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How To Build Innovation Culture In Your Business In Nigeria

Ossi Samuel



Build Innovation Culture

How To Build Innovation Culture In Your Business In Nigeria

It is imperative if not indispensable for one to build innovation culture in his business. It becomes the normal way of life for you and your staff.

I believe that deep down, we want to be innovative and do things differently with high results but we won’t be able to thrive if we don’t build the innovation culture.

Innovation can come in a lightning strike but you won’t recognize it if you are not prepared for it. This is why culture is important. When we build an innovation culture, it is like tilling the farm to get it ready for the cultivation of crops. When you eventually plant, it germinates.

When the culture is absent, it reduces our chances of becoming innovatively productive. We are going to expose you to how you can build innovation culture and reap untold benefits from it.

Build Innovation Culture Through These Ways


  1. Create Teams

To build innovation culture, you will need people to work together. To get people to work together, you need to create teams capable of working together. It is best you pair people that don’t usually work together so that their tasks on innovation will become primary to them.

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2. Ask This One Question

There is this question you need to ask. It sparks off a series of creativity and innovation in people. The question is “If you could change one thing that makes it hard to serve our customers, or would give them something they have been asking for, what would that be… and how would you do it?”

Give them time and see what they come up with.

3. Give Them More Time If They Ask

Innovation cannot be rushed. It is a gradual process and should be handled as such. To build innovation culture, you will need to give the team you have created the requisite time to come up with an innovative idea.

Sometimes, they will not need the time extension and you will not bother about giving it to them. However, most times, they will need the time extension and you should give them. Better to get it right than to do it with haste and get it wrong.

4. You will need a whiteboard grid

To build innovative culture, you will need to have a graph like a grid to determine the nature of the idea. The truth is that some ideas are easy to implement while others are not. Others have the potentials to have a high impact while others don’t.

Now the graph will shed light on how easy an idea is to implement and the impact it will have. The X-axis will contain the ease of implementation while the Y-axis will contain the level of impact. This way, you will be able to make the right decision on which idea to adopt.

5. Ensure that each team puts down its most important change

They can understand what their most important change is by understanding the whiteboard grid. The one that has the highest impact with the least ease of implementation is the one that becomes their most important change. The graph will guide them and you on the innovative idea to adopt.

6. Brainstorm on the idea

There are a lot of things you will need to discuss before signing off on the change. This is why brainstorming is one of the steps on how to build an innovation culture.

You have to ensure that the group discusses and dissects the changes needed and effect the necessary changes theoretically before you will have them put them into practice.

Allow you your team members to participate in the process and don’t be too quick to condemn them. Spur the innovative spirit by giving them the freedom to express themselves.

7. Find a way to adopt the best change

The best change is usually the one with high impact and less ease of implementation. You can move on to make the changes and try as much as possible to listen to the opinions of others on the issue.

8. Then Rinse And Repeat the process

The final step on how to build innovative culture is to rinse and repeat the process mentioned above. By rinsing you are fine-tuning the idea and implementing it. After that, you will have to repeat the process.

Innovation is not a onetime thing but a process. You keep innovating and making changes to suit the time and trend. The fact is that when you build an innovative culture and other employees follow suit. It becomes infectious and a way of life.





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How To Grow Your Side Hustle Into A Big Business In Nigeria




turn side hustle into full business

Did you know that a lot of big businesses in Nigeria today began as side-hustles? With the advent of the internet, it is now possible to have both a side hustle that could bring you a lot of money and a full-time job at the same time.

So, what is a side hustle? A side hustle is basically a business you do part-time while retaining your full-time job. Sometimes, a side hustles has the potential of becoming a full-time business.

Having a side hustle, apart from giving you an opportunity to make extra money for yourself, can also be a good way to spend your leisure. However, turning a side hustle into a big business in Nigeria is not devoid of several challenges. So, I decided to dedicate a section of this discussion to address some of these challenges and the way forward.

Converting A Side Hustle To A Full, Big Business In Nigeria: Challenges and The Way Out

In Nigeria, our educational system teaches mostly theory and almost nothing about money or entrepreneurship. So, you’d have to educate yourself on what the education system failed to cover. Besides the faulty education system in the country, there is this misconception in the society that one always needs to have huge capital before starting a business. Well, that is not true most of the time.

