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How to Make Money From Creating And Selling Online Courses In Nigeria

Odi Chukwuemeka Valentine



Key Steps On How To Make Money From Creating and Selling Online Courses In Nigeria

Education has gone beyond physical contact, hence, one can be able to learn from the internet, thanks to technological advancement. Apart from formal education, people get answers from the internet upon the need for a solution. This article focuses on key steps on how to make money from creating and selling online courses.

An Online course comprises of written materials, PDF files, Videos, recorded audio files, pictures and/or graphics documents about a particular subject, set up and published targeted towards imparting knowledge to the end-user(s).

The internet is a goldmine where people are digging up a huge amount of money on a daily basis while offering different services. Online courses aren’t left out from the goldmine. People earn big creating and selling courses on things they know. Everyone is an expert in one area of life, there has to be something you are good at.

Online courses have made life a lot easier for everyone. When people are stuck with a challenge, the first place they run to is the internet. As an instructor, you are not only making money but helping people by providing answers to their problems.

Interestingly, online courses can be published in any part of the world. It is very easy to get your work published on any of the platforms.

To further validate the money in creating and selling online courses; during the compulsory lockdown imposed by the government with the aim of flattening the Covid-19 curve, people turned to the internet. Business ideas were birthed during this period, people learned new skills through courses they signed up to learn online. I enrolled for a course on ‘Internet Marketing’ by Google.

Creating and selling an online course is not limited to a particular aspect of life. You can sell ANYTHING online and people will buy so long it serves a purpose. As funny as it may sound, you can sell a course on ‘How to make Egusi soup.’

Now the big question is; How does one make money from creating and selling online courses?

Step by step guidelines on how to make money from creating and selling online courses.

  1. Get a topic


The most important step to take is to first pick a topic to create a course on. Like I stated earlier, it is very much possible to create a course on ANYTHING. The major aim is to ‘help’ people out there and ultimately make money from it. There is this satisfying feeling of fulfillment that comes with being valuable. It gets even better when you are a Pro!

In this era, anything you know should be able to put money into your account. Monetize your services and do not underprice your art.

In choosing a topic, your focus should be on the most pressing needs of the public. Courses sell more when they accurately address and provide solutions to pressing needs.

Which needs are termed ‘pressing?’

a. Finances:


You will agree with me that being financially stable gives some sort of confidence and enables one to solve challenges head-on. Recently, the Otedola girls took to social media to show off Ferraris gifted them by their father. This singular act has awakened some sort of urge to work hard in younger people.

How can you take advantage of this hot cake? It’s very easy. Do your due diligence by making proper researches on investments, business, and ideas that one can bank on and build a fortune over time.

Your research can be extended to understudying the business models of successful business moguls, not neglecting the failures encountered on the journey. Sell the idea to people in the most presentable and understandable way, they will buy.

Interestingly, you could be broke while selling these courses, people are hungry for information. Information marketing is a gold mine. Your reward is upon successful sales. It is similar to roadside book vendors, selling books ‘on how to make millions’ under the sun. You get the idea now? It is very relatable.

b. Culinary skills:


Cooking is very essential to human beings. Being able to prepare mouth-watering meals with the right measurement of ingredients is priceless. Every now and again, people search the internet for recipes used in preparing a meal. There also have been cases of couples breaking up their marriages because of poor cooking skills.

Enough has been said. Get on board, create, and sell a course on any meal you know too well.

c. Sex/sexual health:


Sex is another essential aspect of human life. The society lives in denial of having sex, especially amongst younger people. However, poor sexual performances in marriages have led to cheating. It’s amazing to see how sex-related products sell faster on the internet than any other product.

This confirms the need for you to cash out from creating and selling courses on sex-related topics. Imagine creating a course on ’10 fruits to enhance sexual performance in marriage.’ With the right marketing strategy, you could make sales equivalent to traffics generated on daily basis by pornography websites. If you are very observant, you would have realized that reports on sex scandals trend more.

d. Cryptocurrencies:

Investing in Bitcoin in Nigeria


The world has started operating on digital currencies known as Crypto. Recently, the Security and Exchange Commission, Nigeria approved the use of cryptocurrencies in Nigeria. Read the report here. Prior to their approval, Nigerians have already been trading on the cyberspace with crypto. SEC’s approval will boost the interest of Nigerians to buy into the idea. As such, this is the right time to sell a course on crypto. Read the report on SEC’s cryptocurrency approval on SEC Nigeria Regulates Cryptocurrencies And Digital Assets, Issues a New Statement

e. Social media marketing:


On daily basis, we see friends and others making ads for their goods and services. There are dynamics to social media marketing which generally, most people aren’t aware of. You can create and sell a course on Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, YouTube marketing, etc., there are too numerous.

