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7 Short Term Investments In Nigeria For Youths



investment funding opportunities in nigeria

7 Short Term Investments In Nigeria For Youths

Lolu was projecting towards doing his master’s degree in a year’s time. He had some cash on him but knew it would not completely meet his needs in his first year. He was really at a crossroads on what to do with the money. He wondered if he should buy a piece of property and exercise patience for its appreciation, but he knew that it would take years. A few weeks later, he bumped into Jide who told him how he raised legitimate funds, within a year, to kickstart his now thriving business.

To invest, according to Wikipedia is to allocate money in the expectation of some benefit in the future. An investment is akin to saving for the rainy day, but with extra benefits attached which could be profit.

According to Investopedia, short term investments are securities that can be converted to cash within a period of six months to one year. They are also seen as liquid assets, which are programmed and ran to provide a temporary resting ground for excess cash or loose cash. Short term investments are also known as marketable securities or temporary investments. Unlike long term investments, which has been said offers a higher profit or yield over time. The risks involved in short term investments are less than long term investments.

short term investments in Nigeria

Short term investments in Nigeria

There are a whole lot of examples of short term investments.

1) Treasury bills

short term investments in Nigeria

Treasury bills are debt securities or government bonds, that mature in less than one year. They are affordable and are rushed by investors. They have proven over time, to be one of the best short term investments in Nigeria. They are sold by financial institutions, an example of which includes banks. They can also be sold by brokers.

Treasury bills are also used by the government to help finance national borrowing requirements. The bills are sold or given at a discounted price. It differs from treasury notes or treasury bonds. Treasury bonds are also debt securities but have a period of maturation of over ten years.

The maturity of treasury notes is from 2- 10 years. At the end of the period, it can be returned with interest or reinvested for more profit. One of the mouth-watering benefits of Treasury bills as a short term investment in Nigeria is that the interest received at the end of the agreed tenure is not subject to tax.

Other benefits of Treasury bills as a short term investment in Nigeria is that the bills can be used as collateral to buy more transactions, the interest and tenure of maturation are according to the preference of the customer.

2) Money market accounts

short term investments in Nigeria

Money market accounts are accounts in banks or credit unions which are high-interest yielding. It is also known as a money market deposit account and is an example of a short term investment in Nigeria. Money market accounts differ from the traditional savings account in banks in the following ways viz


  • The account pays a higher interest rate.
  • It includes the privilege of debit cards and checks writing.
  • They are not as flexible as other accounts because they have restrictions meted on them.
  • Money market accounts are insured.

Inquiry about the account and other information can be accessed by visiting a bank.

3) Online investment or savings apps

This is a great idea for a short term investment in Nigeria. It is preferred by people because of the ease and flexibility that comes with it. The world is being overtaken by technology and is making a whole lot of things easier.

A great example of an online or investment app is Sumotrust. Sumotrust is a digital saving and investment platform that allows for ease in saving money. It helps one achieve financial integrity better and hence meet financial goals or targets.

It automates your savings and has flexible savings options. You can transfer money using sumotrust. More importantly, it is the most secure digital savings platform in Nigeria.

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Sumotrust offers really high-interest returns, absence of hidden charges, and fees, unlike some banks. It also broadens one’s horizon as an entrepreneur or just an average individual by allowing one to connect with other entrepreneurs of like minds and also partner with trusted brands. There are four different types of accounts available. The accounts include the Main savings account, fixed savings account, mission savings account, and Sumotrust High-Interest Fixed Deposit Account (SHIFDA).  Visit sumotrust for more information.

Check out why sumotrust is just ahead of others.

4) Fixed savings deposit account

A fixed savings deposit account is a form of short term investments available in Nigeria. It is an investment account offered by banks that has a stipulated amount of money paid into the account with an agreed interest rate and time, after which the money can be liquidated and collected with accrued interest or reinvested/ rolled over.

Some features of the fixed savings deposit account include

  • The investment period of 30 days and a maximum of 360 days.
  • An account can be opened only with a minimum of N100,000
  • Termination of account before maturity is feasible but interest will be forfeited.
  • An account can be terminated whenever the customer pleases.
  • Individuals or corporate bodies or associations are eligible for the account.
  • It offers a high-interest rate.

More information on the technicalities of this account can be gotten from the bank.

5) Certificate of deposit

This is an agreement between an individual and a bank. In exchange for a high interest, higher than a money market account, an individual can decide to enter an agreement with the bank. The bank uses the money for a period of time and high interest is reached which is paid to the individual.

This is an ideal short-term investment in Nigeria. It is sometimes referred to as a type of savings account, but without the option of withdrawal. It differs from the regular savings account in the following ways.

  • The minimum deposit required is higher than that of a savings account.
  • A penalty is paid for withdrawals pre-maturity. Legitimate withdrawals are only made post maturity.
  • There’s no room to add more money after the deposit has been made.

It is worthy to note that the longer the length of the term the more the rate of interest generated.