Another fad that is widely circulated is that Nigerian banks do not grant loans to businesses that are just starting out. Well, you have to understand that money is attracted to fresh, new ideas and most Nigerian banks are open to helping such ideas to grow. However, in the absence of external aid, you can generate capital for your business from your savings; get a loan from family, friends, your religious circles and well-wishers. Interestingly, today you can easily save money with Sumobank and use it to finance your business startup.

As regards saving, a good book which can assist you is, “The Millionaire Next Door”. It is a classical book which teaches savings and how to survive below the income level.

Finally, there is this challenge of over-dependence on salaries or regular income without due consideration of how to grow that income. It is the mistake of one working for money instead of making it work for him or her.

These are all unique challenges any Nigerian must overcome when trying to diversify income by turning a side hustle into a big business in Nigeria.

5 ways you can overcome these challenges are:

  1. Educate yourself on finance and how to multiply money.
  2. Make your money to work for you
  3. Create an emergency fund.
  4. Start and grow a business.
  5. Collaborate with business partners.
turn side hustle into full business

A lady working to turn her side hustle into a big business

Want to turn your side hustle into a full-time business? Read the 5 important tips below.

  • Design a Solid Plan

You cannot simply abandon your full-time job for your side hustle when you have no solid plan in place. You need a plan that outlines how your business will operate once it is fully functional.

Your plan should incorporate your business’ vision and mission statements, your business values, and the goals which you have in mind to achieve in your proposed business. Outline what your business would accomplish within the first 90 days of setting it up.

  • Make Everything You Can Automatic (i.e., Automate the Operations)

Today, you can find an app on the internet for handling any aspect of your business. Automating as many things as possible would give you free time to handle other tasks that could bring you much money since you have a limited time at your disposal daily.

So, from the set-go, acquire the necessary tools which would help you to automate your side hustle into a full-time business. You can use Buffer or Hootsuite, for example, to automate your social media posting and Canned Responses from Gmail to send out recurring mails.

  • Create More Leads 

Creating more leads for your business is the quickest way to grow your business and generate a favorable cash flow system for yourself and your business. So, invest a good amount of your time and energy in publicizing your business to get more leads (i.e., contacts – phone numbers and emails) who would sooner or later become paying customers. One way to do this is to create and distribute a lot of quality contents which will attract potential customers to your business.

One way you can do this (i.e., create content) is to start a blog and use it to reach your potential customers. This would give you the opportunity to build a customized email list for your business which you can use to push out (i.e. publicize) your new products, offers, and services.

  • Take Advantage of Freelancers.

Freelancers can help you to have an incredible amount of free time by helping you perform some heavy lifting in the business. Delegate some tasks and outsource them to freelancers and have a budget ready for their payment every month.

You can give them tasks like developing your blog content and managing your social media platforms while you handle the critical aspects of your business.

  • Create and Follow Your Schedule Religiously.

You must have a schedule with which you run the day-to-day activities of your business. This would really help your business to grow rapidly. You do not want to put too little or too much time into your business. So, create a schedule that would point out your working hours, what you do each time and the expected results.

It is not enough to have a schedule. You must endeavor to follow it to the letter to achieve success at the end of the day.


Everything is possible in life with hard work and determination. Anybody can begin from anywhere, even the lowest bottom and climb to the top.

In life, one essential asset you always spend but can never recover is time. So, time management is very important if you want to grow your business and you can do this with automation software. Besides doing things faster and precisely, automation helps to cut down on the time which could be wasted handling recurring tasks.

Are you involved in any side hustle or thinking of starting one soon? Let me know in the comments’ section of this blog. Thank you for the audience.



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7 Stupid Mistakes Young Nigerians Make That Is Destroying Our Generation

Gudtalent Chrisent



mistakes of young people

There has never been a more woke generation like this current one and the behavioral trend is only getting worse that if nothing is done about it, i wonder what the next generation will look like.

This is African and what works in this part of the world is different from what works in the western world.

Today, I’m sharing with you the 7 mistakes young people in Nigeria are making that won’t result to anything good by Mildred Kingsley Okonkwo.

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In her video, she mentioned 7 dilapidating mistakes a lot of young Nigerians are making and it will shock you to see that you’re guilty of one or two if now all of them.

Kindly watch the Video below and do share.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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