I have a female friend who makes thousands in a week from managing the Instagram account of people, growing their followers, and marketing their products.

To be able to cash out from social media marketing, one would have to carry out research on these social media platforms, their terms and conditions, then sign up.

f. Coding:


Nowadays, computer scientists or computer engineers aren’t the only ones savoring this area. Tech-savvy individuals are learning to code. Since the world and working space have gone digitalized, learning coding is one of the skills required to work in most organizations delivering tech-related services.

Interestingly, coding can be learned over the internet. There have been written courses on coding. You too can have a course in your name, following thorough research. You can’t sell a course on a topic you cannot defend.

Note: the aforementioned pressing needs were chosen from proper observation and analysis of trends. They were outlined in no particular order. However, they are not the only topics to work on. Research your own ideas and birth them. Again, ANYTHING can sell.

  1. Choose your target audience.


Your audience is people the courses you will create and sell will be highly beneficial. There are things you will sell; only the rich would buy, there are things you will sell; only the poor will buy, there are things you will sell; both the rich and the poor will buy, there are things you will sell; only the old will buy and vice versa.

Choosing a target audience is very essential to achieving your aims. For example, if I create and sell a course on ’10 foods to avoid by prostrate patients’ my target audience will be people from 40 years and above.

  1. Choose the course format.

Decide on the format to use for your course. While people complain about the size of videos and data consumption, video remains the best form of delivering an online course. Other formats include the use of written materials, audio files, graphics, pictures, and PDF files.

However, to make a masterpiece, a combination of the above formats is highly recommended. Remember, knowledge is passed when the end-user has been able to get a solution following your teachings.

Choose the best format that will drive knowledge better. Your course can further be broken into chapters or modules.

  1. Select a platform.

After your course is ready or prior to that, you should select a platform to publish your course. The goal of creating an online course is to provide solutions and earn. Hence, selecting a platform with numerous instructors and students actively buying courses is very essential towards achieving your goal.

There are various platforms to host your online course. It is important to note that you have total control of your workspace on these platforms. You have the sole responsibility of pricing your course and private interaction with your students.

Platforms to host online courses are Udemy, MasterClass,, Teachable,, Motute, etc. It is possible to get your course hosted on these platforms and have the world gaining from your skills while they pay.

I have a course on ‘CV Writing Masterpiece’ published on Motute. Motute simply means Mobile Institute. It’s an Edtech product created to ease learning on-the-go. You too can have your course on Motute. To signup on Motute, visit

  1. Put a price tag on your course.

Before setting out for creating a course, you should have a price tag in mind. The price of your course should match the effort, time, and resources put together in its creation. In choosing a price tag, you should consider an expected number of sales that will meet your profit.

The price tag should also be relatively affordable for people to buy. The hallmark of creating a course is being able to sell.

  1. Market your course.

Marketing is the last phase of creating an online course. At this phase, you have everything available and ready to sell. How then can one market his/her course?

The following are marketing strategies that can be used in selling an online course.

i. Share course link with your friends: Anything on the internet has a link with which it can be accessed by anyone. When you are done publishing your course, copy the link, and share it with your friends. Your students might just be an advert away from you

ii. Social media: The era where social media platforms were used solely for picture uploads and chatting has passed. Currently, businesses thrive on social media. For example, you can run a sponsored post on Facebook about your online course. You’d have to pay for the service.

Additionally, you can join Facebook groups where people in a similar niche as you are. People who are into Network Marketing have Multilevel Marketing (MLM) groups on Facebook where ideas are shared, clients met and challenges resolved.

iii. Ads: Google has made a lot of things easy, including marketing. You can run ads on

Google, although you would have to pay when an interested person clicks on it (Maximum Cost Per Click).

iv. YouTube: create a YouTube channel, monetize it, record an introductory clip about your course. Share links for people to subscribe. You can also run ads on YouTube.

