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Your Best Consulting Career Strategy In Nigeria: The Twenty-First Century Way to Become A Great Career Consultant

Ossi Samuel



best consulting career strategy

Your Best Consulting Career Strategy In Nigeria: The Twenty-First Century Way to Become A Great Career Consultant

Your best consulting career strategy might be tricky but if you are inclined to using online consulting, then it becomes so much easy.

The truth is that it is much easier to consult now more than ever. You can be doing what you do best from any part of the world and for anybody in any part of the world. You can work while relaxing and you see, it offers a lot of benefits for you and your family.

You know consulting simply means providing the right advice on a set of issues. When you are an expert on a particular field, you can set up your career on getting on consulting online and you can do that from anywhere.

Work now is much more flexible given the breakthroughs on internet issues and technology in general. You don’t have to don sweet suits, attend high priced dinners, and work for about 80 hours a week for one big company for you to be considered a consultant. That was in the past.

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The guy who consults today can choose to do all of that or he can be in his home, a hotel room or anywhere wearing anything.

You see these consultants serve their clients through the provision of online content and other online media such as Skype calls and other social media. They don’t have to move from one city to another and stay in fancy hotels.

You get to serve mostly individuals, small and medium scale businesses and on rare occasions, the big firms.

Becoming a consultant: The best consulting career strategy

best consulting career strategy

Do you know that starting a career in consulting is not really that difficult? It can be as easy impregnating an ovulating girl.

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Except for those who don’t want to have time and resources for other things, coaching and consulting can be very interesting. You want to know why? Here is why;

  • The margins or profits are huge
  • The overhead or the cost of running an office is almost nonexistent
  • It is location independent
  • You can work from any part of the world
  • You essentially get to help people achieve their aims.

There is however something that is required of you. You have to be able to help people solve difficult problems in the areas you have chosen.

For everything in the world that is doable, there is usually the right way and the wrong way. Most times, they are not universally acceptable but still, they work to some extent. If you want to become a successful consultant in any field of your chosen, you might want to get it right.

Therefore, these few best-consulting career strategies can be of help to you.

  1. Choose your market and your niche

The very first step in your best-consulting career strategy is figuring out the market and the niche. You have to figure out the people you want to offer your services and that requires choosing the area of expertise.

You have to figure out who will benefit from your consultancy. You have to answer very important questions about the places or areas you are really good at.

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If you go into consulting for people, you must be good at what you do. It is suicide going into this career with mediocre qualifications.

Step one in starting a consulting business is to figure out who you can help. It is advisable for you to list at ten areas you think you have helped people perfectly in the past if it is your first attempt at consulting. That will help you make a decision.

  1. You have to define your offer

At this stage, I want to assume that you already know your market and your niche. The next thing on this list of strategies is to define what you can offer. Those your prospective clients that make up your market, what do you think is the problem that they are currently facing that you wish to solve? That is the point you start.

Without a problem, you really have no business. Business in this sense simply means providing solutions to problems.

You see now you understand the problems of your clients. The solution is to restore them to their ideal place. Moving them from where they are to where they are supposed to be. We will give three instances;

If you are consulting on fitness, you have to be able to guarantee that a skinny client puts the necessary lbs of muscle he wants or that the lady loses the number of fats that she requires to lose.

If you want to coach on the relationship, you have to be able to help frustrated and busy men and women find the love of their lives without necessarily passing through a century of dates.

If you want to consult on website management and blogging, you must be able to guarantee that your clients will get the necessary breakthrough in traffic that they seek.

There are endless opportunities here. Look to your past to see what sort of results you’ve gotten, or what sort of results you think you can get for someone.

  1. Give away free strategy sessions.

To build your reputation, you will be needed to give away free strategy sessions. You use those sessions to build a customer base.

Before you can be in demand, you need to achieve great results in transformation and not information. People will see the results you have achieved and join you.

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The best way to do that is to give free sessions.

Think about that trip to the doctor. The doctor will ask you to accurately describe the symptoms of your pain, and then he will “prescribe a solution.” He doesn’t care if you want to or will actually follow his advice or not.

Your sales process should work in exactly the same way. Figure out the pain, prescribe a solution. Be unattached to the outcome of the call. If the prospect asks you for more help, tell them how you can work together.

  1. You must close your first set of clients

best consulting career strategy

You have worked on your offer and you also know how to sell. The next thing in your best consulting career strategy is to close your first couple of clients.

You know what they say about the first impression. It lasts through time. The impression could make or mar you. So make it count.

Reach out to people who you know are experiencing the problem that you solve, and ask them to get on a phone call with you.

Once you get them on the phone, find out what their motivation for making a change is. Walk them through where they are now, and where they want to be. Find out why they haven’t made the change on their own.

If they’re stuck, make an offer to help… and boom! You have just closed your first client by providing a solution to a painful problem.

  1. Get your clients results.

In this best consulting career strategy, getting results is pretty amazing. You have to get standard end products for your first couple of clients. You have to know what they want, not what you think they want and get them exactly that.

One client satisfied can bring a lot of other potential clients and one dissatisfied client is equally destructive. You understand what I mean. Be result-oriented and grow.

It’s important to be hands-on and to get amazing results for your first couple of clients. I use a combination of online content and weekly coaching calls to get clients results.

It is in your best interest to spend time with your clients so as to understand what they want and be of help. Use whatever media necessary to achieve this as far as it is ethical.

  1. Generate leads and scale your business.

When you have built your reputation for what you do, the next logical thing in our best consulting career strategy is to generate leads and scale your business.

You can begin to widen your scope and get more clients. You can make more money too because at this stage you have become a professional.

