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Top 8 challenges facing startups business in Nigeria



As most Nigerian startups are achieving some success, some are also facing problems within the industry that derives them from reaching their full potentials. The Challenges facing startups business in Nigeria are many, but few entrepreneurs are tackling the issues and redrawing the lines of the future through a good business model they create and the value they provide. Be glad we have compiled the Top 8 challenges facing startups business in Nigeria as we speak.

The common reason most tech startups in Nigeria are not yet successful is their approach to the problems they face. Most are responsive in taking actions and also defensive in getting things done or approaching customers. The best way to take the lead in such environment like Nigeria is to be proactive in actions and aggressive in getting things done.  It’s a kind of CRM that many entrepreneurs in Nigeria don’t understand or put into practice.  They focus more on the business model than how to execute or get that business model to work for them and thus, they find their company facing lots of challenges because of low cash flow and other variant things.

The problems could be solved if entrepreneurs can get the right people to work for them or if they can increase their knowledge on business principles and inspire their employees to give their best to meet the goal of the organization. Some of the major problems facing entrepreneur’s business in Nigeria are as follows;

8 major challenges facing startup business in Nigeria

Top 8 challenges facing startups business in Nigeria

Diverse Friends With Start-Up Business

1.     Unprofitable business model

Most startups in Nigeria lacks the will to make profit on their own as they rely on duplicating some western tech startups idea that have been valued for much money but makes little profit. Their ability to copy the copes of these western startups only ends in a clear phase that they could see as those companies will not expose the main secret of their success. So In Nigeria, the entrepreneurs building these businesses, tends to lack the strategies on how to make such business earn profits in this part of the world. The reason can be traced to lack of critical infrastructure that is not yet in place and others maybe lack of customers’ preferences as the European approach to buying goods and services is different from an African view considering the low purchasing power and starvation of credible information in Africa.

2.     Online payment solutions

There is still a big fear among middle class earners in Nigeria over the idea of exposing their bank details or debit card information to these startups in Nigeria. Because of a potential hack or unauthorized withdrawal of their money, many Nigerians like to play it safe or even safer. This is one of the major challenges facing the e-commerce startups in Nigeria as Konga and Jumia has adopted cash on delivery system but even at that, it affects their profit range. While some targeted e-commerce website like Supermartng, Gloo and Printivo are trying to make people to trust their brand by only allowing payment online. Konga has also adopted a strategy by launching of Kongapay, an online payment system that the consumer can trust and will hold the costumers fund till goods are delivered by the merchants at customers’ satisfaction. Regardless of that, online payment solutions are still a challenge facing most startups in Nigeria.

3.     Difficulties with accounting

Credible accounting is a serious problem among startups in Nigeria because of the lack of accounting knowledge from most entrepreneurs. They lack skills in accounting and fail to keep up with numbers in their early stage of business and it affects their business. In business, numbers is very important from the very moment you start your business. Ability to keep up with numbers and understand how these numbers work will shape the way you manage your money. I have talked to many entrepreneurs in Nigeria who are yet to understand what is asset, liability etc.  And this is a challenge to some of them because when you have no knowledge about such, you may not even know if the person you hired is doing the right thing.

4.     Logistics

Logistics is still a huge challenge among startups as there is little credible logistics companies which can deliver goods to customers timely. Most customers of e-commerce startups end up receiving their goods in 6 days or more for their order. And some of the goods maybe faulty at arrival due to the way it was carried along by the logistics company. This challenge is costing many startup businesses a huge amount of money yearly. It’s is unlike western countries where there is a functional postal service and private companies that deliver goods within hours to their destinations. Nigeria entrepreneurs are expected to find a new strategy on how customers can get their goods timely and securely.

5.     Funding

Funding is a big problem with startups in Nigeria as most startups don’t even have a well detailed business plan. They tend to think that bank is responsible for financing their business but “Wale Tinubu” in a Nigeria economic summit stated that “Any small business here must know that banks are not designed to fund startups. What is required is more private equity investors”. This is very true when it comes to funding startups. They should focus on raising money through the sales of equities that concentrating all their effort on Nigeria bank loans.