In conclusion, earning from the internet does not come cheap. It requires dedication and commitment. People have made fortunes from the internet. Proper research is key. Do your due diligence before embarking on the journey.

Everything you need to achieve this is on the internet, give it time. You will be glad you did.




How To Start Dropshipping Business in Nigeria




how to start lucrative Dropshipping Business in Nigeria

Dropshipping business is basically advertising products that you don’t own or have on ground to interested buyers. There are broadly two types of dropshipping business:

  1. Product reselling
  2. Business/market extension

Product reselling is when your customer pays to you and you use the money to buy from your supplier and then you ship to your customer. So, the goods go through you to your customer

Business/Market extension is when you have your supplier ship the product to your customers when your customers place and order. So, here, your suppliers ship directly to your customers and you don’t have any contact with the goods whatsoever.

Your supplier is just going to ship like you did it such that your customer does not know that someone else but you did the shipping of the item to them. They will just think that you are the one shipping the product.

So, why would you choose this second method over Product selling?

It could be that you’re in a location that’s not convenient for you to ship at the same time. It could also be that you don’t just want to go through logistics and the stress that comes with it. Another reason could be that the cost of shipping by you is higher. So, you may want to relieve yourself of that cost and allow your supplier to handle that.

how to start lucrative Dropshipping Business in Nigeria

How to Start Lucrative Dropshipping Business in Nigeria

Now, let me breakdown how to run these two successful dropshipping business types in Nigeria

How To Start And Manage A Successful Dropshipping Business In Nigeria

1.     Do Your Research

Market research is key in every business, not just dropshipping.

For dropshipping business, your market research should focus on these 5 key things:

  1. product availability
  2. competitors
  3. suppliers availability
  4. marketing strategy
  5. pricing

2. Inform Your Supplier that You Want to Drop-ship With Them.

After your market research, the next thing that you would do is to contact your supplier and inform them that you want to drop-ship with them.

You may go ahead and negotiable the prices with them to get some discounts.

Also, find out from them their modes of delivery and the availability of the products.

3. Get Product Pictures and Videos from Your Suppliers

This is a very obvious point because you need the product pictures and videos to advertise to your customers. Of course, people need to see what you are selling and what they are paying for.

Make sure you obtain top quality pictures and videos from your suppliers because that is what is going to appeal to your customers that you’re selling something that is good.

So, even if it is a bag that is as low as 3,000 Naira tell them to send you a good quality bag that looks like 20 000 naira in worth.

Good product pictures and videos go a long way in boosting your sales as a drop-shipper.

4. Create Custom Graphics for the Product(s)

Before you ship out anybody’s item, take good pictures and make good videos about it. I know that you already have pictures and videos from your suppliers.

That aside you need to create your own custom graphics – image and videos – from what you obtained from your product suppliers.

This is what you would post on your webpages and social media handles. The reason for this is that the one you got from your supplier might contain the brand information like the phone contact details of your supplier. You want to remove that and make the product graphics unique to you.

Besides, it is the same pictures that your supplier is going to send to every other person that comes to them intending to do dropshipping with them. So, you need to create custom own pictures and videos to reflect your own business. This point is very important coming from someone who has been doing dropshipping for the past 5 years.

Once people notice that you are selling the products with unique pictures and videos they’ll begin to build trust in your business and it would be easier for you to sell to them. Listen, these days people are very smart. They can easily detect internet downloaded pictures and videos. If they notice this in your adverts, they know at a glance that you’re doing dropshipping to them and that you may not have the product on ground.

People generally hate to be sold things at a higher price – which is what dropshipping is. Besides, dropshipping comes with delay in delivery time. So, when people begin to sense that you are dropshipping to them, they might shun you and would rather contact the direct sellers or distributors for the product at a lesser price and delivery time.

5. Choose Where and How You Want to Sell

Now, let me lay emphasis on how to sell online as regards to setting up an e-commerce website for your business.

You see, there are two ways to go about it.

First, you can drop-ship your products to and sell on e-commerce website like Konga, Jumia, Amazon, eBay, etc. This works for both Nigeria dropshipping business and dropshipping overseas.

If you don’t want to do that, you can simply sell your dropshipping business on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and any other platform that you use.

What you do is this…

On your online platform, you simply place a launch date and tell your family and friends that you’d be launching a particular product on that date. Ask them to kindly inform their friends and even the friends of the friends of your friends about it and to follow you on social media.

