How to Start Ice Cream Production Business in Nigeria

How to Start Ice Cream Production Business in Nigeria

Everyone loves Ice cream – Kids, adults and even the young at heart! So, would that not inform you that Ice cream production business is one of the killer businesses in Nigeria. In the discussion will be highlights of the profitability index of Ice cream production business in Nigeria.

The viability of Ice cream production business in Nigeria is undisputed. Ice cream production business thrives more in the dry seasons and hot weathers. Ice cream production business has been turned out to be a money-spinning business in Nigeria over time. In fact, you can even plan on taking yours outside the shores of this country if you plan the business very well. So, what this guide is about is simply to give you the necessary nuggets on Ice cream production business and how to make huge profits from it.

So, just as it applied to any other business, you need to have the capacity to recognize your potential customers and equally have the capacity to contact them. To make this realistic therefore, do these:

  1. Get a business centre in a commercially active part of town.
  2. Site your business premises close to many schools
  3. Pitch your tent close to open spaces, cooking centres, event centes, gatherings etc.
  4. Offer home and office Ice Cream delivery services.

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Ice cream production business Startup Materials and Costs Estimates

  1. Cooler/Freezer – N50,000
  2. Furniture – N50,000
  3. Gen set – N40,000
  4. Ice Cream making machine – N180,000
  5. Lease/Rent – N60,000
  6. Others – N250,000
  7. Total: N630,000

Note: These are Just rough estimates. Hit the market to know the current prices of things.

Materials and Methods for Profitability Ice Cream Production Business in Nigeria

1. Get Ice Cream Machinery, Equipment etc.

The basic equipment needed for ice cream production business are measuring equipment, mixing tank, pasteurizer machine, homogenizer machine, solidifying unit and other supplementary pieces of equipment. Today, however, you can get a programmed Ice cream production machine that automatically processes and produces ice creams. This machine can produce ice cream of any type and size by simply pressing a few buttons.

Production and distributions are almost immediately. All the important machinery can likewise be sourced from nearby companies that supply ice cream fabricating equipment.

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2. Get Ice Cream Raw Materials

The raw materials for ice cream production incorporate milk, cream, food colorants, drain, eggs, emulsion stabilizers sugar, spread, water, enhance, chocolates etc.

Most of these raw materials can be sourced locally from. Packaging could be in little plastic material or a synthetic substance which forms part of the consumables. Normally, most ice cream packs come in 250ml, 500ml, and one-liter, two-liter, and four-liter containers.

3. Understand Ice Cream Production Processes

Here is a sneak-peak on Ice Cream Production Process:

First, egg yolk(s) is/are thoroughly beaten. Secondly, milk, emulsion stabilizer, flavor, sugar etc. are blended with water in the correct proportion and afterward added to the beaten egg.

These are altogether blended with the beaten egg foam, pasteurized for a few minutes, which rapidly or spontaneously solidify in about two hours before being sold to customers.

The normal floor space required for Ice Cream Production is around 40mX40m. since the ice creams must be served chilled, having regular power supply and a good freezer is a must.

4. Estimate Project Cost and Your Profitability Index.

The cost of setting up an ice cream production is a function of the level of ice cream production you intend to go into. That will decide the cost of the ice cream production plant/facility and your expected profitability index.

But, you can always start small and grow with the business. N20, 000 to N100,000 is ok for a small to medium scale ice cream production business. But in the even that you want to go into it large scale, then you can estimate about N750, 0000. This will take care of the cost of the machinery and equipment, office space, utilities, working capital and other logistics.

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