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10 Young Entrepreneurs In Nigeria You Need to Know



10 Young Entrepreneurs In Nigeria You Need to Know

Nigerians are among the most industrious people in the world even though it is easy to see all of them as lazy, corrupt and treacherous because of a few dishonest, unreliable people.

Without any doubt, young, promising Nigerian entrepreneurs are working hard, contributing their quota to development, and making their motherland very proud.

These young people are experienced and polished in their chosen fields and are not too shy to show what they can bring to the table. Some of these Nigerians have even been featured on Forbes.

Experience is a great teacher: whether it be yours or others’. Since successful people reach there through planning and strategy, it is important to know, follow, adapt and modify these traits that have taken them there.

I hope that you will jot down useful points while we’re discussing these entrepreneurs.

Also, take note of the traits that are common among all of them.

I do not intend to compare people, or ask you to define your standards by them. I ask you to take notes, make adjustments, apply wisdom, and be the person you’ve always wanted to be.

10 Young Entrepreneurs In Nigeria You Need to Know

10 Young Entrepreneurs In Nigeria You Need to Know – Emmanuella

1. Uche Pedro

Uche Pedro is a media-tech-preneur and the brain behind the popular BellaNaija blog. She beat the stereotypes, broke into a mostly-men niche and found a place for herself.

BellaNaija is reputable for its juicy entertainment news and contents.

Pedro was once a staff of Shell Canada, Cadbury, and Cadbury Nigeria, before she became a tech-preneur and started her blog.

Her hard work has made BellaNaija more than a blog: it has now become a household name in Nigeria, known for its juicy, fresh news updates.

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone regardless that many people have interest in and want to go into it. But she has become a success, and is distinguished by her many awards. Her name cannot be omitted from anywhere successful Nigerian entrepreneurs are mentioned.

2. Emmanuella

This should not surprise you. Born on 22nd of July 2010, Emmanuella is a young, beautiful, hardworking Nigerian entrepreneur that took the comedy industry by surprise. She came, she saw, and she conquered.

Emmanuella is estimated to be worth about $500,000. Together with Mark Angel, Emmanuella beat the negative ideology that Nigerians cannot do well as YouTubers. They didn’t just do well, they did exceptionally well.

Laughter inarguably is the best medicine and Emmanuella has treated a lot of people out of their problems with her ever funny comedy skits.

Her treatment was well-received: her comedy skits penetrated the market and made her successful. Because of it, she has travelled the world and gained endorsement deals with Disney and other film companies.

The then Senate President, Bukola Saraki invited her to the Nigerian National Assembly in 2018.

Today, Emmanuella has numerous awards to her name. One of such is from the Afro-Australia Music & Movie Awards (AAMMA) which awarded hare “The Best Comedienne & Princess of Comedy” and another from YouTube which awarded her “Top Subscribed Creator”.

3.  Oluwaseun Osewa

If this name rings a bell, I’ll tell you why. Osewa founded Nairaland, a popular online forum for Nigerians. Nairaland records millions of visits, and millions of members. It is a social networking site for Nigerians to discuss, socialize, learn and earn.

Nairaland has become the go-to forum for Nigerians. It is helpful, educative and informative.

Seun, as he is popularly called, is a very private and quiet person, despite being successful and popular.

Having attained a milestone which is yet many people’s dreams, Oluwaseun Osewa unarguably deserves to be on this list as one of Nigeria’s young entrepreneurs.

4. Linda Ikeji

Drama and controversies are sometimes good for business, and Linda Ikeji hasn’t let them affect her blogging negatively. She paved the way for blogging in Nigeria, and has done very well for herself.

Her team makes sure trending, hot topics are published on the blog frequently to keep visitors coming and asking for more.

If you describe Linda Ikeji’s success story as a typical “from grass to grace” situation, you are not wrong for so it was for her. From a poor and struggling model, Linda rose to become one of Nigeria’s most successful female entrepreneurs; her story serves as inspiration for many other young women in and outside the country.