Also, ask people to follow you on your page, whatever platform that you use and want to sell your product on. This way, you would be able to make people to anticipate the arrival of your product in earnest. You can post a few pictures and videos of what you’re going to sell so that people can see what they would be getting on the product launch date.

6. Create Massive Awareness and Sell.

Create anticipation for what you’re about to sell because after all you’re doing dropshipping; you don’t have the product. So, you have to create anticipation about the product so that people would know what you have to sell.

Next, select the platform that you want to sell on. I do not advise that once you’re starting a business that you want to sell on all platforms at once. Doing so can be really overwhelming and trying to manage everything at once would be quite tasking.

One of the popular places that you can sell is the social media and I recommend Instagram. To be successful selling on Instagram you need to grow your Instagram page. One of the things that you want to do to grow your Instagram page is to create a brand for yourself and your business on Instagram. This way, you would be able to build thousands of followers to whom you would sell your products to.

As a dropshipper, you have to do strong advertising for your products. You want people to trust you and come to you rather than other people including those that even have the product in stock. So, you have to do strong advertising to make good sales in this business.

Don’t just sit back and be lazy with posting your products on social media; you have to be consistent about it. Don’t just post once a week or just put it on your status alone. No! You’re going to do massive advertisement on all the social media of your choice and extend the same to other social media.

If you really want to sell, you have to do more than your competitors and build a strong advertising network so that people can know you and what you sell. The more you advertise, the more you create awareness and build trust in the mind of people about your business.


Dropshipping is not hard. You just have to put in the work needed for you to sell. If you followed all that I discussed here, you should be ready to drop-ship any time from now.

Now, if you have any questions or contributions to make to this, let me know in the comment box below. Thank you and have a lovely day.



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How to Make Money on Facebook-A Full Guide

Odi Chukwuemeka Valentine



How To Make Money On Facebook-A Full Guide


Facebook is one of the top-ranking social media networks. It was launched on February 4,  2004, by Mark Zuckerberg. Over the years, it has evolved with many reforms one of which is growing from a platform for mere chats to a platform for making money. This article particularly discusses how to make money on Facebook.

With over 2.7 billion monthly active users as of the end of the second quarter of 2020, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide. As of the third quarter of 2012, Facebook had over 1 billion users, becoming the first social media to hit the billion mark.

The essence of putting out these figures is to stimulate your minds about opportunities that abound on the widely used social media platform. At least, four persons in a family of six are on Facebook. On average, people spend not less than 30 minutes on Facebook in a day, while others spend over an hour.

Interestingly, Facebook creates room for partnership opportunities for its users across the globe. Read carefully to get information on how you can earn big from World’s number one social media network.


How To Make Money On Facebook-A Full Guide

  1. Become an Influencer on Facebook.

Social media influencers are people with large followership on social networks whose opinions on topics of discussion are largely supported by the public in most cases. How can one become an influencer? It requires consistency by engaging the public to create a strong social media presence.

A person who has over 2000 friends on friends or followers on Facebook can easily become an influencer. To succeed in getting the attention of your friends or followers, you would have to adapt to the ‘Top of the mind awareness.’ This simply means making posts consistently, even when people do not react to it. It will interest you to know that amongst those who only read through news feeds, there are persons taking note of your consistency.

Oftentimes, the type of posts people make on Facebook to some extent is dependent on the type of audience they have. As such, your audience is inclined to react to your posts or even sharing them if it appeals to their reading pleasure.

Once you have been able to establish your presence online, there are organizations that are ready to pay you thousands of naira to advertise their products, goods, or services either on your Facebook profile or Facebook page.

It is possible to have the organizations contact you directly, however, there are certain platforms that play the role of a middleman between you and the organizations. Hence, these platforms help you reach them.

Such platforms are Dealspotr, Ifluenz, and Famebit. Although the aforementioned are not the only platforms, there are several others when you search the internet. How do these platforms work?

By signing up on these platforms, you link up your profile or pages on their website. You can able to write and submit proposals to brands through them. The platforms enable you to secure sponsorship deals and through these sponsorships, you could earn a good amount of money.


  1. Manage a Facebook Page

Another interesting way of making money on Facebook is by becoming a Facebook page manager. A person who truly understands everything about Facebook is capable of engaging the audience, consistent content creation, and running Facebook Ads.