6) Buying foreign currency

Buying foreign currency can also be seen as a short term investment in Nigeria. A rise in the market value of our local currency determines the amount of profit that can be made. This method can be dicey and is associated with risks of buying fake currency and a host of others.

With the rate of inflation and devaluation of our local currency, saving money is not just enough. Investment has become the real deal. Short term investments are even better ways to meet targets faster.

7) Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is one of the short- term and long-term investments for youths in Nigeria. It has proven to be very effective in making millionaires in this part of the world. So many startups have sprung up from crypto. You can either buy and hold, mine or trade. More on Cryptocurrency and blockchain will be coming up on the site soon.




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How To Make Money As A Secondary School Student In Nigeria.



It is true that you can make money as a Secondary School student in Nigeria. However, the challenge most times is how to go about it. This article explains the steps and how to leverage the available opportunities.

As a student in any secondary school in Nigeria, you might have had the thought of how you can make some money for yourself. The economy of Nigeria isn’t doing so great and most people have to fend for themselves. Your parents might try to meet your basic needs, but most times they just cannot satisfy all your wants. This is why you also need to have a way you make some extra cash for yourself. You can even start supporting your parents by paying some of the bills and saving up for your college.

You might have been told by your parents or guardians that you need to focus on your studies and get good grades. However, as a secondary school student, you have a lot of free time on your hands. If you know how to manage your time well, you can juggle part-time work with your academics and still make excellent grades. In this article, you will find out ways you can make money in Nigeria as a secondary school student.

8 Lucrative Ways To Make Money As A Secondary School Student In Nigeria

(1) Do Freelancing

This is one of the best ways to make passive income, even as a secondary school student. Freelancing is the process where you offer your services/skills to people in need of them. You as a freelancer have the freedom of choosing your working hours (obviously would be after school hours or on weekends). Skills like Graphic Design, Web Designing, Copywriting, Voiceover, etc. can make you handsome money if you know how to do them.

Although having a good digital skill will increase your chances of earning more on freelancing platforms, you can still do some simple jobs to get some cash. Some of these simple tasks include writing articles, proof-reading, transcribing, typing, and a few others. Here are some freelancing websites you can check out

  1. Fiverr
  2. Freelancer
  3. Upwork
  4. Guru
  5. iWriter

(2) Become A Hair Stylist

People always need to get a haircut every now and then. Ladies also love a good hairstylist that can make their hairstyle look like a princess’s own. If you have this skill, you can use it to make some money for yourself. Most ladies know how to plait simple hairstyles; you can do this for your classmates and charge them for your services. You can learn this skill from a barber/hairstylist in your area. It can take you a few months to have a good grasp of how to do it. Once you get good to an extent, you can start off on your own in making money with your new skill. You can also negotiate with your boss to give you some amount when you help him/her style a person’s hair.

(3) Sell Stationeries

Selling some stationaries in the school environment should not be that hard. Students always need an extra pen or a new notebook. You can be making money by meeting the needs of your fellow student. Stationeries such as school textbooks, rulers, graphs, rulers, pens, mathematical sets, etc. are materials you can easily sell. You might have to get capital from your parents or someone else to start off. Make sure you keep a record of your sales so as not to run at loss and also protect your goods from possible theft.

(4) Do Assignments for Fellow Students

Perhaps you are a very bright student and people always flock around you to copy your assignments. You can turn this into a money-making scheme for yourself. All you have to do is inform your mates that you can solve their assignment problems for a token. You get to make some money and educate yourself some more in the process.

(5) Become a Tutor

Tutoring is another means you can make cool cash for yourself. You can teach subjects you know very well with other students. A lot of students need help figuring out certain things, especially in English and Mathematics which are compulsory subjects. You can also work as a home tutor, teaching students who are a few classes below you. The money you will earn won’t be very high but it is enough to pay some of your bills.

(6) Work at A Restaurant

There is barely anywhere you go where there won’t be a restaurant. People always need to replenish their energy and feel good. Restaurants are always looking for extra workers to meet the demands of their customers. You can work in a restaurant after school hours or during weekends depending on your preference. It is not compulsory for you to know how to cook before you can work there. There are various other tasks that don’t require that kind of expertise. Make sure you do not overwork yourself as you would need to go to school the next day fully active.

(7) Write Contents for Individuals and Corporate Bodies

Content writing is a good way to earn an income and also educate yourself in the process. There are numerous blogs and website that needs people to write contents for their platforms daily. You can write articles for them and get paid some amount. iWriters is one platform that you can sign up on to work as a writer. They link you up with clients that need your service.

(8) Apply for Scholarships

This is a great way to make money and also make your parents proud. There a whole lot of scholarships out there for secondary school students that you can participate in. If you know you got what it takes to compete, go ahead and you might win yourself a handsome sum of money. You can also participate in various competitions and win cash prizes.