Once, she left people in awe after buying a ₦400,000,000 house in Banana Island.

Her property and cars are worth billions of Naira: an evidence of how far she has made it in life.

5. Elochukwu Umeh

Umeh is a handsome and resourceful young man; a pioneer of digital media in Africa, and the founder of Terragon Group. He has also acquired a Singapore-based mobile technology company, Bizense.

It had been Elochukwu Umeh’s childhood dream to travel and tour the world. This, perhaps may not have been possible but for his success in founding Terragon Group and investments in other businesses. Today, he has travelled and explored the world, seeing and feeling beautiful, fascinating places.

Different people see the invention of mobile phones and other telecommunication gadgets differently. To Umeh, it is an opportunity to drive businesses, offer value, and make interpersonal relationships thrive.

Even though he faced many obstacles, he surmounted them and became the big name he is today.

6. Etop Ikpe

If you’re a car enthusiast, you would have probably heard of Ikpe. He founded Cars45, an automotive auction, swap, buy and sell platform. His app and website allows people do all the above without stress.

With his business idea, he has been able to solve people’s problems and make money for himself. In May 2017, Cars45 raised $5,000,000 in Series A from the Frontier Cars Groups.

He hasn’t stopped growing since. He currently has 35 physical inspection centres that make it easy for users to sell their cars.

7. Gossy Ukanwoke

Gossy Ukanwole is a 32-year-old inspiring, cutting-edge entrepreneur, nicknamed Nigeria’s Budding Mark Zuckerberg.

He graduated in 2013 as the best student from Girne American University, where he studied Management Information Systems.

He founded EduTech and BAU Executive Education, a software that automates student’s activities on campus. The software is meant to ensure that schools have the technological capacity for smooth operation.

He has been featured on CNN and more than once on Forbes. He is one of Nigeria’s fastest growing young entrepreneur.

8. Dr. Ola Orekunrin

Dr. Ola, popularly known for her Flying Doctors initiative, is another young, promising entrepreneur; another hero without a cape.

Born over three decades ago, Dr. Ola who has ancestry in Britain and Nigeria is a renowned medical doctor. He is presently one of the youngest practicing medical doctors in the United Kingdom. Apart from being a doctor, she is also a trained helicopter pilot.

She is proof that many young Nigerians are hardworking and industrious.

Many of us focus on selling products and services, while she focuses on saving lives.

The young doctor is listed by World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader, has lectured on entrepreneurship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is a TED Fellow.

Some mouthwatering achievements up her sleeves!

9. Bankole Cardoso

Bankole Cordoso is a successful and innovative 25-year-old entrepreneur. His achievements are indeed underrated.

He founded Easy Taxi in 2013, and was featured in the Forbes 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs in Africa.

Easy Taxi was created to reduce the burden of poor transportation in Lagos State, and standardize taxi fare.

The smart app allows users to request taxi service whenever they like.

He previously worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Carlyle Group in New York before starting his own business.

You cannot deny that he has done well by thinking of the welfare of Nigerians, solving their problems and making money from it.

We learn from him that actions bring our dreams to life. We can have the most brilliant idea in our heads, but without action, nothing sees the light of day. You should note that down too.


One day, maybe one day, you will appear on lists like this; a list that inspires others to do better and make them aim for higher. Until then, live the life and fight the fight.

Difficulty in your career and business is a good sign. It means that you’re fighting for more; you’re breaking new boundaries that have not been broken before.

Never quit or feel discouraged. All these will be forgotten when you start to reap from your investments.

Don’t forget to leave a comment of the most inspiring entrepreneur to you, and the traits that attracted you to them.



Ekemini Ekpo is a professional writer, blogger, and internet marketer. He is passionate about engineering, business, investment, entrepreneurship, finance, and personal development. When he is not managing web projects, he handles academic research writing and data analysis for individuals and organizations.

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