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How to Get Clients Fast Through Effective Business Networking In Nigeria




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How to Get Clients Fast Through Effective Business Networking In Nigeria

Networking Overview

In this first guide in networking basics, we’re going to look at networking overall, and really get an understanding of the fundamentals of networking. So in this guide, what we’re going to discuss is first of what really is networking, then we’re going to dive into different types of networking and the forms that they come in.

And then lastly, I’ll share with you my personal success with networking. So first off, what is networking. And this is how I would define networking.


“I defined it as the physical act of meeting others providing value and building a long term relationship, both personally and professionally. Networking should be a positive experience to learn about other people’s story, and genuinely build a relationship”

Now, this is my personal definition of networking. However, if you talk to different people or different companies, they might have a slight variation of it. But ultimately, our goal is to meet people build a relationship and have a positive experience to learn about people’s stories.

That’s what it’s about. It’s all about building relationships and truly connecting with people. Because at the end of the day, ultimately people do business with people, as many cool software tools that are out there and is easy, simplified ways that you can connect with people on social media.

There’s nothing like that face to face connection that you can have with another person.

And networking is the best way to do that.

Types Of Networking

1. Social Networking

  • Social Media outlets
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Great for touchpoints
  • Can be the primary strategy
  • Online to offline experience

So now let’s dive into the different types of networking that are out there. So the first and most obvious type is really social networking.

These are your basically your social media outlets, your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, I really see these as great pieces for touchpoints are really initializing a conversation with someone that you may not be able to connect with directly through a networking meeting or another connection or networking partner.

So that’s what social networking is.  However, some people use it as their primary strategy for networking. Ultimately, what you want to do it You want to have that online experience with someone, and you want to take it to an offline experience a face to face handshake type of experience with them.

So you might meet them online initially. You might be connecting with them a little bit here and there through different touchpoints to see how they’re doing and how you can help them.

But ultimately, you want to get that face to face that one on one meeting, you know, talking with them, getting them getting to know them more on a personal level.

And I don’t care what anyone says about how awesome and effective social networking can be.

It’s never as good as a face to face, you will never be able to connect with someone as in-depth as a face to face meeting where you’re shaking their hand and you’re talking to them, rather than just doing something in more of a virtual environment.

2. Casual Networking

  • Meet casually in life
  • The plane, coffee shop, shopping
  • Out and about in life
  • Spark conversation
  • Opportunity for relationship

So the next type of networking is kind of casual networking. This is where you just meeting people in life. It can be on a plane or coffee shop or shopping, you’re just out and about and you’re sparking a conversation with someone.

This is an opportunity to build a relationship with someone.

A friend told me a story about him doing something very similar, he actually met a future strategic partner.

He was at a coffee shop and saw someone on their Mac and said, Hey, they got to be up to something. So He just went up to them and just started a conversation with him.

They started talking, he found out that the guy was actually a graphic designer. And through building the relationship, they now actually work together as strategic partners.

So him as a videographer and the other person, as a graphic designer are able to collaborate, share clients with each other, and provide a lot of value to their clients.

And we’re going to talk about that dynamic a little bit later in a strategic partner chapter. But the primary goal of casual networking is to just spark up a conversation

So don’t be nervous about doing that. And as you get through some of the networking processes and you become more seasoned, it’s going to be easier for you to approach people.

3. Formal Networking

  • Formally going to groups
  • Different types of groups
  • The intention of finding out business
  • Actively building relationship

Now, the last type of networking is the formal networking and this is what the bulk of the guide is all going to be about.

It’s about formerly going to groups, different types of groups, and really the intention of finding out about a person, their business.

You’re actively building a relationship so you can become partners, and how you can have a mutually beneficial relationship with each other or have just a great personal relationship with each other as well.

Networking Process

In this chapter, we’re going to talk about the networking process and the different steps of networking. We’re first going to talk about the different stages of networking.

I’m going to give you a broad overview of each, then we’re going to dive into each specific process for each one of those stages. So first talk about the different stages of networking.



  • Knowing the connective approach
  • Having clear goals in mind
  • Discovering what group is ideal
  • Planning for the event

The first stage of networking is researching. This is understanding the connective approach that you’re going to have and clear goals in mind when you’re going into a networking event.

Then you want to discover what group is really going to be the best fit for you. What are the topics, what type of people are attending that you can connect with? And then ultimately, you’re going to plan for the event.