Such a person has the potentials of becoming a successful Facebook manager. For example, the just concluded Big Brother Naija Reality Tv show had individuals that managed the social media handles of the Housemates. These persons had the fans entertained with posts about their favorite housemates that kept the fans delighted.

These managers were paid thousands of naira for a job well done. Social media manager jobs can be part-time or full-time depending on the agreed terms and conditions. In either way, the job is rewarding. Celebrities and organizations hire staff specifically to manage their social media handles.

Social media manager jobs can be found on job advertising websites or freelancing websites like, Upwork, etc.


  1. Create a Business page and sell your items

Taking into consideration the number of active users on Facebook, with the right business strategy, you can make Facebook your online shop and earn a huge sum of money. Like, I stated earlier, at least, every four persons in a family of six, has a Facebook account.

It further shows your business can thrive on Facebook. All types of items can be sold on Facebook. Such items can be cars, jewelry, electronics, furniture, shoes, groceries, etc.

The right guide to setting out begins by creating a business page. The following screenshots will be helpful while creating a page:

To create a new page, click on the circled icon


Then carefully follow the instructions to fill the form. Afterward, your page is set!

Upon the creattion of your page, you could decide to copy the links and share it with your friends on various platforms for publicity.


  1. Sell your Facebook Profile.

Selling of Facebook account or page is another interesting aspect of how to make money on Facebook. However, there are certain standards that Facebook or Profile is expected to meet.

It must have established a good online presence, good engagement, and niche. One of the niches that sell well is entertainment and sports-based pages.

Have you ever gotten a notification on Facebook that reads “A page you follow has changed its name to so so so…?” or have you suddenly seen a strange name on your timeline? You wonder when and how you became friends with such a person? Our minds quickly point to a hacked account. You should also know an account or page can be sold.

A Facebook account or page can be sold for $50 to $500 or more. Good followership and engagement increase the price of an or page. You can sell up to $20, 000 on rare occasions.

You can sell your Facebook account or page on platforms like Viral Accounts or make a post indicating your willingness to sell. Either way.


  1. Generate Traffic.

Of the discussed ways of how to make money on Facebook so far, generation of traffic to websites or blogs have been practiced more. Generating traffic entails using a Facebook profile or Facebook page to drive traffic to blogs, websites, or email lists.

It’s interesting to know that website creators or bloggers make money from traffics gotten on their websites or blogs. Hence, you see people creating controversial content. Controversies sell best than good news. So they gain from controversies especially sex scandals.

To get started, you can either begin by engaging the audience on your Facebook profile or Facebook page through making consistent posts. You could decide to make a controversial post that will go viral and increase your followership.

Read also How To Increase Your Blog Search Traffic in Nigeria

Afterward, you can create a website or blog. For each post, you make on the website, copy the link, and repost either on your Facebook profile or Facebook page. You will be earning big for every click.

For example, the likes of Yabaleft and Gistreel makes use of this method. They are known for generating traffics to their blogs through celebrity gossips, controversial posts, jumping on trending topics, and lot more on their Facebook pages.


  1. Affiliate Marketing.

Another important component of how to make money on Facebook is becoming an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing means promoting businesses of other people and getting paid (commission) for every sale made.

To become an affiliate marketer on Facebook, you could either use your Facebook profile or page. It is advisable to be known for a particular thing online. Not a Jack of all trade kind of thing. Pick out a niche, build, and engage your audience around it.

One can create a Facebook page and create steady content on ANYTHING. So long it appeals to the reading pleasures of your audience. It could be a lifestyle, football, fashion, music, etc.

Afterward, sign up with an affiliate network. Link up your Facebook profile or page with the affiliate network. For example, an affiliate network that deals with organic skincare products. All you will do is write reviews of such products, with pictures or videos then attach your link below.

For every interested person that clicks on the links and goes further to ‘buy,’ you will be paid commission for the sale. Your job ends there. You can imagine the number of sales they could be making through your link. That’s a huge sum of money on your side as well.

Read also: Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria 2020: Top 6 Affiliate Marketing Programs in Nigeria


  1. Become a member of a Facebook Audience Network.

Facebook Audience Network was initiated by Facebook to enable its users to monetize their works on the platform. It is related to Google AdSense.

A person who has good followership on his/her page can savor every bit of this opportunity. There is this joy that comes with people ‘liking’ your videos, pictures, or articles posted on Facebook. However, it boosts your ego, not your account.

