7 Qualities Of Highly Productive People In Nigeria

7 Qualities Of Highly Productive People In Nigeria

Productivity is a function of certain actions and qualities. Highly productive people differ from others in very many perspectives.

For one, they get more things done than others. So much more than you can ever imagine.

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Highly productive people work hard and they work smart too. That’s the way it is. More importantly, they have other qualities that mark them out as special.

These qualities that distinguish highly productive people from the everyday guy is what we want to talk about in this article.

The essence of sharing these things is to help you pick some of these qualities if you don’t already have them. One thing is certain; your productivity level is definitely going to change.

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Qualities of Highly productive people

highly productive people

  1. They do the work in spite of disapproval or ridicule

Some people are too busy seeking approval before they do what they have to do. I got something for you. Don’t be among them.

You see, highly productive people do what they have to do whether they are ridiculed or disapproved. They have so much belief in what they are supposed to do and they do that, no more, no less.

The crowd is an average performing entity. Pleasing the crowd means you are not getting to a high level. You are operating at their level and your productivity, unfortunately, won’t be high.

Highly productive people hear the criticism, take the potshots, endure the laughter and even hostility because they keep measuring themselves and their efforts by their own standards.

Resultantly, they achieve what they want to achieve.

2. They see fear the same way other people view lunch

Highly productive people see things they fear as normal things. In other words, they view fear the same way they view food; NORMAL.

When you are want to achieve something great, know that you are going to get afraid. The most important thing is for you to remember that it is normal and treat as such.

Productive people are not braver than others; they just find the strength to keep moving forward. They realize fear is paralyzing while action creates confidence and self-assurance.

3. They can still do their best on their worst day

These highly productive people have no place for excuses in their lives. They do their best even when they are having their bad time. They just move on to the task because establishing great productive habits take time.

4. They see creativity as the result of effort, not inspiration

The funny thing about life is that many people sit around waiting for an inspiration, an idea and a touch of the supernatural. They wait for divine intervention and what they don’t know is that there is already a divine intervention.

They keep waiting and waiting and waiting.

And most times, nothing happens. Once in a while, some people are struck with great ideas.

You see, people with highly productive quality understand that creativity is the result of effort; toiling, striving, refining, testing, experimenting… The work itself results in inspiration.

Therefore, they don’t wait, they do.

5. They see help as essential, not weakness

Help is not a weakness, it is a necessity. It is important because there is only so much you can do. You are not great at everything.

People that are highly productive understand that and they ask for help because they get more done that way than waiting to do everything. Asking for help to them is a sign of strength and not weakness.

6. They start…

Sometimes you would want to start something and a lot of thoughts will feel you up. You think of the possibility of failure, you could be distracted and you postpone.

It is called procrastination. It is part of what makes us human and these shortcomings can hardly be completely overcome.

That notwithstanding, you find out that when you eventually start, the work becomes easier than you expected. That is why people with highly productive quality just start.

7. It never is

Highly productive people try not to think about the pain they’ll feel in the beginning; they focus on how good they will feel once they’re engaged and involved.

And they get started. And then they don’t stop.

…And they finish.

Unless there’s a really, really good reason not to finish–which, of course, there almost never is.