  • Meeting fellow networkers
  • Talking about your businesses
  • Learning about others
  • Focus on connecting
  • Goal to set-up one on ones

The next thing is the physical networking event itself. This is where you’re meeting fellow networkers, you’re talking about your business, and you’re really learning and connecting with others.

Now the goal of an event is really to set up a one on one meeting where you can get to know the person on a more personal and professional level.


  • Meet person individually
  • Focus on learning about them
  • Coffee, lunch, event
  • Provide value

The next thing after the event is the one on one. And this is where you meet the person individually, you’re going to focus on learning really about them. And it can be for coffee, it can be for lunch, it can be at a particular event.

But ultimately, your goal is to know them on a more personal level and provide value to them.


  • Follow up with One- on- One
  • Regularly have touchpoints
  • Determine if a suitable strategic partner

The last stage is really the relationship building. This is when you following up with an additional one on one, you want to have regular touchpoints with them, and have a second or third, one on one meeting with them.

And then at that point, you’ll be able to determine if they’re suitable as a strategic partner for you.

If you can provide value to them, they can provide value to you, and even if you can’t work with each other on a business level, maybe on a personal level, you can connect as well and build a relationship from there.

Connective Approach Formula –


In this chapter, we’re going to talk about the connective approach formula. And this is going to be the strategy you’re going to use for your overall approach to networking.

So we’re going to talk about is first making connections and the importance of that. Secondly, going to talk about the power of listening and really learning about the individuals that you’re going to be meeting at networking events.

Then we’re going to talk about just the overall strategy for building relationships. And then next, we’re going to talk about how you can take those relationships to build partnerships.


  • The focus of connecting with people
  • People do business with people
  • They and you should KNOW – LIKE -TRUST

So when you go to a networking meeting, the main thing that you want to do is make a connection with people. You want to focus on really connecting with them on a personal level, you know, people do business with people, they’re going to do business with people they know, like and trust.

And if you come off as one of those people that just go there, and you’re talking about business all the time, and you just want to try to sell stuff, it’s going to be a huge turnoff for people.

How To Connect

  • Connect on similar interests
  • Connect on family
  • Connect on travel

So what you really want to focus on is connecting with them as an individual. Don’t focus too much on the business, as we talked about before, focus on the person and connecting with them.

Because ultimately, if they know like, and trust you, they’re more likely to help you out and you are more than likely to willing to do the same.

And by connecting with them on their interests, their likes, you know why they do what they’re passionate about, you are going to really stand out.

And they’re going to like, know and trust you more than other people that are just going there with the goal of trying to sell stuff.

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Networking Event Process

business opportunities in the software industry

So the first thing we’re going to discuss is kind of the networking events that you could attend. So the first one is more of a referral-based networking group.


  • Designed to get referrals
  • Lots of “casual networking”
  • Goal to get & give referrals

This is your big type of group or even your chamber of commerce to some degree. Now, this group is designed to get referrals.

It’s a lot of casual networking because you want to spend time meeting with people talking with people setting up one on ones understanding their business with the intention of getting New referrals.

That is ultimately the goal of this type of networking event.


  • Some casual networking
  • Goal to learn something from a group.
  • Sometimes speaker at an event.
  • Sometimes activity-driven.

The next type, which is my personal favorite is more of an educational-based networking event. There’s some casual networking that goes on before and after the actual event or educational part.

The goal is to learn something from the group. So they might have a speaker at the event, sometimes it’s activity-driven. But the thing is, is that you’re trying to kind of build relationships connect with people through education, or just an activity of some sort, which makes it kind of fun.

Understanding One-on-one Meetings


  • Meeting with business contact
  • Meet just with them
  • Sometimes can have 2 other people

So what a one on one meeting is, is it’s basically a meeting with a business contact, you just met with them at maybe a networking event and you connected with them, and you want to have you and them just sit down and have a conversation about each other.

So you can see if there’s some synergy and opportunity to connect on a deeper level.

Now, sometimes you can have two other people. Sometimes there can be three or four people there but ideally, a one on one is exactly what It says it’s a one-on-one, you meeting away from the noise of a networking event.

So the reason why you want to do this is that it’s going to help build and foster that relationship, it’s going to help you determine if you can be strategic partners with this person.

Another thing it can be a little awkward, you don’t know the person and you don’t know what to say.