6.     Investors and valuation

Financing is intense notwithstanding when you have seed investor’s interest. Selecting the right investors and getting the right valuation are extra troubles for startups in Nigeria. Knowing how to negotiate with potential investors is a challenge in Nigeria startups as most foreign investors tends to lower the valuation and potentials of the Nigeria startup for their own gains.

7.     Poor management team

The assembling of poor teams in the early days of the business may lead to the failure of that business if critical actions are not taken. Many Nigerian entrepreneurs employ close friends or family members who lack the credibility or skills to manage and operate a given branch of business. And thus, they are full of excuses rather than solutions and this will definitely lead to the startup, losing money and customers. Poor management team is a like big sickness to any business because they can’t fix any issue effectively as communication is not effective and thus production will lower while there are other challenges of managers not motivating their subordinates.

8.     Marketing plan

Marketing strategy is likewise vital for any business. When you have an unmistakable thought regarding your objective business sector and your opposition, you can allot a financial plan for publicizing and advancing your business and choose which medium to promote through. You can likewise choose your item estimating through target market examination. This is where most Nigeria startups don’t get it. They don’t understand the objective and the target market of their marketing campaign and at most times, they over spend doing such.

I think the best reasonable arrangement is to either employ an agent that can help them plan how to reach to their target audience or find a staff that can help accelerating their business at a distinct pace.

9.     Adding talent

This is a broad perspective as it can often be misunderstood by people. It is a way of hiring talented people who can help your business achieve its objectives. Hiring the right people is a tough challenge for startup business because sometimes most talented people with huge experience will demand high pay and a startup may not be suitable with such a demand. Getting the right people at the right place is a tough challenge that is facing startup business and they should look inwards to hire those with skills and let their human resource department handle the other aspect.


Nigerian entrepreneurs are usually aligned to the work culture and they don’t conceive brand new ideas. Managers and employees avoid change and oppose whatever progressions that occur in the organization. The best thing to do is to be interested in advancement. At the point, when bringing a change guarantees that, every one of your workers is readied for it. Talk about it with them in a meeting, let them know that it is so vital to be creative, make them see how helpful it will be as it’s a big challenge in Nigeria startups.

Many of them follow one particular form of business for years without any critical advancement into their product or service.

As a Nigerian entrepreneur entering into any business, it is essential that you educate yourself about the business, do a lot of market research and evaluate the industry as you may lose a lot of money if you fail to do the right things. It is also important that you have ample knowledge about your competitors, your target market, current trends, advertising and marketing techniques as well as financial know-how.

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Ekemini Ekpo is a professional writer, blogger, and internet marketer. He is passionate about engineering, business, investment, entrepreneurship, finance, and personal development. When he is not managing web projects, he handles academic research writing and data analysis for individuals and organizations.

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Basic Steps And Requirements For Starting A Dredging Business In Nigeria



Dredging has to do with the mechanical excavation of sand, gravel, mud and other substances from the bottom of a water body such as a river, stream, creek, lagoon etc. to do that, you need a vessel known as a dredger.

The need for more buildings and other physical structures has made the market for dredging in Nigeria to become a much sought-after one. Of course, there will always be the need to build or construct. So, dredging never dies.

Aside from the construction of new buildings or roads, etc., dredging products such as sand, gravel, rocks, and pebbles are also used to reclaim swampy areas and for the production of construction materials.

Basic Steps And Requirements For Starting A Dredging Business In Nigeria

Basic Steps And Requirements For Starting A Dredging Business In Nigeria

How Does Dredging Work?

Some dredgers are water-powered, and these cuts and sucks up the dredged material, like sand, from the bottom of the waterway by a method which involves a stepping stool that is mounted on the cutter head passing the material via a suction pipe and this sucked via a suction pump via a drifting pipeline up to the shore. When it arrives on the shore, at the dump, is it moved using tipper to the sub-dump where it is piled up, ready for sale or use.

