12 Strategies For Starting A Gym Business In Nigeria

Recommended Strategies For Starting A Gym Business In Nigeria

Beginning a gym business can unquestionably be a decent alternative business in Nigeria. There are many people in Nigeria who hit the gym on a regular basis to exercise and keep physically fit. This growing pattern has many points of interest, especially when you consider the idea of beginning gym business. If you need a comprehensive business plan on this business, you are in the right place.

Who does what and How in A Gym centre?

Fitness coaches work one on one with clients to make wellness arrangements best suited to their customers’ needs. The fitness coach mentors the client through quality preparing to get the most out of exercises. As a fitness coach, you may choose to maintain your gym business from your home, go to clients’ homes, or meet them at a stipulated fitness centre.

A Room For Health Specialists

Health specialists take on a wide variety of classes, including heart stimulating exercise, kickboxing and other martial exercises. If you are tuned towards this direction, pick at least one of the classes you are alright with. To begin a fitness and gym business, you should have an office or gym centre where you can instruct your clients.


Guide to Starting a Gym Business in Nigeria

1. Pick a decent area for your business

Choosing a decent place to construct a gym business centre is essential. This is to ensure you have a place available to the individuals who need to work out and utilize gym machines and facilities. Regularly, thickly populated business centres greatly favour gym centres, especially when focusing on the on the working-class segment of the society.

It is best practice to locate your gym business in areas that are available and observable to the objective market like near the shopping centres, hospitals, and schools. Being able to choose a decent place can help you get a ton of customers that will make utilization of your gym business centres feasible.

2. Get a business name

Pick something tangible and inventive. A straightforward, short and simple business name is recommended.

3. Business Objectives

Bear in mind you are setting up a fitness and gym centre to accomplish a few objectives and goals. The vision and mission of your business should be feasible, and furthermore, the money related parts of what you need your business to accomplish should be clearly stated.

4. Marketing methodology

Evaluate your objective market for the territory you anticipate working in. This will Determine how you will contact your target customer base and what you will offer that will make them pick you over a wide range of competitors.

5. Evaluating

Choose what you will charge clients/customers, and what kind of agreement or duty you will require.

6. Advertorials

Put your advert on vital locations, and remember your advert and your business name represents you.

7. Gym division

Setting up a fitness and well-being centre likewise, incorporates the gym angle. In the event that your business plan includes setting up a gym, then you will need a specialized office space for that. You will also need the services of fitness coaches and health specialists. Additionally, you should purchase gym machines and facilities.

8. Financial plan

Do a careful count of what your startup capital costs, marketing charges, advert charges and what the monthly costs would look like. At that point do an anticipated salary investigation, posting your anticipated income when you initially begin and what you anticipate getting after some time.

9. Gym Infrastructure

This is a rundown of gym machines required for gym business and their costs

  1. Chrome dumbbell 4.0kg N4, 000
  2. Curved Orbital with seat N32, 000
  3. Attractive Bike N35, 000
  4. Curved Orbital with seat and stepper,
  5. Round dumbbell 20kg N12, 000
  6. Hop Rope N1, 000
  7. Mechanized Treadmill with massager, twister and Dumbbell N120,000
  8. Manual Treadmill N70, 000
  9. Stepper Board N2, 000

10. Business operations:

Keep records of everyday exercises and costs.

11. Work force:

Hire a number of staffs you may need to maintain your fitness and gym business. Showcase your business with a specific end goal to build your client base. Your workforce should also buy into your business philosophy and objective.

Will this business be feasible? Why not! Since you are helping people to live a balanced, fit and active life and keep up great body shapes, patronage will always come.

12. Where to Get Gym Machines?

All the gym machines mentioned above, including those not mentioned, can be acquired through konga.com. So, take after these gym business centre establishment guidelines and you will without a doubt prevail in this business with your invested time and energy. Do have a nice day. Thank you.

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