The ways to make money as a Secondary School student in Nigeria are not limited to the above list. However, you have to be willing to work to make the money you so much desire. Make sure you inform your parents before taking up a job as they might have objections or advice based to offer you. You do not have to involve yourself in scams or scandalous activities to make money as a student. Work diligently and smartly, you would eventually become self-dependent someday.



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How to Make Money in Nigeria as a Teenager



Would you like to make money in Nigeria as a teenager? I guess so. Even if you are not a teenager reading this, this article can still help your teenage child, friend, neighbor, student, relative and/or any teenager around you. By the way, by teenager, I am referring to anyone between the age of Thirteen (13) and Nineteen (19).

Now, the online world has presented us with such vast opportunities that you do not have to go through years of college before you start earning cool cash for yourself. As a teenager, you can start earning even before you enter college. Many people surf the web daily, looking for ways to make some money. You might need the need an extra source of income, either to support your parents or to buy those cool sneakers you have been eyeing for a while.

Getting some of your bills paid yourself would greatly ease the burden off your parents’ shoulders. You could even start saving up and investing to ensure yourself a financially buoyant future. Note: as a student, you still need to focus on your studies and not flop in your academics. This is why you need to take on what you can handle as a teenager. Get rid of the mindset of involving yourself in get-rich-quick schemes, all this would do is land you in debt or a loss.

The ways to make money in Nigeria as a teenager shared in this article are legit and more of a side hustle. But they are sure to make you some bulks. You could end up turning it into your future career if you are passionate about it.

5 Legit Ways To Make Money in Nigeria as a Teenager

Below are five great ways to make money as a teenager:

(1) Start a YouTube channel

We all have something we are passionate about. This can be a selling point for you. People are always going to YouTube to find helpful information, but mostly to entertain themselves. YouTube provides you with a wide range of audience; you can get creative and interest them with something.

If you consistently post good content, you are sure to get audiences for yourself. YouTube will pay you per view that you have on your videos. This is a great way to earn some cool cash even from the corner of your hostel. You might need to get a phone with a good camera, or just a digital camera if you can afford it. There are even tutorials on YouTube on how to start a YouTube channel.

(2) Become a Freelancer

If you have a digital skill that you are good at, you can sell your services to clients on freelancing platforms and get paid in dollars. A lot of people are making a living as a freelancer, some have even gotten very rich through this means. Although you really need to be good at your craft to constantly get clients in need of your services. While there are many skills you can market, a few of them stand out as high-income skills.

For example, skills such as content writing, web development, graphic design, video animation, and some others are in high demand. You could even land a contract job through some freelancing website, and work with a particular company for months, years even. Some freelancing platforms you can check out include Fiverr, Upwork, guru, freelancer, etc.

(3) Work as a Tutor

Perhaps you are a guru in a couple of subjects while in Secondary school or you just have certain skills that you can teach to others. You can turn this into a source of income for yourself. Organizing tutorials for your fellow students and others who want to learn from you, charging them a few bucks for your knowledge.

Many parents are even looking for personal tutors to take their kids some subjects in their homes. They pay good money and you do not have to worry about renting a space for your lectures. You could end up using the experience you gather from this job to land a Teaching/Lecturing job later in your future. Trust me, people are willing to pay for the knowledge they know they really need.

(4) Venture into Photography

If you have a knack for taking great pictures, you should consider using this skill to get yourself some cool cash. Each day, there is one event or the other. Weddings, House warming, Naming ceremonies, reunions, memorials. They all need someone to capture the memories in cute pictures. You can consider printing out business cards for yourself and handing them out to event planners you know, so you would be their first choice when in search of a photographer.

Be sure to have some samples of your previous works to show your credibility. You do not even have to be invited to these events to go there, most of them do not need invitations. Just go there, hang around with your camera and it’s sure you would see people calling you to take their pictures. Nigerians also love doing photo-shoots every now and then. You can add this to your list of services and have people book sessions with you. If you know your craft, this is a sure-fire way of getting cool cash and you can live comfortably off your earnings.

(5) Do Blogging

Much like having a YouTube channel, blogging is another confirmed way for you to make quite an amount of money. This method needs a lot of patience and hard work, but you can be sure it would all pay off in the end. You have to share great content of your blog consistently to get a good audience to your blog.

There are many online guides (videos, pdf(s), other blogs) that can help you figure out all you need to know before you start blogging. Keep posting on your blog daily to get people’s attention, you can keep a content calendar to help you with this. Once you get a good number of audiences, you can start earning on your blog through advertisement.


There are always opportunities to earn more money today and as a teenager, you are not left out. If you know how to take advantage of the many opportunities out there, you can make money in Nigeria as a teenager with ease. You have to be willing to do some work in order to get paid a good amount of money. Your credibility is very important in any job you take up and people should be able to count on getting quality work from you. Make sure you take your time to figure out which one of the above ways you want to go into, you can even choose to pick multiple ways. Just make sure you are able to deliver on a deal, on time, and in great quality.



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