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5 successful entrepreneurs of Ukraine up to 25 years old

Giorgi Mikhelidze



successful entrepreneurs of ukraine

5 successful entrepreneurs of Ukraine up to 25 years old

Ukraine has a mixed attitude to entrepreneurship: only every fifth Ukrainian would choose a career as a businessman. This is due primarily to the state – 8 out of 10 Ukrainians believe that it is an obstacle to business development or an enemy of entrepreneurs. In this article, we will tell about the top 5 successful entrepreneurs of Ukraine. 

Furthermore, the reason we are choosing to talk about Ukraine specifically is that it seems to be one of the best countries for tech startups in Europe right now, and could be a very effective learning experience for any entrepreneurs trying to find mentors or influencers to follow. The market is so popular among the world’s businesses that even the largest blockchain companies are starting to hire Ukrainian freelancers or sign up locals as executive directors for European branches. The most notorious case was with the Bitcoin Billionaire scam that everybody believed in before a notable Ukrainian entrepreneur signed up to support the project’s back-end.

These young professionals are so trustworthy and efficient that even their names are enough to influence a company’s success.

Here we go, check out the top 5 successful entrepreneurs of Ukraine up to 25 years old.

Top 5 Successful Entrepreneurs of Ukraine up to 25 Years Old

Vlad Ivchenko, 24 years old

successful entrepreneurs of ukraine

Interactive mind

City: Kharkov

Field of activity: marketing

Vlad Ivchenko began to earn as early as 11 years old. He sang and played guitar at concerts. Vlad remembers that for the first concert with Rosenbaum’s songs on the day of the physician in the district clinic he was paid 12 hryvnias – and was wildly happy about it.

After that, the guy started making speeches. In parallel with his studies at the university, he decided to find himself a “serious job”.

For 4 years he has gone from an SMM-specialist freelancer to the head of one of the largest agencies in the CIS at that time UpSale. The guy managed to try himself in different ways: he created the Brainches educational project (20 years old), the Fon Due School culinary school, and the production of Fon Due Store kitchen accessories (19 years old).

According to Vlad, at one point all the experience gained in advertising helped to move to a new level. Together with their partner, they created Interactive Mind, an Internet marketing agency, which made Vlad one of the most successful entrepreneurs from Ukraine. The young entrepreneur was then 21 years old.

Now the agency’s team employs 14 people. Over 3 years of work, it has implemented more than 200 projects in the field of marketing and is now implementing marketing solutions for more than 30 customers. Among them are companies such as Gameloft, WOG, Lenovo, as well as many representatives of small and medium-sized businesses.

One of the main obstacles to the formation of a business entrepreneur calls a lack of ability to play long.

He noted that the scourge of most young entrepreneurs is the ability to catch on with the idea quickly, but also to quickly burn out and switch to other activities.

Vladislav Urazov, 20 years old

successful entrepreneurs of ukraine

Teleport Future Technologies

City: Odessa – Moscow

Field of activity: technology

We continue our list of Ukrainian entrepreneurs with Vladislav Urazov. Most recently, a 20-year-old Odessa citizen became a millionaire. Together with partners, he sold the startup Teleport for $8 million to American Snap.

While still a schoolboy, he earned thousands of dollars in traffic arbitrage – redirecting visitors to one site to another. After leaving school, Urazov moved to Moscow. He created the social network Spersy, a competitor to Instagram, which took off pretty quickly. It was listed with the Russian company Urazito LLC. Now there is no access to it.

The next project of Urazov is the Teleport application. It dyed hair in different colors, changed the background in the photo, and instantly flew into the network. 19-year-old Urazov assembled a team of 30 people from different countries who worked on image segmentation technology. And he attracted $1 million investment in the project, making him one of the best tech innovators from Ukraine.

The entrepreneur initially wanted to sell a startup for $30-50 million together with the team with an investor valuation of $3 million. In parallel, the team earned by selling the rights to its technology.

As a result, the startup bought the American Snap for $ 8 million. Five people left to work in the United States. And Vladislav Urazov became a dollar millionaire in 20 years.

Now he is developing a new project, which he has not divulged yet. This is why he made our list of 5 successful entrepreneurs of Ukraine up to 25 years old

Fedor Serdyuk, 23 years old



City: Odesa – Kiev

Field of activity: education

In 2014, against the background of the events of May 2 in Odesa and the hot phase of the war in eastern Ukraine, Fedor decided to become a volunteer of the Red Cross rescue team. There he was trained and trained with American retired military personnel in providing first aid and tactical medicine. And then he took up training with colleagues in APU, who needed such skills.