  1. Get a coach and mentor

The words of Isaac Newton still resonate in my head every time I think about it. He said, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”

You need others who have gone farther than you in the area you want to be part of. This helps in expediting things and minimizing mistakes.

The easiest way to achieve something you have not done before is by standing upon the shoulders of those who have a proven record of success in that field. There is no successful entrepreneur who was not coached and mentored to success.

Find a coach and get a mentor.




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How To Grow Your Side Hustle Into A Big Business In Nigeria




turn side hustle into full business

Did you know that a lot of big businesses in Nigeria today began as side-hustles? With the advent of the internet, it is now possible to have both a side hustle that could bring you a lot of money and a full-time job at the same time.

So, what is a side hustle? A side hustle is basically a business you do part-time while retaining your full-time job. Sometimes, a side hustles has the potential of becoming a full-time business.

Having a side hustle, apart from giving you an opportunity to make extra money for yourself, can also be a good way to spend your leisure. However, turning a side hustle into a big business in Nigeria is not devoid of several challenges. So, I decided to dedicate a section of this discussion to address some of these challenges and the way forward.

Converting A Side Hustle To A Full, Big Business In Nigeria: Challenges and The Way Out

In Nigeria, our educational system teaches mostly theory and almost nothing about money or entrepreneurship. So, you’d have to educate yourself on what the education system failed to cover. Besides the faulty education system in the country, there is this misconception in the society that one always needs to have huge capital before starting a business. Well, that is not true most of the time.

Another fad that is widely circulated is that Nigerian banks do not grant loans to businesses that are just starting out. Well, you have to understand that money is attracted to fresh, new ideas and most Nigerian banks are open to helping such ideas to grow. However, in the absence of external aid, you can generate capital for your business from your savings; get a loan from family, friends, your religious circles and well-wishers. Interestingly, today you can easily save money with Sumobank and use it to finance your business startup.

As regards saving, a good book which can assist you is, “The Millionaire Next Door”. It is a classical book which teaches savings and how to survive below the income level.

Finally, there is this challenge of over-dependence on salaries or regular income without due consideration of how to grow that income. It is the mistake of one working for money instead of making it work for him or her.

These are all unique challenges any Nigerian must overcome when trying to diversify income by turning a side hustle into a big business in Nigeria.

5 ways you can overcome these challenges are:

  1. Educate yourself on finance and how to multiply money.
  2. Make your money to work for you
  3. Create an emergency fund.
  4. Start and grow a business.
  5. Collaborate with business partners.
turn side hustle into full business

A lady working to turn her side hustle into a big business

Want to turn your side hustle into a full-time business? Read the 5 important tips below.

  • Design a Solid Plan

You cannot simply abandon your full-time job for your side hustle when you have no solid plan in place. You need a plan that outlines how your business will operate once it is fully functional.

Your plan should incorporate your business’ vision and mission statements, your business values, and the goals which you have in mind to achieve in your proposed business. Outline what your business would accomplish within the first 90 days of setting it up.

  • Make Everything You Can Automatic (i.e., Automate the Operations)

Today, you can find an app on the internet for handling any aspect of your business. Automating as many things as possible would give you free time to handle other tasks that could bring you much money since you have a limited time at your disposal daily.

So, from the set-go, acquire the necessary tools which would help you to automate your side hustle into a full-time business. You can use Buffer or Hootsuite, for example, to automate your social media posting and Canned Responses from Gmail to send out recurring mails.

  • Create More Leads 

Creating more leads for your business is the quickest way to grow your business and generate a favorable cash flow system for yourself and your business. So, invest a good amount of your time and energy in publicizing your business to get more leads (i.e., contacts – phone numbers and emails) who would sooner or later become paying customers. One way to do this is to create and distribute a lot of quality contents which will attract potential customers to your business.

One way you can do this (i.e., create content) is to start a blog and use it to reach your potential customers. This would give you the opportunity to build a customized email list for your business which you can use to push out (i.e. publicize) your new products, offers, and services.

  • Take Advantage of Freelancers.

Freelancers can help you to have an incredible amount of free time by helping you perform some heavy lifting in the business. Delegate some tasks and outsource them to freelancers and have a budget ready for their payment every month.

You can give them tasks like developing your blog content and managing your social media platforms while you handle the critical aspects of your business.

  • Create and Follow Your Schedule Religiously.

You must have a schedule with which you run the day-to-day activities of your business. This would really help your business to grow rapidly. You do not want to put too little or too much time into your business. So, create a schedule that would point out your working hours, what you do each time and the expected results.

It is not enough to have a schedule. You must endeavor to follow it to the letter to achieve success at the end of the day.


Everything is possible in life with hard work and determination. Anybody can begin from anywhere, even the lowest bottom and climb to the top.

In life, one essential asset you always spend but can never recover is time. So, time management is very important if you want to grow your business and you can do this with automation software. Besides doing things faster and precisely, automation helps to cut down on the time which could be wasted handling recurring tasks.

Are you involved in any side hustle or thinking of starting one soon? Let me know in the comments’ section of this blog. Thank you for the audience.



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7 Stupid Mistakes Young Nigerians Make That Is Destroying Our Generation

Gudtalent Chrisent



mistakes of young people

There has never been a more woke generation like this current one and the behavioral trend is only getting worse that if nothing is done about it, i wonder what the next generation will look like.

This is African and what works in this part of the world is different from what works in the western world.

Today, I’m sharing with you the 7 mistakes young people in Nigeria are making that won’t result to anything good by Mildred Kingsley Okonkwo.

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In her video, she mentioned 7 dilapidating mistakes a lot of young Nigerians are making and it will shock you to see that you’re guilty of one or two if now all of them.

Kindly watch the Video below and do share.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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