Opportunities Available in dredging commercial enterprise

There are plenty options in the dredging business. Let’s look at some of them below:

1) Dredging:

  1. Channelization of river
  2. Fabrication of dredger
  3. Managing the dredge team
  4. Reclamation and urban renewal
  5. Safety of a dredger
  6. Stockpiles and profits

2) Supply of sand to numerous locations

3) Sand search

4) Environmental impact assessment

5) Hydrographic survey

6) Leasing of dredging workplace tools such as:

  1. Dredger
  2. Excavator
  3. Low bed
  4. Payloader
  5. Swamp buggy

Basics Steps To Starting Dredging Business In Nigeria

Among the many uses of dredging, its use for the building of houses seems to be the most outstanding. Housing, of course, is one of the most basic needs of man. He can’t just do without it, just like food and clothing. Before the advent of the present technologies in building construction, man has always experimented with several materials to meet his housing needs. This ranges from mud, sand and rock, all in an effort to withstand the elements. With time, however, in a bid to get the much-needed solidness and strength for buildings, other materials have been introduced to building technology such as steel and glass.

Given the alarming shortage of residential and commercial buildings in the country, therefore, there has been much interest in the sand dredging industry in Nigeria, all in a bid to cater for the housing needs of Nigerians. Sand dredging is vital to keep the pace with building of homes and offices as well as industrial layouts in all over the country. Therefore, going into it is a great way to earn a decent income.

Kinds Of Dredgers To Buy

Two popular kinds of dredgers are available in the market. They include

  1. The discontinuous
  2. The persistent

The discontinuous dredger burrows and excavates the heap while the persistent dredger burrows consistently, raising and also transporting the dredged materials at the same time.

Types Of Dredgers To Go For

If you wish to buy dredger in Nigeria, go for the types manufactured by IHC as well as ELLICOT. There are more solid, sturdy and durable, although a bit expensive. China-made dredgers are not very strong, although less expensive.

Types Of Dredging Businesses To Do

There is hardly a part of Nigeria where dredging business does not thrive. However, the riverine areas have more market for the business. however, dredging business in Nigeria may be dissected into the following parts or classification systems:

  1. Class A —Dredging Firms only
  2. Class B — for Only Dredging and sand dealer as well as;
  3. Class C – Manual dredgers as alone

Class A – Dredging Firms Only

  1. Application for dredging routed to the Honorable Commissioner Ministry of Waterfront Infrastructure Development.
  2. Installment of the use charge of N50,000 [fifty thousand Naira only] Provides point by point depiction of proposed dredging area.
  3. Provision of the Environmental Impact Analysis Report.
  4. Provide Hydrographic review.
  5. Bathymetric review of the proposed area.
  6. Duplicates of current duty freedom authentication.
  7. An endorsement will be liable to the installment of the accompanying charges:

(an) (i) Payment of the total of N1,000,000.00 (One million Naira) per annum.

(ii) Proof of Ownership or Access to Portable Barges

(b) (i) Payment of the total of N750,000.00 (Seven Hundred and fifty thousand Naira) per annum

(c) (i) Payment of the entirety of N500,000.00 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira) per annum.

Classification B – Dredging/Sand Sellers Only

  1. Application for dredging routed to the Honorable Commissioner, Ministry of Waterfront Infrastructure Development.
  2. Installment of utilization expense of N50,000.00 [Bank Draft] Provide point by point portrayal of proposed dredging area.
  3. Provide the Environmental Impact Analysis report.
  4. Provide hydrographic study.
  5. Bathymetric study of the proposed area.
  6. Duplicates of current expense leeway authentication.
  7. An endorsement will be liable to the installment of the aggregate of the accompanying expenses.

(i) installment of the entirety of N1, 000,000.00[One million Naira].

(ii) Proof of possession or access to convenient freight boats

(b) Payment of the entirety of N750,000:00 (Seven Hundred and fifty thousand Naira) per annum.

(c) Payment of the entirety of N500,000:00 (Five Hundred Thousand Naira) per annum.

Classification C – Manual dredgers as it were

  1. Application for dredging routed to the Honorable Commissioner, Ministry of Waterfront Infrastructure Development.
  2. Installment of utilization expense of N50,000.00 [Bank Draft] Provide point by point portrayal of proposed dredging area.
  3. Verification of responsibility for Edge review and Ecological Impact Analysis (EIA).
  4. Provide an account of dredging procedure to be embraced.

The endorsement will be subjected to the installment of the accompanying expenses:

(i) Payment of the total of N200, 000:00 (Two Hundred Thousand Naira) per annum.