Since volunteering does not imply financial rewards, Fedor agreed with a friend Igor Korpusov to train Odessa citizens in civil first aid for money. So it turned out to support themselves during volunteer training at training grounds and in the ATO. Fedor was 19 years old.

The courses gained popularity and companies began to come to the guys with a request to train their employees, making Fedor one of the best entrepreneurs from Ukraine.

Since that time, Fedor’s company has trained more than 20 thousand Ukrainians in the skills of first aid. It is paid mainly by large corporations that want their employees to save lives. Among them: Metinvest, Ukrgasvydobuvannya, Metro Cash & Carry, Kyivstar, DTEK Energo, Kernel. Top management comes to learn.

Now the team has 25 people, including instructors.

The second project of Fedor Serdyuk is the development of modern Reskits first aid kits. The company also installs defibrillators and sells wholesale equipment to save lives.

The young businessman does not see insurmountable obstacles in his path “The main obstacle is in the head of the founder (and management). This is, first of all, about knowledge that is always lacking, especially at the beginning, and secondly – about the ability to change one’s view of things, when knowledge, for example, contradicts previous experience. He remembers, he had to learn a lot.

Lisa Voronkova, 25 years old

Emotion labs

City: Dnipro – Kiev

Industry: Gadgets

We should continue our list with one of the richest Ukrainian entrepreneurs. Working at the Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 19-year-old Lisa Voronkova became interested in research in the field of stress and biosignals and created the startup Force Emotion. At first, her team worked with wearable devices for the elderly. For one such guy, they raised $30,000 on Kickstarter.

In 2017, Force Emotion managed to enter the prestigious American business incubator Alchemist. The startup began working with giants in the United States such as Philip Morris, Analog Devices, RGAx, and a network of nursing homes.

Later, entrepreneurs decided to create a gadget that would help cope with stress. They decided to rely on corporate clients interested in the happiness of employees.

So there were watches that can show the user’s stress level based on 20 different parameters: sleep quality, amount of activity, indicators of cardiac activity, etc. Lisa was slowly becoming one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in Ukraine.

In 2018, the startup sold 2,500 devices at retail and signed a contract with several Japanese companies. Now the company is called Emotion Labs. She is working on a new product that will be sharpened only under B2B. All devices are assembled in Ukraine – near Kyiv.

The main advantages of entrepreneurship at a young age, the girl considers “burning eyes, activity and setting very ambitious goals.”

“Of the minuses is a lack of experience. During the Alchemist program in the USA, I noticed that the average age of the founders of successful projects is about 40 years. These are people who gained experience 10-15 years before starting their business. Yes, they already have less energy, but they know what to do and how, and most importantly – who to ask for help or advice from, “the entrepreneur notes.

Vladimir Nazarenko, 24 years old

successful entrepreneurs of ukraine

KAI Software

City: Kryvyi Rih – New York

Field of activity: technology

Vladimir Nazarenko is from Kryvyi Rih. At the age of 20, he left for New York, not knowing the language, and founded the outsourcing IT company KAI Software, one of the most notable tech startups from Ukraine.

Back in the 9th grade, Nazarenko became interested in programming and began to earn extra money by making websites to order. So he collected about 40 000 UAH – about $5000 at that time. With this money, a young businessman rented an office in his hometown and hired several people. They made IT orders for Kyiv companies, online stores and carried out contracts for large projects for the Moscow office. In 2014, Russian customers fell off, the dollar rose 4 times, Kyiv companies cut budgets, and Nazarenko’s team lasted another year.

In October 2015, a 20-year-old guy left for New York, not knowing English. The entrepreneur recalls that when he ordered a latte for some reason, he was given water.

On the third day of his stay in the new country, Nazarenko started KAI Software, one of the most successful startups in Ukraine. And by the end of October, together with his partner, he began to look for customers.

A year ago, 12 people worked in the entrepreneur team while in Ukraine. They constantly led 6 projects. And sometimes their number reached 12 pieces. Mostly Nazarenko developers work on outsourcing for New York startups. So KAI Software made an application that helps New York homeowners reduce fines for various violations.

