching, and ramble on and on. Many entrepreneurs don’t put the same effort they used in preparing their business plan to pitching their plan to investors. As such, you should take the time to acquire the needed skills of business idea pitching to pitch your business idea to investors in Nigeria with ease.

How to Pitch Your Idea to Investors in Nigeria

How to Pitch Your Idea to Investors in Nigeria

How to Pitch your Idea to Investors in Nigeria.

1. Start with a story, end with your solution

If you can relate your story to the problem you are solving in the market place, then do it. Nothing engages people better than a good captivating story. Start your pitch with a story that will catch your audience or investor’s attention, the complaint and address it to how your business idea will be the solution to the problem in your story.

So, don’t just keep talking about the problems all day, pitch your idea by showing potential investors how your product or service will solve the hungry market’s problem. Make it easy for the investor to understand how you plan to execute the solution with your idea.

2. Niche down to the exact market you are targeting.

Every product, service or business idea has a specific market it is made for. Don’t lie to investors saying that your product or services is for everybody on earth. It is too broad. Everybody is no market. Tell your investors the market needs your idea is meeting.

3. Analyze Your competitors

A quick analyses of your potential competitors is very important as every business has a competitor even if the competitor is located far away in another continent. Tell the investors how different your business model or approach to solving the problem is from that of your competitors and how much market share you are likely to take if your idea comes to the limelight through their support.

4. State the exact amount you need

Don’t beat around the bush about the exact amount of money you need to fund this idea. Tell investors the exact amount of money that will be required to fund the business idea to success, as well as how much have been invested (if any). Also, give a detailed breakdown of why you need the exact amount you have stated and the intended outcome of the money too. You can do this using slides, charts, tables, diagrams, etc.

These are few tips to know on how you can pitch a business idea to investors in Nigeria. I hope with this  information, you have gained clarity on how you can pitch your idea to investors in Nigeria. Go ahead and put it into practice.

If you have any questions on this topic or a related on, let me know in the comments box below.



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5 Ways to Spot Exceptional Employees in Nigeria



The Nigerian labor market is very flexible with a skilled, low labor cost, highly motivated, and productive workforce. High level of education and efficiency are common factors for spotting exceptional employees. Besides, exceptional employees are easily self-motivated and self-managed.

Another important factor used for distinguishing an exceptional employee is the personality of the employee. This informs why some people are more successful at work than others? Travis Bradberry of Forbes magazine stated that following a research done around 2016, it was concluded that the key to exceptional performance is in the personality of the employee. Bradbery (2016) stated that the results indicate that “78% of leaders consider that personality distinguishes great employees, much more than cultural adjustment with 53% and even the skills of an employee (39%)”.

However, the qualities that the leaders pointed out as part of the personality are those of emotional intelligence. Unlike personality (which never changes), emotional intelligence can be transformed and improved. So executives don’t need to look for employees who have these skills. His duty, and also that of the company, is to help the entire team to enhance their emotional intelligence to become exceptional.

In essence, a typical team does all of its planning to achieve goals, with minimal intervention from management. Exceptional employees are also known to be healthily self-critical, with a willingness to learn and a commitment to making improvements both in production and performance.

It is clear, therefore, that the key indicators of exceptional employee are high level of education, efficiency at work, self-motivation, self-management, great personality, and emotional intelligence.

However, how can we see these playing out to determine how exceptional an employee? How does one spot the level of education, efficiency at work, self-motivation, self-management, great personality, or emotional intelligence of an employee? It is by observing if the employee has the following characteristics before and after employment.

Exceptional Employees in Nigeria

Spotting Exceptional Employees in Nigeria

5 Ways To Spot An Exceptional Employee.

 Exceptional employees may be spotted using the 5 indicators below:

(1) The Employee Is Willing To Delay Gratification.

Exceptional employees work outside the range of job descriptions. Rather than expect recognition or compensation to come first, they move forward in their work, confident that they will be rewarded later, but they don’t worry if they aren’t.

(2) Exceptional Employees Tolerate Conflict.

While exceptional employees don’t seek conflict, they don’t run from it either. They can maintain their composure while presenting their positions calmly and logically.

(3) Exceptional Employees Are Focused.

Exceptional employees are not distracted by grumpy customers or disputes in the office. Rather, they know how to detect the important issues and that is why they stay focused on what matters.

(4) An Exceptional Employee Is Judiciously Brave but Courteous

An exceptional employee is willing to speak up, ask a difficult embarrassing question, or challenge an executive decision. Besides, an exceptional employee chooses the best time to do act and thinks before speaking.

(5) Exceptional Employees Control Their Ego

While the ego is part of an exceptional employee’s drive to constantly improve, they never overdo it. An exceptional employee admits when he/she is wrong and agrees to do things differently with or without correction.

Becoming an exceptional employee is a skill, an art that can be learned and practiced to efficiency. One of the ways to become an exceptional employee is to establishing open and trustworthy lines of communication with the management and co-workers.

Besides, the Human Resources (HR) department has a role to play in the building of an average employee into an exceptional employee. Rather than dismiss below average or average employees, the Human Resources (HR) team can deploy technology to improve their integration with the entity’s values. In this sense, e-learning, for example, can have great value in developing courses that convey to that person what it means to work in that company and what it contributes to society.

Another mechanism that may be used to is improve an employee’s performance is proper mentoring, that is, involving some of the people with the best reputation and knowledge within the organization to protect and accompany the toxic worker, giving them advice and offering advice whenever they need it. In this way, individual attitudes can change, although care should be taken so that it does not in any way cloud the relationship between the company and the staff.



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