But what’s great and the way to overcome this is you be you want to come research and be prepared. Come research, be prepared, be able to ask you know good effective questions to them.

Your primary goals of building that relationship, taking it to the next level by asking for a second meeting, and fostering that relationship. So you can move it to a strategic partnership, and then ultimately, to someone that can be a part of your business development group.



  • Business college
  • Networking partner
  • Close friend
  • Built a relationship with them

Strategic Partners; they’re a business colleague or a networking partner. They could also be a close friend, but ultimately, it’s someone that you have built a relationship with.

They are an individual that you have an agreement to mutually benefit each other and the clients so you can have a very close relationship with, they can be great friends or you can be strictly business partners. You want to collaborate with each other to benefit your clients.

So now let’s talk about why you’d want to work with a strategic partner and why this is so important in building your business.


  • Essentially FREE to promote & sell
  • No consistent labor costs
  • Only pay for lead/sale

One of the main reasons is the cost, it’s essentially free for them to promote and sell you. There are no consistent labor costs like if you’re at a hired marketing or a sales manager, you only pay for the lead or sale if that’s the agreement you have.

Our primary goal of picking a strategic partner is someone that is aligned with your goals and the quality of work that you have as well.

Networking Power Start –


The first thing is you want to have clearly defined goals. You want to be intentional to build your strategic partners, and you want to be upfront about it right away when you reach out to a contact.

You want to align yourself with professionals in their industry and you want to be specific on your goal.


  • Go to industry events
  • Contact them directly
  • Email – Phone
  • Proactively reach out

So your strategy with this is that ultimately, instead of attending general networking events based on business, you want to go out and contact them directly, so through email, or even call them, this is where you’re proactively reaching out to them.

And that’s the “POWER START” strategy. So here is how you would structure the contact, if you’re actually contacting them through email or phone.



  • Greeting to them
  • A positive note on day/week
  • Who you are

This is ideally how you want it to be structured. So first off, what you want to do is you want to have an introduction, you want to have kind of a greeting to them about yourself,, you want to have a positive note about the day or the week.

And typically you want to explain who you are. So you want to say hi, hope you have an awesome week.

Then the next line is really how you know them.

How You Know

  • How you know them
  • How you discovered them
  • How you came across them

So give them some insight, maybe you were referred to them from another contact, so you have instant credibility right there. Or maybe you discovered them online, or how you came across them some way or somehow you want to give them some basics on how you found out about them.


  • What you like/admire
  • Detailed example
  • Very specific on like/admire
  • Provide personal feedback

Then you want to see something that you like or admire about them what you like about them.

The next thing you want to do is you want to state your goal, what you want to do, what you and how they can actually help, how it will help them how it will help you what the actual goal is, what is the purpose of writing this email, then you want to provide them with a call to action.

It’s very, very specific. It’s very easy for them to say yes, that’s easy and convenient for me to the last thing you want to do is just thank them, thank them for their time thank them for reading thank them for their consideration

Something that states that you’re grateful for them even opening up the email and considering talking to you and considering, having a potential meeting with you.

What Next

So when you follow the process, and you use the structure and you start putting this stuff in place, you’re going to be able to hit the ground running with your strategic network.

And before you know it, you’re going to have a huge amount of strategic partners all of which are actively working with you to get clients for your business.

Next, download the free LinkedIn workbook to learn how to get Leads & Sales on LinkedIn.



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  1. Computer Repair as a small business idea

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Entrepreneur Platform Help & Verdict on this:

You will need Experience, training or licensing, you will also need to have a good communication skill just to keep your customers as well as referrals. Starting a computer repair from your home will gradually push you into getting an office and within a few years’ time, you will become an incorporated company if you play by the rule. You can contact us for the business plan for computer repair now.

  1. Event Planning as a Small Business Idea

Nigeria is becoming more porous and open to event and show business, the love for event programs, shows, and parties is on the increase and as such you can take advantage of this green sign-waving you into the entertainment world. One of the first things you need to do is visit every potential event location with which you plan to work. Work with the marketing manager to tour each site and learn what is available at each location. Start a database that will allow you to sort venues by varying features–the number of people each site holds if there is equipment available on site, will you need to arrange for rental chairs, sound system, etc. Then when you are beginning to plan an event with a client, you can find out what the key parameters are for the event and easily pull up the three or four sites that meet the basic criteria. And engagement parties, etc. Good luck.