Our developers also created a system that monitors the well-being of bees in the hives of New York and other states on the order of the French company, which places these hives there. And there was a completely unusual project that helps to predict the likelihood of suicide according to data from iCloud.

To sum up, this is the list of Ukrainian successful startups and entrepreneurs. More innovations emerge from time to time, and people express interest in creating something extraordinary.



Giorgi is a financial analyst and news reporter at He has 3 years of experience trading and working with the Forex and cryptocurrency markets. His experience helps him to deliver quality information to every reader.

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5 Things Successful Entrepreneurs in Nigeria Do Daily To Improve Themselves

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If you must succeed, there are things you must do daily to ensure you improve yourself. While it is true that success can come to people by accident, we have to understand that it is usually very difficult for that to happen. We will buttress this point by sharing what successful entrepreneurs do daily to improve themselves and set themselves up for huge success.

The implication of the knowledge that success does not come by accident is that you have to realize that it takes daily actions and achievement of certain goals to make success come your way. You may even fail once in a while.

It will be pointless to share various successful people who started from positions of failure to become very successful because they are just too many. They mastered what successful entrepreneurs do daily to improve themselves.

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Like I said earlier, you must understand that true success only comes to those who dedicate themselves towards the attainment of success.

Look at the hustle in Nigeria. Tell yourself the truth. Do you think that the government gives a damn about you? Let us even assume you get a job and you are working between 8-5, do you think you will make anything out of your life if you don’t have a strategic plan? Trust me, you won’t.

So, you must as a matter of necessity borrow from successful people. You must look at what successful entrepreneurs do daily so as to improve yourself. Striving for self-improvement is a noble ideal.

Without much ado, we will go straight to the issue at hand. Let us look at how we learn from what successful entrepreneurs do daily to improve themselves.

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The Things Successful Entrepreneurs do Daily to Improve Themselves

successful entrepreneurs do daily

  1. They don’t leave anything to chance. Tomorrow is usually planned today

You know what is said about proper planning right? If I remember correctly, it prevents poor performance. Successful people have mastered the art of planning. Most things don’t come to them as surprises anymore. They are always anticipated long before it happens.

Before the dawn of the day, they have already concluded on what their course of action will be for that day. It is that simple.

If you want to join this elite class of successful people, you must kill the impromptu spirit. You must learn how to plan. Decide today what you will do tomorrow. Of course, flexibility will come in when necessary but you must bear in mind that it is not very funny to leave your life to chance.

  1. They know how to monitor their progress

How will you succeed if you don’t follow the progress you are recording. That is why one of the things successful entrepreneurs do daily is to monitor what they have been doing. That tells them where they have to improve and how to become better.

Now, if you do this daily, you did also find out if your business is undergoing a downward slope and you will fix it. Things are easier fixed when it is noticed on time. Errors will be noticed when you check every day for them.

successful entrepreneurs do daily

  1. You have to learn something new daily

Any blessed day that passes without you learning something new is a wasted day or better put, a stagnant day. You need to realize that the world is moving in continuous trajection irrespective of the way it is going.

Therefore, you must learn to understand new things on a daily basis as that is what successful people do so that you can always be in control of the world’s trend. You will be moving ahead of events and you will be fully planned for happenstances.

You can kickstart your learning journey on Motute, there are 100s of great courses you can get started with.

  1. Successful entrepreneurs take care of themselves

If you are not physically and mentally healthy, you will find it extremely difficult to handle some difficult scenarios. Remember that health is wealth. Just bear that in mind. So, if you spend all the time hustling and working, you will find out that it will come back to bite you in the near future.

Everything may seem about the money now but trust me; it is not always like that. When you have become successful and there is no health, you will understand.

We advise you to follow the trends that successful people follow. You must take care of yourself daily by exercising, eating well and regularly checking yourself up in the hospital. This is very important. Also, recharge your soul and spirit by reading important texts.

  1. Spend some time with their family

Family is everything. What family have you got and how do you spend time with them. Do you know how important it is to spend time with them? I bet you do or you don’t.

If you do, then, this piece should reinforce your knowledge and push you to do it better. but if you don’t, then you are making a huge mistake. It is time to tell yourself the truth. You are missing.

Family is probably the only people that will stay with you through thick and thin. You need to stay loyal to them.


Now you know what successful entrepreneurs do daily to improve themselves, what are you going to do? I hope for your case that you do the right thing. It is very important. Just try them out and come back and share your testimony. Over and out.



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