Facebook Audience Network has been created to both boost your ego and enrich your pockets as well. Interesting, yeah?

Facebook Audience Network also offers app developers to partner with Facebook. Such apps like ‘Face App’ that shows how you will look like at old age or the recent ‘Avatar app’ are all products of Facebook Audience Network.

It is pertinent to note that you can only be able to join Facebook Audience Network with your Facebook page and not Facebook Profile. Hence, you would have to create a Facebook page, grow your audience to an appreciable base before signing up for a Facebook Audience Network.



In summary, the era where people just login to their Facebook accounts to chat, gist, read news, post pictures, and videos to canverse for ‘likes’ are gone. People now make cool money using Facebook. Although the place of consistency and data consumption should not be overruled. But like football strikers, you can shoot a shot on target on either of the discussed aspects. Best believe you will score!




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Business Ideas

40 Business Ideas in Nigeria That Will Make You Rich




Today, I bring to you a collection of 40 specially selected business ideas which you can implement and get rich here in Nigeria. Note, however, that some of these businesses would take some time to materialize and bring you the needed returns. Others, could bring you wealth in a matter of months. It’s now up to you to choose what suits you.

See the business ideas below: 

(1) Start A Loan-giving Business

In a country like Nigeria with a vast number of businesses and persons in need of financial assistance, loaning can be a lucrative venture to go into. The reason why many cannot obtain loans from banks is that bank loans usually come with high interest charges and strenuous paperwork.

You can use this to your advantage.

You can get small business owners who are in need of loans to borrow from you to pay back the loaned sum with a relatively small percentage interest on top.

For example loaning N100,000 for a 3% interest rate per week would be a welcome idea to many people and businesses. The more clients that you have, the more profits you would make from this business.

(2) Go Into Micro-Farming

Micro farming is something anyone can undertake. It is relatively cheap to do and does not require much technical skills. You can sell your produce in the markets and food stores or set up your own store and sell your goods there.

Here is a list of crops and farm products that thrive well in Nigeria: vegetables, fruits, poultry birds and eggs, livestock, goat, cow, Pig farming, and fishes. These are goods that sell fast and which buyers are not in short supply at any time of the year. Just grow the products and supply to the market.

To start, you’d need a little capital. As the business grows, you simply expand especially on infrastructure and man power to make more profits.

(3) Start a Crèche

It is shown in the Nigerian Census report that an average of 5 million babies are born every year in Nigeria. Children can be quite stressful to control and cared for which is why if you are skilled in childcare you can leverage this opportunity offering child-care and child-support services for a pay.

Child care centers or Crèches have continued to boom and rise due to the noticeable safety and care they give to children. For this business, you don’t need to rent a building or house for the start. You can simply convert your residence to a child care center and start from there.

All you need to do is inform your neighbors and parents whom you feel need someone to take care of their children while they’re away. On their return, they would pick their children or maybe have you bring them (the kids) to them.

You can spend an average of 3 -5 hours daily doing this. Believe me, it is a very lucrative business with relatively low cost of operation.

(4) Start A Business Focused On Tourists

Nigeria has been known as a tourism destination for decades. From waterfalls, mountains, hills and valleys to forests and wildlife, we have it all.

You can turn the ever-increasing tourism interest in Nigeria to your advantage by offering visiting tourist products and services that make their stay more comfortable. You’d charge a reasonable amount for these products and service and make a decent living from this.

Some products that you could sell include Souvenirs, Tour guide services, Drinks, Snacks, and fresh food items.

(5) Start A Snail Farm

The requirements to establish a snail farming business in Nigeria is very small. The most important resource you would need is a sizeable piece of land where your farm would be sited. The land must be fenced so that the snails do not escape or get eaten by other animals.

If you don’t have enough money to buy a separate land, you can simply start the business from home, raising the snails in Car tires.

There are many species of snails in Nigeria. This is because our climate allows them to survive easily and grow healthily. Before starting a snail farm, however, endeavor to check if there are laws that prohibit snail rearing in your locality or which regulate it. Nigeria is a very religious country. You can’t tell if raising snails is a taboo where you live. Unless you know the area well and there would be no problem, check with the authorities first before you embark on this business.