Entrepreneur Platform Help & Verdict on this:

This business has expansion possibilities and it can gradually pull you into becoming a popular celebrity in though you are or not full time into the entertainment industry. You don’t really need any professional skill here, all you need to be a good logician and know what people in a particular area want.

Need more and well-detailed guide on this? Order for the business plan by calling our number +2347037281050.

  1. Computer Training as a Small Business Idea

If you are proficient in both Macintosh and PC, you should offer training in both types of computers. You could probably make a living helping seniors learn how to use the internet and e-mail to keep in touch with their loved ones, who are now commonly spread around the country. Err on the side of caution in this business. People do not want to know all the details about what makes a computer work. If you overload them with information from the beginning by explaining bits, bytes, and megapixels, they will stick to their paper and pencil forever.

Entrepreneur Platform Help & Verdict on this:

You need Experience, training or licensing and good teaching skill and has expansion possibilities.

  1. Photography as a Small Business Idea

Even those on Campus can do this business and make huge profits. This makes photography one of the best small business ideas for students as making money as a photographer can be done in a number of different ways. You can specialize in one area, the most common being weddings. There are niches you can explore for photography: portraits of people and their pets, families, and homes; photographs of holiday events, birthday parties or Christmas cards; the possibilities are endless. A standard Cannon or Nikon Camera sales for about $400-$500 (average of 150000).

Entorm Help & Verdict on this:

You will need Experience, training or licensing. Learn the basic and go pro and watch how clients infiltrate from nowhere to you location.

  1. Website Developer as a Small Business Idea

Many courses exist (many of which, logically, are offered online) where you can learn the language of website creation and can learn about the details, like how to set up shopping cart systems, security concerns, etc. You will, of course, need to learn about each company you design for is not a big deal. What is the atmosphere of the company that you need to reflect in the website design–is it wild and contemporary, meaning brilliant colors and fun graphics? Or will more classic colors like black, navy blue and maroon be more appropriate? One thing good about this one is that you can design any type of website now without having the knowledge of any HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, etc. All you need to is choose a good CMS platform like WordPress, buy a decent hosting plan for your client and themes will be used to make customization and give your client that look they want to see.

Entrepreneur Platform Help & Verdict on this:

You will need Experience, training, and creativity. You will need a PC or Laptop, an Internet-enabled device or Modem, time, and patience.

  1. Dog Breeder as a Small Business Idea

Pets are phenomenally popular in the U.S. but its gradually getting popular too in Nigeria and I suggest you take advantage of this and make you known with this business practice. While many people are willing to adopt from animal shelters, others are looking for a specific breed. Purebred dogs are more popular than ever and can command large sums of money. Guess you know that buying a dog is very costly, if you don’t know, why not take a tour and check out how much Foreign and Local dogs are sold for one. But becoming a dog breeder is serious business catering to savvy consumers with high expectations of their pet purchases. You will need to establish yourself as a conscientious breeder who cares about the health and welfare of the animals you bring into the world.

Entrepreneur Platform Help & Verdict on this:

You need Experience, training, or licensing. Make sure you segregate the security dogs from the domestic ones to avoid the security dogs from biting people.

  1. Business Plan Service as a Small Business Idea

Take your time to make market research and get the feasibility studies for different business practices. Offer a soup-to-nuts business plan, including market research, the business plan narrative and the financial statements. Plan your fee around the main one that the client will want and offer the others as add-on services. You can give clients an electronic file and allow them to take it from there, or you can keep the business plan on file and offer the service of tweaking it whenever necessary. Have business plan samples to show clients–and make sure to include your own!

Entrepreneur Platform Help & Verdict on this:

It has expansion possibilities and be ready to receive calls from people from different places that you don’t know. Because we also offer this business plan writing services, you could see we have our phone number in this article, asking you to call us if you need our Business Plan.

  1. Interior Decoration as a Small Business Idea

Interior decoration is one of the good and profitable small Businesses with low start-up capital that can propel you into a multi-million Naira entrepreneur if you can get and become very creative with the works of your hands. Market your talents to building contractors. People purchasing new homes can often be overwhelmed with the choices and possibilities in home decorating. Design some questionnaires for each major element and each major room in the house. Find out how the homeowner will use the home–are there children? Pets? Does the woman in the house wear high heels? Do the home’s residents neglect to remove shoes? How will each room be used? Where might task lighting and ambient lighting be most appropriate?