(ii) Proof of access to Portable Barges.

(iii) Payment of the total of N100, 000:00 [One Hundred Thousand Naira) per annum.

(c) Payment of the total of N50, 000:00 (Fifty Thousand Naira) per annum.




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20 Lucrative Small Businesses In Nigeria You Can Start Now



Small businesses have always existed in Nigeria and are commonly operated in the streets. These businesses have catered to the immediate needs of many as they are easily accessible, hence the increase in the number of small business owners in the country. For many who are having a hard time deciding which to invest in, the list below will be of great help.

20 Lucrative Small Businesses In Nigeria You Can Start Now

20 Lucrative Small Businesses In Nigeria You Can Start Now


In Nigeria today, the amount of protein consumed daily is unimaginable, this makes poultry farming a very profitable business to invest in.  Poultry products like eggs, birds are consumed on a daily basis in homes, restaurant businesses etc. Therefore, investing in this business has a good margin for profitability and the best part is that you can start small.


For fish farming, you will need to equip yourself with the right information on how to properly build a fish farm so as to avoid losses. Types of equipment needed are fish ponds, a good supply of water and good drainage system before you proceed to get your fingerlings which will be nursed into the mature fish.


Snail rearing is another business you can venture into. It requires less capital and snails reproduce at a fast rate. Snails can be reared in homes as they do not smell and are also in high demand in Nigeria.


There are many things that can be done with an unused land and one of them is crop farming. This can be done either on a small scale or on a commercial scale. The population in Nigeria makes farming a profitable investment. Rice, Cassava, yams, maize and vegetables are examples of crops that can be planted because they are in constant demand.


Restaurants will continue to exist since not everyone can afford to patronize fast foods. As food is an essential for everyone, this business has a tendency to thrive. Bearing in mind that it is accompanied by its own unique stress but with good hands, this can be managed.

6.      CATERING:

Catering is also centered on food. Caterers exist because not everyone has the time to prepare meals for their events. This business is usually done on a contract basis and when handled with professionalism promises lifetime customers irrespective of how much you charge.

7.      CAR WASH:

The basic needs of this business are a very accessible location, a good supply of water, car washing equipment and a good support team.


To run my service, you will need a reliable source of electricity supply and other equipment like a washing machine, dryer and pressing irons.

The ability to satisfy your clients will determine how much profits you can turn in.

9.      SOAP MAKING:

Just like food, soap is also in high demand in homes, offices, etc. Get the right knowledge, equipment, excellent packaging and strategic marketing, and you are all set.


As long as there are people, there will be salons. Everyone desires to look good and this boost the hair and beauty business. Acquire the skill, set up your shop and let people know about your business.


Fashion design requires skill and creativity. You can start small and build your brand with time. Build good relationships with your clients, offer quality service and this can earn you referrals as well as return customers.


Majority of the population in Nigeria buy second-hand clothes, shoes, curtains,  bed sheets etc. which makes this business a very profitable one. You can start with a bale and expand with time.


Every event requires a planner either professionally or not. Event planners help ease the stress on the client by coordinating events from start to finish. With the right information, software and expertise you can build a good reputation as an event planner.


For areas where the power supply is low, ice block business is a good source of income. Ice blocks are needed on a daily basis by sellers of drinks.


With the current emphasis on vocational training, Parents are in need of tutors to coach their children in subjects and arts like acting, dancing, singing and creative writing. This is an opportunity for everyone with these skills to earn money while instilling knowledge.


This business is capital intensive as you will need to acquire the materials like canopies, chairs, drums etc. This business can be run from the comfort of your home.


On a daily basis, firewood is used in Nigeria, either by caterers, restaurant business owners etc. Starting a firewood supply business can yield you good profits.


Little drops they say makes a mighty ocean, you can make snacks like puff-puff, bread, cake, meat pie etc. with drinks like zobo and pineapple drink for sale in areas like schools, offices etc. and earn some money daily.


For workers who are unable to shop for their office needs, you can be the middleman bringing their needs to their doorstep at fair prices.


Many businesses are moving with the tide and going digital which has led to a demand for web designers. You can acquire the skill and source for clients in need of this service. The internet is a good place to start.