Snails can make meals awesome and have been used to prepare special delicacies which are consumed at home and for a sale. Many people enjoy snail meat. As such you have a market for the business already. You have an option to sell the life snails or kill and prepare them and sell to those who need them in a packaged form.

(6) Start A Microbrewery

A brewery is a place for making drinks and beverages. The customer base for brewery products is very high in Nigeria as both the old and the young in the country drink at least one variety of brewery products.

If you take into consideration the statistics of beer consumption in the country alone, you will see that it is a very profitable venture. Microbreweries have been a trend that has lasted for long in the United States (U.S.) and European countries. There are still little trends of this business in Nigeria and this is why you can make decent income if you go into this field.

By Microbrewery, I am referring to a smaller-size of a brewery. All you need is the knowledge of the crafting and how to beat the competition and serve a bigger market. For example, if you want to go into beers, make quality beers. Examples of microbrewery products are Okogoro a.k. Local Gin, Local Spirits, Palmwine, and locally manufactured ethanol extracts.

The more buyers that you have the more money you make from this business. So, try to stand out and be the best in this industry.

40 business ideas

Compiling 40 Business Ideas in Nigeria that Will Make You Rich

(7) Make and Sell Fresh Fruit Juices

With fruit juices, you can never run out of customers. This is because everyone loves a type of fruit or the other. Before you venture into it, take a statistics of the fruits that people are mostly interested in around where you live or in the town/state generally and buy them in large quantities.

Now, extract the liquid contents of the fruits and store them in a cool environment like a Fridge so that they retain the freshness and taste for several hours. Unlike most synthesized, carbonated drinks with preservatives, these days many people love their drinks in the natural form, free from chemical additives.

A few examples of fruits most widely consumed and which you could use to make fruit juice are Pineapples, Lemons, Oranges, and Apples.

(8) Start Snacks Shop

This needs no introduction; you’ve seen them all around you. But have you considered starting a mini-shop where you sell mainly snacks and in-between meals? If not, consider starting one soon. You could sell any of these in your shop:  ice creams, popcorn, kebabs, bread, jams, sandwiches, cakes, chocolate, sweets, and French fries.

(9) Go Into Agro Products Processing

The agricultural sector in Nigeria is a highly lucrative sector and you can make a lot of profits from it if you engage in it appropriately. All over the country, there is an increasing demand for Made-in-Nigeria products including farm products. You can turn this to your advantage by turning raw agricultural products like Milk, Cheese, Rice, Millet, Cowpea, Maize, and Cassava into processed agro products.

(10) Start General Provision Shop

We all go to the nearest local shop to buy domestic things that we need daily in our homes. This includes Food Products, Drinks, Newspapers, Sugar, Salt, Soap, Rice, Beans, etc. These are all things that we use in homes every day. If you could sell them you could generate income for yourself.

Besides the ones listed and explained above, below are 30 other business ideas in Nigeria that can make you rich over time:

  1. Starting a cosmetics shop
  2. Establishing a private security firm
  3. Starting sewing and tailoring business
  4. Offering Tutorial/Lesson services to students and examination candidates
  5. Setting up a web-store or ecommerce portal
  6. Creating an online job portal or online job board
  7. Establishing a Cyber Café
  8. Soap making
  9. Selling of second-hand (“Tokumbo”, “Akrika”) products
  10. Doing Vehicle Repairs
  11. Offering car driving services
  12. Doing Motorcycle transport services (Okada business)
  13. Carpentry
  14. Jewelry Production
  15. Billboard business
  16. Setting up a tourist shops near a tourist site
  17. Opening a restaurant
  18. Doing Food Truck business
  19. Starting a mini bank (i.e., Sumobank, Okash)
  20. Start cosmetic shop
  21. Offering E-Learning services
  22. Water production and supply
  23. Provision of Internet services to both commercial and private companies
  24. Offering graphic and video editing services
  25. Consultancy services
  26. Offering Solar Energy installation and Repair services
  27. Go into soup-making business
  28. Establish a Cement Factory
  29. Do Blocks/Brick Moulding business.
  30. Open a building materials shop.

There are a thousand and one things that you can do to get rich in Nigeria today. However, the truth is that wealth does not happen overnight. You may need at least 5 years to make good returns from some of these businesses, save them and re-invest to finally get rich.

If you would not wait this long, get a salary job and live average. However, if you can wait and grow any of these business, you’d rejoice in a few years from now. Till then, I wish you the very best.



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