Entrepreneur Platform Help & Verdict on this:

Experience, training, or licensing and helping hands may be needed here. Get up and take a walk and do a market research and marketing yourself and make your money. Don’t forget to come back to here for my own share of the money once it starts coming. Hahaha.

Want a full report on the feasibility study or the business plan for interior decoration? Kindly contact us or call +2347037281050

  1. Jewelry Making as a Small Business Idea

Being Business start-ups with low start-up capital, Jewelry making/production can be a bit Capital intensive if you want to produce as a brand designer but you can start with a very little capital from the comfort of your room, all you have to do is to be very creative with your hand works and keep learning the new trends. There are many different ways of getting into the jewelry business and many different types of materials with which you can work. Working in metal will probably require the most in the way of specific tools. You need to be able to heat the metal to manipulate it, and you need metalworking tools to cut and engrave it. But there are many other materials that you can work with to make jewelry–glass, plastic, beads, feathers, even wood, to name just a few.

Entrepreneur Platform & Verdict on this

Experience, training or licensing, helping hands, and creativity may be needed. As said earlier on, be very creative and your market will grow drastically.

10. Property Management as a Small Business Idea

No wonder why Lawyers are all over this business, but I tell you; you don’t need to be a Barrister in order to go into this business. Your job, in the case of rental units, will be to make sure the property is running smoothly. For seasonal properties, you will most likely spend your management time making sure the property is ready for seasonal visits and well-maintained when no one is around.

If the owners go away for six weeks in the winter, the property manager makes regular checks on the property. You will be the contact number if the security system operator needs to contact someone about a breach of security.

  1. Wedding Planner as a Small Business Idea in Nigeria

Wedding programs are organized every weekend and as such probably don’t have to miss out on this opportunity. You will need to be up-to-date on wedding trends and fads, dress styles, color trends–almost everything under the sun! Offer your customers an ala carte menu of services, from helping pick flowers, the wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses to picking the venue and hiring the caterer.

Before you open your business, shop at all the wedding shops, and even pretend you are a bride-to-be to see what kinds of services the wedding gown shop provides and how they treat potential customers. You need to know every detail of the business to give the accurate impression that you are the go-to person for anyone planning a wedding.

  1. Cleaning Service as a Small Business Idea

Please ooo, don’t be shy here. Because it’s a money-making machine. it’s a Business startup with low start-up capital in the sense that there are many directions you can take this business. If you want to work during hours when no one else does, you can focus on office clients.

You can focus on retail businesses and keep your customers clumped into one or two blocks. Restaurants are in great need of daily thorough cleaning and can be a great source of steady clients. Perhaps you would be more interested in house cleaning. Many times with cleaning services you don’t have to spend lots of money on advertising or marketing because your customers will come by word of mouth.

People are building companies by starting a home Cleaning service business, there is no reason you can’t try this.

  1. Freelance Graphic Designer as a Small Business Idea

This? I know it too well. I’ve been a freelance graphics designer since 2013 and I must tell you it really paying well only if you give and spend quality time to becoming a better and creative designer.

Despite the proliferation of the internet, print media is here to stay for the foreseeable future! Fliers, newsletters, magazines, information sheets, letters, and advertisements are just a few of the types of print media that businesses hire freelancers to create for them.

Websites and online advertising need graphic design services as well. Even if your expertise is only in design, offer the works for potential clients, including the editorial creation and the printing and even mailing of the final piece. You can line up regular freelancers for those parts of the job you can’t do.

Entrepreneur Platform Help & Verdict on this

You will be needing Experience, training, and creative concept her

  1. Hairstylist as a Small Business Idea 2020

Hair-styling is one of the Business start-ups with low start-up capital that you can do today that have the power to gradually make you a millionaire. Hair-styling is a popular business that can be quite lucrative. Generally, a home-based hairstylist business is likely to be started by someone who has already had a cosmetology career and wants a change. If you already have your cosmetology training and license, and loads of experience under your belt working in a hair-styling salon, you probably have a following that will follow you right home without any hesitation.

Entrepreneur Platform Help & Verdict on this

Experience, training, creativity and good customer management may be needed. This business can be started as a freelancer if you don’t have a dime to rent an office. Meanwhile Setting up a small hairdressing saloon will not cost you more than 100,000 and 800,000 for a big saloon.