Welcome on board to



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20 Hot Tips to Get More Customers To Patronize Your Business



If truly you need more client or customers then se this article to get our 20 Hot Tips to Get More Customers To Patronize Your Business. Just as it applies in the normal human scenario and in natural settings in general, it is only realistic for business to experience significant growth over a given period of time. Any business that does not grow is stagnant and in no distant date nor time, will see the exit door. Growth is essential for every business enterprise to thrive. There are variety of ways to achieve growth in a business and these are outlined below

Getting more customers to patronize your business has never been an easy task. But with the right tools, procedures and tips, you can achieve this in a very easy way. Of course, patronage is the life wire of any business, and in order to make any significant profit or remain in the business, the need for more patronage from a large pool of customers cannot be overemphasized.

For any business to remain significant and pull-in the much-needed revenue, it is necessary to get more people, especially new clients to patronize the business. To achieve this, therefore, it is necessary to know the cardinal steps to take in realizing continuous patronage.

In this discussion, therefore, I will be looking at about 20 hot tips which you can deploy to help you get more clients/customers to patronize your business and grow it within a very short time.

20 Hot Tips to Get More Customers To Patronize Your Business

20 Hot Tips to Get More Customers To Patronize Your Business

1.      Hire the Best Staff for Your Business

To grow your business you need the right team with good workable ideas on how to help grow your business. You should hire capable hands who can manage your resources effectively to get customers.

2.      Treat Your Staff Well

It is not enough to hire good staff, always seek out ways to reward, inspire and encourage them with incentives like cash, holidays, promotion, job enlargement, transfer to other departments, training, International travel, etc. This way you are certain that they will render good service to your customers.

3.      Chose a Good Business Location

A good business location guarantees easy access to customers. The location will either give your customers a positive or negative experience. Also, take note of the facilities available for your customers’ convenience.

4.      Close Substitutes for Products or Services

As much as possible try to have everything your customers need in your business, customers love the idea of a one-stop business where they can get the options for things they want.

5.      Quality Products and Discounts

Customers want good value for their money. Give customers excellent products at good prices and discounts and they will revisit your business daily.

6.      Identify Your Customers

All businesses have a specific niche they target. They do not serve everybody, you can grow your customer base by reaching out to your target audience, identify their needs and develop ways to better serve them.

7.      Good Management

A good management team helps to develop innovative ways to attract new customers while keeping old customers satisfied.

8.      Capitalize On Your Strength

Every business has a unique selling point, determine yours and capitalize on it. Market your strengths.

9.      Exceptional Customer Service

Good customer service is needed for any business to grow. Even if your products are top quality, with bad customer service you can perform below-expected results. Get feedback from customers and develop ways to serve them better.

10. Do After Sales Enquiry

Develop a strategy to get feedback from your customers to know or rate their satisfaction level of your product or service. You can contact customers personally to show how much you care.

11. Reward

Customers like to feel appreciated for their loyalty to your brand. You can organize a get-together, an award ceremony or an end of year party to show appreciation to these customers. Ensure you praise them and ask for referrals.


Marketing Campaign

Networking with Industry Influencers

Networking is also a necessity to grow your business, connect with big game players in the industry. That way you can build relationships with them which will foster recommendations for your business.

13. Diversify

The variety they say is the spice of life. Diversity gives your customers the impression that they have choices to choose from when they patronize you.

14. Ask Customers to refer Clients to You.

Referrals are necessary for a startup to grow. Therefore, you can ask satisfied customers to refer clients to you.

15. Marketing Campaign

Marketing Campaigns can be used to create awareness if your brand in the minds of customers. You can do this on your business website using digital marketing strategies.

16. Social Media

Take advantage of social media to advertise your business, use bulk SMS, YouTube videos, Podcasts, Google AdWords, etc to connect with customers. You can also launch a marketing campaign using digital media.

17. Buy Smaller Companies

As your business grows and becomes more profitable, you can seize opportunities to acquire smaller companies in the same sectors as you. That way you can expand your customer base.

18. Technology

In Nigeria, technology has become an essential part of every business. Technology can be used to effectively produce and manage large orders for your products or services.

19. Use Freebies and Incentives:

Freebies have always worked as a powerful marketing tool to attract customers to your business.

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