How to make money online in 2016

How to make money online

It’s not a new thing that everybody wants to learn how to make money online; yes it’s true you can make millions of dollars online from the comfort of your bed without going broke. So in this episode of making money online, I will be telling you the basic thing you can do to make a living with your computer at home. All you need is just a steady internet connection and you get it going. Here are some tips on how to make money online.

1: Blogging

One of the best and surest way to make huge income online is to build a website/blog. I built my first website in January 2015 and started making money with it early march. If you are thinking on starting a blog/website. Then it a good to go idea, stop THINKING and starting ACTING. You can make over $500-$2000 monthly from your blog if you do the right thing and do it right. Before you build your first website, I need you to ask yourself these questions.  1–what can I offer to my visitors?

2–What ways am I planning to monetize my website?

3–Can I source out content for my website easily?

4–Do I know the topic so well that I can answer any question that my visitors ask?

5–How Can I RANK high for my site easily on Google and other search engines?

If you have answers to these questions, then you are on the right track. Before you start a site, you need to know your topic, the keywords you are trying to rank for. Your Keyword is so important that it can make or mar your success in blogging! If you go for keywords that are so hard to rank for, then you might never rank, and might never earn.

In my next post on Keyword, I am going to show you how to find easy to rank keywords free. Not only that, you can find long tail keywords.

You can also get keywords and long tail keywords by using Google Planner, but it will not analyze the competition for you

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2: Buying Domain and Hosting You have your keyword already, now it is time to buy a domain name and hosting it. I recommend you to use godaddy or namecheap to buy all my domains, i recommend bluehost as they are one of the few trusted web hosting service in the world. I use them for You can host unlimited domain on bluehost. The platform is easy to use. I can help you with choosing a domain name for free if you have a problem with choosing one. Just contact me here. Please do send me a text containing your email address to enable me get back to you faster. You can go for brand domain name or EMD (Exact Match Domain). Assuming your keyword is Real money and info, your domain name will be

3: monetize your blog    Congrats! Now you have a working blog filled with Unique content of different topics about your niche, it is time to start earning passive income from it. Three trusted sites to use in monetizing your blog are; 1: AdSense 2: amazon 3: clickbank. However, before you start earning from your website, you need to be ranking for your keyword(s) on Google search, yahoo, Bing etc.   If you have problem ranking for your keywords, or if you have any questions, you can contact us to get in touch with me and I will answer you within with 48 hours.

2:  Affiliate Marketing   Affiliate marketing is similar to blogging, you don’t need to have a product before you can earn, in fact, there are lots of products to promote, and you get a commission for every sale you made through your link. You can use (physical products) or (more of digital products). You don’t really need a website to promote products online, but if you can afford $50. Why not get a website and promote thousands of products?

I strongly recommend you to buy this costly Amazon E-book “MAKE MONEY ONLINE” it’s a well and better detailed guide that will lead you to the world of making millions online. I bought the book and bet you me and i quote “i am now making not less than $1000 monthly from what i learnt from the E-book. And am making this money without my blog. That sounds incredible right?

3: Paid Survey

Are you looking to make money online in 2015 FREE? Then one of those ways is to take survey and get paid. But if you are not in the following countries, USA, Europe, Canada, UK, etc. you might not make enough with them as the surveys are designed for this countries. You can make $1 to $1000 monthly with this.   But there are lots of fake paid survey websites out there. One of the trusted paid survey sites that have been paying for years is Cashcrate.

4: Offer your Service   Do you have a service that you can offer? Find what you are good at, see if people are searching for it, and then find out how to offer it to them! It is simple. Take me for example, I know how to rank websites and when people see my sites, they are ready to pay me to rank their website. And they get to me via this blog.

5: Write E-book   Ever bought Kindle book from amazon? And you think you can do better than them? Why not start writing today and get royalty from every sale.

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