  1. Herbal Farm Stand as a Small Business Idea

the rate at which herbal products are increasing in its market demand is seriously calling for the attention of the entrepreneurs. Likes of GOKO cleanser, Osa Herbal Mixture, Dr. Aladin, etc. you need to decide whether you will sell your herbs as live plants, picked or cut in bunches, and packed, or dried. If you plan to market to cooks instead of gardeners, you will want to sell your herbs either fresh cut and packed in sealed bags, or dried and sold in baggies. You can also consider a “pick-your-own” arrangement; however, be aware that herbs are more delicate than most P.Y.O products. You may save your garden a lot of strife and your plants a lot of wear and tear if you do the picking.

  1. Body Spa And Massage Therapist as a Small Business Idea 2019

You will want to become certified in massage therapy to be able to effectively market your services. Courses that lead to certification include not only information on human anatomy and physiology and the effects that massage has on both, but also on how to make a business out of the field of massage.

Entrepreneur Platform Help & Verdict on this

You will be needing Experience and the act of professionalism. For a start, you need to have a conducive environment that must be in an environment of the rich who can pay for such services. Maybe as your business grows, you can include an aging park home for the aged people. Those in the European countries are already doing it and its generation thousands of dollars for them monthly.

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  1. Music Lessons

Using Nigeria as a point of contact, in a number of 100 young guys, 10-30 are musicians. That is to tell you that Nigeria is really blessed with the market and has the resources it takes to make a good living producing and teaching people how to go about the music and music career. You want to stick to the instrument(s) you know, but you may be a skilled enough musician to offer lessons on several different instruments, or those in a particular class, e.g., strung or woodwind, Drumming, Piano, etc. You can decide to take on individuals or classes, depending on space and availability of instruments. Public schools are continually reducing their commitment to art and music classes for students, so you can try to work with the public school system to supplement their efforts in those areas. guess you didn’t know this business is among the Business start-ups with low start-up capital? now you know

Entrepreneur Platform Help & Verdict on this

Experience, training, and good teaching skills may be needed. Don’t forget to help the people you are coaching as it will help boost your demand once they turn into celebrities.

  1. Editorial Services as a Small Business Idea

Here are some of the editorial services you can provide from the comfort of your own home:

Copy editing. This is where fact checking takes place, and where grammatical, stylistic, and typographical errors are caught.

Proofreading. This is the last stop for a “finished” piece. The proofreader makes sure the copy editing changes have been properly made and no new errors are created in the process.

Indexing. There are indexing courses available and you can get indexing software.

Developmental editing. A developmental editor works with a manuscript on big-picture things like organization and content issues.

Book doctoring. This is an editorial service provided for manuscripts written by experts. They create a manuscript as best they can and then a book doctor puts it into publishable shape.

Ghost Writing. As a ghostwriter you actually do the research and write the book and someone Else’s name is attached as the author.

Copywriting Also known as business writing is writing that promotes a product or a service.

Book writing. Do you have expertise in something professional, such as accounting or interior decorating? Or personally, like knitting? Why not write a book about it?

Magazine article writing. Magazines and newspapers are a great way to get your writing published before tackling the daunting task of writing a whole book.

Web page content provider. Providing content for a web site is a good way to make some money writing.

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This Business Has expansion possibilities and you really need to sit down and work.

  1. Car Wash as a Small Business Idea 2019

This business is good if you can set it up in a strategic location in a big town and cities where there are a good number of cars. It can at the same time be done both as a small enterprise and as a big enterprise. A car is being washed at the price of 500-1500 depending.

  1. Christmas Tree Sales as a Small Business Idea

I guess Christmas is fast approaching and this business is becoming a hot cake. It’s a seasonal business with high returns. If you want to start a Christmas tree farm, you need to plan ahead. It takes approximately seven years for a Balsam fir–perhaps the most traditional Christmas tree–to grow from a small sapling to a 5- to 6-foot tree. Selling your trees yourself is the best option. Consumers come to the property, pick the one they want, and you harvest it for them. The other option is to buy your trees from a wholesaler and sell them either in your yard or in a vacant lot that you rent from Thanksgiving to Christmas. If you like this business but you don’t have time for it, why not go for the artificial ones that are even more available in the Nigerian market.

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